9 Amazing Benefits of Ardha Halasana its steps and contraindications.


Today we will tell you the benefits of Ardha Halasana in this article and how this asana is done and which people should do this asana. Ardha Halasana mainly affects our abdominal area but it has many other benefits, which we will tell you in this article.

What is the meaning of Ardha Halasana?

Ardha Halasana is made up of three Sanskrit words ‘Ardha ‘hal’ ‘asana’ Ardha means half, Hal means plough and Asana mean posture so we also call it half plough pose. This posture looks like a half plough hence its name is Ardha halasana.

This asana mainly affects our abdominal area, but it has many other benefits that you will come to know by further reading the article.

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Steps for Ardha Halasana.

If you keep these steps in your mind while doing ardha halasana, then you will be able to do this asana easily.


First we have to lay the mat on a flat surface and lie down on it in shavasana, then after that we have to remain in that state for 4-5 seconds.


Then we have to slowly lift our legs upwards, but take care that you do not lift your back.


We have to bring both our legs at 90 degrees angle from our stomach.


When we bring our feet from our stomach at an angle of 90 degrees, after that we have to stretch our legs upwards.


When we achieve this state, after that we have to inhale and exhale by staying in that position.


We can do this 3-4 times at a time, and we can also stretch both our legs separately. As shown below in the Image.



After all this, we have to bring both our legs down slowly and stay in Shavasana for a while.

  • We have just told you how you can do ardha halasana, now we will tell you about the benefits of Ardha Halasana.

Amazing benefits of Ardha Halasana.

1. Makes our Core stronger:- If we do this asana regularly, then it can make our core strength, because when we do this asana, during that time our stomach part is affected significantly, which makes our core quite strong.

2. Burns extra body fat:- As we have just told you in the above point that during this asana our abdominal portion is affected and for that reason the extra fat from our stomach, belly and thighs is also reduced.

3. Develop leg Muscles:-  When we do this asana, we stretch our legs upwards by keeping our legs at an angle of 90 degrees, due to which the muscles of our feet also develop a lot and our legs become even stronger. 

4. Reliefs back pain:- As we can see in the picture, we do this asana with our back, and through which our body posture improves and our back gets a lot of rest due to the correctness of our body posture.

5. Increase legs flexibility:- When you do this asana, you will feel that there is a stretch in your legs, due to which the flexibility of our legs increases as well as stretching of our legs.

6. Increase blood circulation:- When we do this posture, then there is a tightens in our abdominal area, due to which blood circulation increases in our abdominal area.

7. Improves internal organs:- As we have just told you, by doing this asana, blood circulation in our abdominal area increases, and due to which our abdominal organs get good oxygen, nutrients and vitamins, and due to all these vitamins our organs also work well.

8. Improves our digestion:- Our abdominal organs are quite responsible for our digestion, such as our small intestine, large intestine, liver and many others, and Ardha Halasana helps our organs to function well. 

9. Increase immunity:-  Ardha Halasana makes our abdominal organs healthy as well as enhances our immunity.

Amazing Benefits of Ardha Halasana its steps and contraindications.

  • So we just told you the benefits of Ardha Halasana, now we will also tell you some of its contraindications and limitations.

Contraindications and Limitations of Ardha Halasana.

There are many benefits of Ardha Halasana but there are some limitations and contraindications of this asana that we should keep in our mind while performing this asana, to get better results.

  • Any kind of Stomach surgery:-  If you have recently undergone any kind of stomach surgery, then you should abstain from this asana, because ardha-halasana causes a stretch on our stomach which can also open our stomach stitches, or we may suffer more pain. 
  • A pregnant woman should avoid:- If you are going through the stage of pregnancy, do not do this asana, because it tightens our stomach, which is not right for the health of your baby. 
  • Patient of high (Blood Pressure):-  If you are a patient of high blood pressure, then do not do this asana, because this asana increases the circulation of blood in our abdominal area, which is not good at all for a patient with high blood pressure. 
  • Feeling headache:- If you feel dizzy or headache during this asana, then you should stop doing this asana.

Common Mistakes.

1.  Many people, while doing this asana, begin to stretch their legs as well as their lower back upwards, we only have to stretch our legs upwards in this posture. 

2.  We do this asana by lying on a flat surface, due to which many people use pilow under their head, take care that you do not make this mistake. 

3. Many people are able to hold the position of this posture only for 5-10 second, so that they are not able to take full advantage of this posture, you should take care that you do not make this mistake, you should hold this position at least for 35-40 seconds.

My Tips.

We have explained the benefits of Ardha Halasana, explained how this asana is performed and also explained the contraindications and limitations of this asana. Now we will give you some tips from our side which can be very useful for you.

  • You must keep in mind that you should always do this asana on an empty stomach, do not do this asana after eating food. 
  •  You try to do this asana in the morning because our body is more active at that time.

What is the main function of Ardha Halasana?

Ardha Halasana has many functions but its main job is to strengthen our core, stretch our legs, improve blood circulation, correct our digestion, improve organs in the stomach and we can also get relief from back pain and many others.

What is the difference between Ardha Halasana and Halasana?

In Ardha Halasana only some parts of our body are affected such as our abdominal area, our legs but in Halasana, many parts of our body are affected such as our abdominal area, our legs, on our back and also on our neck. In a way, we can also say that Halasana benefits our body more.

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