13 Dhanurasana precautions in easy language.

There are many Dhanurasana benefits for our body but if we do it properly then only we can get those benefits naturally, but it is a difficult asana in which we have to lie on our stomach and hold our legs Which can be difficult for many new practitioners, so we should take some precautions while doing this pose so that we can do this asana naturally and easily. 

If you ever practice this asana, then practice it keeping in mind these Dhanurasana precautions. 

What are the Dhanurasana precautions (bow pose)?

You should read all these precautions carefully and try to understand and as a yoga practitioner, you should read it before Dhanurasana steps so that you can practice this without any harm and get maximum benefits from it. 

13 Dhanurasana precautions in detail:-

1. Any kind of back Injury:- As you can see in the above picture that there is a lot of pressure on our back while doing this asana, and especially on our lower back, if you have had an accident with your back or if you have any kind of injury.

Then as a Dhanurasana precaution, you should not practice this pose at all in this problem, when your injury is cured, after a few days or after consulting a doctor, you can practice this pose. 

2. Practice naturally:- Whenever you practice this posture, do it in a natural way, you do not try to strain or put pressure on your legs, you do not pull your legs suddenly or do not put pressure on your stomach at all.

The muscles in your back or legs can get tensed, which can lead to many problems. 

3. In case of High (BP):- When we do the bow pose, there is also a good and deep stretch on our chest, as a result of which the circulation of blood around our chest increases due to the movement in our chest muscles.

So if you are a person suffering from high blood pressure then also you should not practice Dhanurasana, instead, you can practice Chandra Bhedana Pranayama, which will control your high blood pressure. 

4. Pregnant women should avoid:- This could be the main and important in the list of Dhanurasana precautions. As we told you in the beginning that we do this asana lying on our stomach, then if you are a pregnant woman and your pregnancy has been more than 3 months, then in this situation, you should not practice this asana.

Because while doing this, there is a lot of strain on our stomach, all the weight of our body is on our stomach (navel area), if you do this then it can prove to be harmful to your baby and your health. 

5. In case of torn thigh muscles:- When we practice this asana, there is a lot of stretch on our thighs and when you practice this asana, maybe you will also feel it, then if you have any kind of injury in your thighs or your thigh muscles has torn. Then you should not practice this asana at all, it can increase your problem even more. 

6. Practice Ardha Dhanurasana before some days:- As difficult as it seems to see this pose, we face the same difficulty while doing this asana. If you are not a regular yoga or exercise practitioner.

Then you must practice Ardha Dhanurasana a few weeks or a few days before this posture, it will make it easier for you to do this asana and there are very few chances of harm to you. 

7. Any kind of abdominal injury:-
We can see in the above picture that we keep the entire balance of our body on our stomach, as a result of which our stomach gets maximum benefits.

But if you have any kind of injury in your stomach or if you have got the injury treated, then in that case you should not practice Dhanurasana at all, it can make your injury deeper and the injury you have treated may also be damaged. 

8. Do some subtle exercises:- Before doing any difficult task, we have to prepare, similarly, this asana is a difficult exercise, so whenever you do this posture, you must practice subtle exercises sometime before this.

You can do these exercises as a Dhanurasana precaution and preparation by doing this your body will become fit, fit and agile and due to which you will also be comfortable in doing this asana. 

9. Stop doing it if feeling aches:- It has been seen with many seekers that when they practice any difficult asana, pain starts in many body parts of them, so if you feel any kind of pain while doing this asana, then stop doing it if you still continue to practice it then it can cause problems with your muscles. 

10. Don’t pull your feet forcibly:- In the list of Dhanurasana precautions, you must take this precaution that whenever you are doing this asana, during that time you try to pull your legs upwards without putting much pressure. Meaning that you try to lift your feet with the power of the muscles of your feet, and not try to pull your feet forcefully with your hands. 

11. Physical weakness:- It is said that we cannot do any work properly with a weak body or with a weak physical condition, this is also applicable in this posture if you are physically weak or if there is physical weakness in your legs, hands, spine or in the bones, then, in that case, you should not practice Dhanurasana, it can also break your bones, in this situation you can practice subtle exercises. 

12. Do not practice after eating:- We told you also you saw in the picture and you must know that we balance this pose on our stomach and we do this whole asana on our stomach only. So you should never practice this after eating food, whenever you practice this pose, do it only on an empty stomach, if you practice it after eating food, then it can cause problems in your stomach and it can affect your digestion also. 

13. Practice under guidance:- It can be difficult for many new candidates to do it and in fact, this asana is a difficult asana, so in the Dhanurasana precautions, you should also keep in mind that whenever you practice this asana and especially in the beginning, then you Practice under the supervision of a qualified yoga teacher or someone who is well in yoga and exercise.

  • So these were Dhanurasana Precautions, if you practice this asana by taking care of all these precautions, then you will be able to get maximum benefits from it without causing any damage and will also be able to do this asana easily if you are a new practitioner then you must practice this asana only after taking these precautions.

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