Amazing benefits of Mountain pose (Tadasana) with facts.

What is Mountain pose (Tadasana)?

Tadasana is made up of two Sanskrit words, tad and asana “Tad” means mountain and “asana” means posture so we also call this asana a Mountain pose. Although tadasana is mainly done to increase the height of a person, but it has many other benefits, Tadasana is very simple and easy posture.

So in this article, we will tell you the ‘amazing benefits of Mountain pose‘ (Tadasana) and we will also discuss ‘how to perform this asana‘ and some queries related to this asana.

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How to do Mountain pose step by step.


We have to stand on a flat surface first. The flat surface is because we have to balance with our feet in this posture.


After that, we have to stand with our feet at a distance from each other.


Then we have to move both our hands upwards and join the fingers of both our hands together.


After that we have to lift our heel upwards and at the same time we have to try to pull our whole body upwards.


But during this, we have to try to keep all our body weight on our toes.


After this, we have to inhale and exhale for some time by staying in this position.


We have to try and keep this position for about 2-3 minutes.

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Benefits of Mountain pose (Tadasana).

  • Improves body posture:- when we do a mountain pose, this greatly improves our body posture, let us explain to you with the help of an example, as many people bend while walking. So this asana can prove to be very helpful for them because in this asana we pull our body upwards and at that time our body is absolutely straight, which really improves our body posture.
  • Increase Height:-Mountain pose can be very useful for those who are troubled by their small height, and if I say that the main task of this asana is to develop the human body then it will not be wrong, that the posture we create in this exercise helps a lot to increase height.

In this posture we stretch our entire body upwards, and as we all know that stretching makes a difference in the height of our body.

  • Reduces back pain:-By doing mountain pose daily, we can get relief from our back pain problem. This asana indirectly reduces our back pain significantly. By indirectly it means that this asana improves the posture of our body and reduces the problem of our back pain.
  • Reduces flat foot:-You can also overcome the problem of your flat foot by practicing this asana daily.
  • Increase body flexiblity:-By doing this asana daily, our body’s flexibility also increases, when we do this asana, then there is a stretch on our legs and back which helps a lot in increasing our body’s flexibility.
  • Strengthens legs:-As we can see in the picture above, we have to use our feet more in this posture.

And we do this whole posture with the help of our legs, feet and knees due to which the muscle size of our leg increases and due to the increase of that muscle size, our legs and feet become stronger.

  • Increase energy:-As we all know that almost all yoga asanas work to replenish energy in our body and tadasana / mountain pose also fills energy in our body.
  • Strengthens our shoulders:-By doing this posture for 5-7 minutes daily, it also increases the strength of our shoulder.

Yes, you heard absolutely right that doing this posture increases the strength of our shoulder and makes our shoulders even stronger. This is because when we move our hands along with our body.

Then there is a pressure on our shoulders and our shoulders also stretch and due to that stretch our shoulders become even stronger.

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Benefits of Mountain pose (Tadasana).

Limitations and contraindications of Mountain pose.

As we have seen above How to do this asana and what are the benefits of this asana, but this asana has some contraindications and some limitations, if we do this asana keeping them in mind then we will get more benefit from this asana.

1. Knee problem:-If you are suffering from knee problem then do not do this asana, if you still want to do this asana then do it only for a short time.

2. Back pain:-If you are struggling with any kind of back pain or if you have had an accident with your back in the past, then stay away from this posture as much as you can. [get relief from back pain]

3. Weak leg muscles:-Those people who have weak leg muscels, and those who have pain in their legs, should do this posture carefully.

4. Overweight:-Those who are overweight should try to do this asana with caution, as their balance may get worse/disturbed while doing this asana.

5. Pregnancy:-If you are in a pregnancy state, then you should abstain from this asana, because if you do this asana in that state then it can spoil your balance and which can hurt you and your baby.

6. Headache:-If you feel dizzy or headache while doing this asana, then you should stop doing this asana immediately.

Common Mistakes.

  • Many people initially do this asana in zeal for a long time, due to which they have pain in their legs, shoulders and back, and they are unable to perform this asana again next day, and due to all that they also become demotivate.
  • While doing this posture many people tilt their back down, please do not make this mistake because it can spoil your balance.
  • Many people initially do this asana by joining both their legs, but this is the wrong way to do this asana, you should at least keep a distance of 15-18 inches between your legs.

My Tips.

  • When you start doing this asana, then you keep a distance of about 15-18 inches between your two legs, which will make it easier for you to balance.
  • When you do this asana, then try to stretch your body as much as you can, by this you will be able to get more benefit of this asana.
  • You must keep in mind that you should always do this asana on an empty stomach, and you should try to do this asana in the morning.
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