8 Amazing Benefits of Sirsasana (Headstand) with facts.

Sirsasana meaning and its alternative.

As we are seeing in the above image the whole asana (pose) is performing with the help of the head and arms. The word Sirsasana comes from the Sanskrit word “Sirs” which means head and the word “asana” means pose. As the name identifies it is ‘Headstand’ so, it is not much easier for the beginners to perform so they can try an alternate asana called “Sarvangasana” which is almost like that and much easier than this asana. so there are a lot of benefits of this asana let us talk about some benefits of this asana one by one.

learn how to do Sirsasana

How to do “Sirsasana”(Headstand) for beginners

Benefits of Sirsasana

Benefits of Headstand.

  1. It increases face glow:-someone’s whose face is getting dullness and looks very lethargic He/She needs to exercise this asana on an everyday basis or maybe a person who’s suffering from pimple and acne trouble they may also do that asana for better results, due to the fact when we perform this asana more quantity of blood come closer to head which will increase the blood circulation across the location of face additionally, and that blood will take greater vitamins to the lifeless tissues of the face and allows a person to get natural sparkling pores and skin.

2. This asana reduces Hairfall:-Now a day’s almost 50-60% of the Indian population are suffering from hair fall, 35-40% are suffering from hair greying and many of them are losing their hairs in the age between 16-22, those people must practice this asana 5-10 minutes daily to keep away from hair loss. Even it doesn’t stop hair fall it also makes hair more healthy, shinier and strong and increases the volume of hair.

3. Increase energy in the body and mind :- With the daily practicing of this asana a person can be energetic from body as well as from the mind because it boost’s the blood circulation in the area of brain and rejuvenates (refresh) the mind and filled with full of energy and keep away the body and mind from lazyness.

4. It could release stress :- This asana directly effect on the region of our brain and head this asana increases thee blood flow near the brain or head and that blood carries oxygen, nutrients which nourishes the dead tissues of the brain and even make them more efficient and that all things helps to releases stress.

5. This asana makes our eyesight stronger:- In a trendy world where almost all people are using a smartphone, T.V and laptops and many others. , those all gadgets emit a light which impacts and damage our eye fitness and push them to wear specs and lens. This asana may be very helpful for people who do not like to put on that unpleasant specs, and this asana ought to assist to eliminate specs, by means of providing the right nutrients and oxygen.

6. It makes our arm’s strong:- on this asana the body makes use of hand and head all of the frame weight comes on our arm’s whilst appearing this asana strengthens our hands and makes it stronger than early with the help of ability called tolerance. This asana develops the muscle mass of the arms and shoulders.

7. Increases memory power:- Students must do this asana daily for at least 5-10 minutes, this asana could help to boost their memory power because when we perform this asana it increases the blood circulation near the head and that blood provides oxygen to every single nerve in the brain.

8. Strengthens our core:- This asana could make our middle (core) more strong because in this asana we hold a straight position and we have to make a balance that is achieved by using our belly middle and from that procedure, our core will become extra stronger, and this asana helps to reduce extra belly fat.

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