9 Benefits of Bhumasana, easy steps and precautions.


Bhumasana:- This is a slightly difficult asana out of all the asanas of yoga, but the benefits of Bhumasana are also many for our body, if a seeker practices this asana regularly, then he can become physically strong, so let’s know that how we can practice it and what are the benefits of Bhumasana and what precautions we should keep in mind while doing this asana.

What is the meaning of Bhumasana?

Bhumasana:- If I tell you the literal meaning of this word, then Bhumasana is a Sanskrit word that is made up of two words, Bhoom and Asana Bhoom means earth and Asana means posture (pose). While doing this asana, the shape of our body is such that we are bowing down to the earth.

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Bhumasana benefits

Steps of Bhumasana (How to do it)?

This is a difficult posture, in this asana, there is a stretch on many parts of our body, due to which we have to be able to stretch, we have to practice stretching exercises before practicing this asana so that we can do this posture properly.

1. You can practice Kneeling Stretch Lunge to make your legs flexible, do not practice this exercise only, if you know any other exercise, then you can practice it too.

2. You can do a forward bend exercise to make your back flexible.

3. When you have practiced both these exercises for a few days and when you start feeling that the flexibility in your back and legs has increased, then you start practicing this asana.

4. To do this asana, you stand on a flat surface and start opening both your legs in the opposite direction of each other.

5. In the beginning, you open your legs as much as you can easily, do not try to pull your feet forcefully.

6. When you feel that you cannot open your legs, then slowly keep your feet in the same position and sit on the ground.

7. In the beginning, there may be an angle of only 160 or 165 degrees between your legs, but when you practice this asana regularly, an angle of 178 degrees will also start forming between your legs.

8. When you sit down, after that you bring your back forward, while doing this, you can also take the help of someone because, in the beginning, you will not be able to stretch your back much.

9. Bring your back as far forward as you can comfortably.

10. But as you continue to practice the asana regularly, the flexibility of your back and legs will increase and you will be able to perform this asana completely.

Tips for beginners.

If you are a new seeker and you want to practice Bhumasana, then you must keep these things in mind.

  • If you are a new practitioner and you want to practice this asana, then you must first make sure that you are capable of leg stretching exercises.
  • You should try to do this asana only in the morning because at that time the temperature of our environment is normal and there is peace in our environment at that time.
  • If you find it difficult to do this asana, then you can also take the help of someone.

What are the Benefits of Bhumasana?

It is a bit difficult to do this asana and it is also difficult for a seeker to stay in it, but at the same time we get many benefits from Bhumasana, we told you that in this asana, every part of our body is used. And in the same way, every part of our body gets benefits from the practice of this asana.

1. Increase leg flexibility:-
First of all, this asana helps us to increase the flexibility of our feet, I think it is such an asana in which our feet have more effect, due to which they become flexible.

2. Effect on the nervous system:- The practice of Bhumasana has a positive effect on our nervous system.

3. Increase back flexibility:- Because in this posture there is a lot of stretch on our back, due to which the flexibility of our back increases.

4. Reduce body fat:- The practice of Bhumasana reduces the accumulated fat from many parts of our body such as our belly fat, our thighs and also affects our stomach fat.

5. Stability:-
Although there are so many benefits of Bhumasana as well, by doing Bhumasana daily, we become mentally and physically stable.

6. Increase strength:- Strength increases in many parts of our body, especially on the lower part of our thighs and also increases strength in our lower back.

7. Good for the spine:-
Although there are many benefits of Bhumasana, its practice has a positive effect on our spine, due to which we get benefit in problems related to it.

8. Increase agility:- By doing Bhumasana our body becomes active and agile.

9. Good for Internal organs:- By the practice of this asana, our internal organs are also affected somewhere, and they can do their work easily and naturally, which also has the main benefit on our digestive system.


Precautions for Bhumasana?

Like we have told you many times that it is a bit difficult to do this asana and it becomes a bit difficult for a seeker to stay in it, so that is why we should take care of some precautions while doing this Bhumasana so that we can do this asana well done without any damage.

1. Back problems related:- If you are suffering from problems like cervical spondylosis or you are suffering from a back problem then you should practice this asana under the supervision of a yoga teacher.

2. Injured feet:- If you have any kind of injury in your feet, then you should not do this asana for a few days, instead you can practice pranayama.

3. Practice it naturally:- In the beginning, practice this asana for as long as you can easily and naturally, do not try to forcefully maintain your body in this posture.

4. Practice stretching exercise:- To do this asana, you should practice leg stretching exercises a few weeks before its practice.

5. Pregnant woman should avoid:- However there are many benefits of Bhumasana, but pregnant woman should stay away from this asana because in this asana we tilt our torso forward, due to which the child of a pregnant woman will be affected.

Exercise that Should Be Performed Before doing Bhumasana.

  1. Kneeling stretch lunge:- Kneeling Stretch Exercise In this exercise, we stretch our legs and especially our Thighs, doing this exercise is very easy and also its method.

Kneeling stretch

2. Forward bend:- Forward bend is specially done to strengthen our back and increase flexibility, to do this, we have to bend our back from forward side down and touch our feet. If you are able to touch your feet in this exercise, you can also move your hands between your legs, which will put more stretch on your back.

Forward bend

3. Others:- If you want, you can do more similar exercises that you like and that increase flexibility in your back and legs.

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