7 Amazing Santolanasana benefits, steps, meaning and precautions.


Santolanasana or what we also call Santulanasana both mean the same, this asana is specially done to enhance our physical abilities such as strengthening our hands, making the muscles of the legs good etc. So in this article, we will tell you almost all the things about this posture such as its meaning, its method, its precautions and Santolanasana benefits.

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What is the meaning of Santolanasana?

Santolanasana If we tell you the literal meaning of Santulanasan, then “Santulan” means to balance and “Asana” means posture (pose). In this asana, we have to balance on one hand and both feet, hence the name of this asana is Santulanasana (balance posture).

How to do Santolanasana (steps)?

You should read the method of this asana very carefully because there are some other similar postures like Chaturanga Dandasana, Kumbhak Asana etc.

If you do not read its method carefully then you will not be able to understand the difference between all these asanas. So first we will discuss its method, after that we will also look at the Santolanasana benefits.

1. We will first sit on a flat surface in Vajrasana and place our hands near our knees.

2. Raise the buttocks above the ankles, keeping the toes touching the ground and keeping them standing.

3. Keep moving your hands slowly towards the front and lift your knees off the ground.

4. Take your hands so far that they come in line with the shoulders on the ground.

5. Keep your knees and your back straight and your neck looking forward.

Now slowly raise your right hand above the ground and try to balance your whole body on your left hand.

7. Now you will do this exercise with the left hand, slowly raise your left hand, and try to balance your body on the right hand.

8. Keeping both the knees on the ground, slowly take the hands back and come back to the starting position i.e. in Vajrasana.

Special note:-

  • While doing the Santulanasana, let the speed of your breath go normally.
  • You can practice this asana two to three times on both sides and your body can be kept stable for 30 seconds to 2:30 minutes at a time, you can increase or decrease this time limit according to your ability.
  • To increase the time limit, you have to practice this asana regularly and gradually increase your time limit.

What are the Benefits of Santolanasana?

This asana is mainly done to increase our physical ability and we get more physical benefits due to its practice, our body becomes strong, so let us know which parts of our body affected by its practice.

1. The practice of Santulanasana increases energy in our body.

2. The practice of this asana is beneficial to increase mental and physical stability.

3. Thigh muscles and calf muscles become strong and shapely by doing Santulanasana.

4. Although there are many benefits of Santulanasana, there is a positive effect on the muscles and bones of our stomach and back so that they can do their work naturally and easily.

5. Its practice is beneficial to cultivate concentration, due to which our focus also increases.

6. If your physical shape is slightly impaired or if you have any problem with your spine, then the practice of this asana is beneficial in these problems.

7. By doing this asana, our palms, hands and our shoulders become strong and beautiful.

Precautions for Santolanasana?

If you have come to know Santolanasana benefits, and how to do it, then it is also important for you to know what precautions you should keep in mind while doing this asana.

1. If you have any kind of injury in your hands, in the shoulders or the palms, then you can stay away from this asana for a few days, instead you can practice meditation or pranayama.

2. You should not do Santulanasana for problems like dizziness or headache.

3. Although there are many benefits of Santolanasana, this asana should not be done by those, who have any kind of injury in their stomach or have done any kind of abdominal surgery, then they should avoid Santolanasana for a few days.

4. If you feel short of breath while doing this asana, then you should not do it or you can practice it by asking your doctor or yoga teacher.

5. As we have told you the method of doing this asana, this posture is not so easy, in this, we have to balance our body, that too on one hand and both legs and it will be very difficult for a pregnant woman to do it.

6. If you feel physically weak while doing this asana, then do not practice the Santolanasa.

Santolanasana benefits

What is the difference between Santolanasana, Kumbhakasana and Chaturanga Dandasana?

Of course, the Santolansana, Kumbhakasana and Chaturanga Dandasana are almost similar to each other, but there is some difference between these three, however, there are many other benefits of Santolanasana and other two postures at their respective places, if we talk about the difference, then there are some differences between them which we will tell you.

The most difficult of these three asanas is Chaturanga Dandasana, followed by Santolanasana and then Kumbhaka Asana. In Chaturanga Dandasana, we take our body very close to the ground, due to which it becomes a little difficult to stay in it for a long time and in the Santulanasana, we make the balance of our whole body on our one hand and two legs, by doing this it becomes a little difficult, but we can stay in Kumbhakasana for a longer time than both those asanas.

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