Ardha Bhekasana benefits (half frog pose) steps, meaning.


Ardha Bhekasana, which we also call Half Frog Pose, by doing this asana, our body is prepared for full Bhekasana and Dhanurasana, we do this asana mainly lying on the stomach, this asana mainly benefits our body. It helps us in increasing our physical abilities, so let us know how we can do Ardha Bhekasana, what are the precautions we should keep in mind while doing it and what are the benefits of Ardha Bhekasana.

What is the meaning of Ardha Bhekasana?

Ardha Bhekasana:- This is a Sanskrit word which is made up of 3 words and according to Sanskrit and Hindi, Ardha means half and Bheka means frog and asana mean posture so this was the literal meaning of Ardha Bhekasana Now let us know how we can do this asana easily.

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Ardha bhekasana benefits

How to do Ardha Bhekasana its steps?

This asana can be a bit difficult to do for a new practitioner, so read its method carefully so that you can complete this asana effortlessly and naturally.

1. For the practice of Ardha Bhekasana, we will first lie down on our stomachs.

2. After lying on your stomach, place your left hand next to your face.

3. Bend the right knee and place the fingers of the right hand on the toes of the right foot.

4. With the fingers of your right hand, keep pressing the right foot down, which means that you will keep pushing on your buttock.

5. And now putting the weight of the body on the left palm, we will raise the body upwards.

6. In this state, you should keep in mind many things such as your shoulders, neck and chest should be raised above the ground and the hand on which the weight of your body is should be kept straight.

7. Now we will do this exercise from the other side, which means keep the right hand on the ground and keep all the weight of the body on your right hand.

8. Now we will bend our left foot and place the fingers of the left hand on the left toes.

9. And in the same way, your left leg will also be pressed down towards the buttocks.

10. Now slowly lift your neck, shoulders and chest above the ground and keep all the weight of your body on your right hand.

11. Remain in this posture for some time and after that slowly move your right hand towards, the hand on which your body’s weight is, and keep your chest, neck and shoulders on the ground and come to the starting position.


  • Ardha Bhekasana will be practiced two to three times and the body can be kept stable for 30 to 40 seconds at a time.
  • If you want to get more benefits of Ardha Bhekasana then you should do this asana only in the morning, not only this asana but any yoga you should do only in the morning.

Special note.

  • While practicing Ardha Bhekasana, the movement of our breath should continue normally.
  • Immediately after doing this asana, you will definitely practice Pawanmuktasana or Shashankasana.

What are Ardha Bhekasana benefits?

This asana effects and beneficial for many parts of our body, so let us know what are the benefits of Ardha Bhekasana.

1. Good for the spine:- If you have read its method carefully, then you must have understood that in this posture we turn our back backwards, due to which our spine gets a lot of rest from this posture.

2. Effects on throat:- By doing this asana, all the strain falls on our throat, due to which the internal glands and muscles of our throat are flexible and active and able to do their work well.

3. Improves body posture:- The deteriorating shape of the body or spine is greatly improved by the practice of Ardha Bhekasana.

4. Good for lungs and chest:-
A stretch is created on the lungs, which causes full expansion of the lungs and chest, as a result of which the respiratory system improves and the lungs can perform their work more efficiently.

5. Increase blood circulation:-
The blood vessels around the heart open up so that the blood can flow properly to the heart.

6. Relief from the back problem:- We get a lot of relief from back problems, the problems which occur due to stiffness in the back improves or problems caused by sitting for a long time also get relief.

7. Strengthens thighs:- Stretch is also generated on the upper muscles of the thighs, as a result of which they also become flexible, strong and energetic.

8. Good for internal organs:- However there are many benefits of Bhekasana, but due to the increased pressure on the abdomen, there is movement in the internal organs of the abdomen, due to which the circulation of blood to them increases and they can do their work naturally and easily.

9. Develop hand muscles:- While doing Ardha Bhekasana, all the weight of our body is on our hands, as a result of which the muscles of our hands, wrists and shoulders get flexible and their capacity also increases and they also become strong.

10. Improves digestion:- Its practice is also beneficial for enlarged stomach and fat stomach and at the same time, it also works to improve digestion.

11. Reduce aches:- Ardha Bhekasana can prove to be a beneficial practice to overcome problems like neck pain, back pain and shoulder pain. If a person practices it regularly then he can stay away from all these problems.

Precautions and limitations of Ardha Bhekasana?

If you have come to know that how this asana is practiced easily and what are the benefits of Ardha Fake Asana, then it is also very important for you to know that what precautions we should keep in mind while doing this posture.

1. Stomach injury:- Because we do this asana on our stomach, then if you have any kind of injury in your stomach or you have got treatment for any kind of injury, then you should avoid this asana for a few days.

2. Serious problems related to the back:- If there is any serious disease related to the back, do not do the half-frog pose.

3. Pregnant women should avoid:- As we have just told you that we do this asana on our stomachs, so if you are a pregnant woman then you should not do this posture at all, it can prove to be harmful to you.

4. problem related to knees:- If you have any serious problem related to knees, then you should not do this asana.

5. Avoid by high (BP) patients:- Although Ardha Bhekasana has many benefits, but as we have already told you that by practicing it, the circulation of blood in the area around our chest increases, which will not be good for the health of a person suffering from high blood pressure.

6. Avoid in these problems:- Even in the problem of ulcers and hernia, you should not do Ardha Bhekasana.

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