How to do ardha chandrasana yoga steps (half moon pose) variations.



Ardha Chandrasana is considered to be a very effective and important asana yoga.

Ardha Chandrasana Yoga is also known as “half moon pose” in English because in this the shape of our body looks like a half moon.

It is not very difficult for a person to do this pose, any person can do this asana easily within a few days of practice and at the same time can easily get the benefits of Ardha Chandrasana (half moon pose yoga).

In today’s time people have less knowledge about yoga so they discuss about triangle pose instead of half moon pose.

In Ardha Chandrasana Yoga, the shape of our body looks like a half moon, but if you want information on the internet about Ardha Chandrasana, then you will get most of the results which show the asana like triangle posture.

So that’s why we will tell you complete and true information related to half moon pose, and all its variations will also be discussed in detail one by one.

And will also tell about the way in which people display any posture like trikonasana in the name of half moon pose (Ardha Chandrasana).

How to do Half moon pose (Ardha Chandrasana steps).

It is said that to get the benefits of any practice properly, it is very important to do that exercise properly and in the correct way.

And along with that, while doing that asana, we should also take care of its precautions, means we should take some precautions while doing that asana so that we can get maximum benefits from that practice without causing any damage.

So first we will know what is the actual pose of Ardha Chandrasana yoga and there are some variations of that actual pose as well, and finally we will discuss that asana which many people publish on the web in the name of ‘half moon pose’.

credit – Onkar yoga

Ardha Chandrasana steps (half moon pose) first variation ‘actual pose’.

If you have more endurance inside and in your body and if you have flexibility in the muscles of your legs then you can practice this asana very easily and effortlessly.

1. To do this asana, first of all, we will stand on our knees on a flat surface.

2. After standing on our knees, we will straighten our waist, neck and back and keep our hands above the waist.

3. Now straightening your left knee and lifting it in front, keep the left leg at a distance of about 1 to one and a half feet from the right knee.

4. Then we will tilt our body forward and place the palms of both our hands next to the left foot.

5. Then we will slowly touch the knee of our right leg to the ground and continue to stretch our body forward, which will create a stretch on the lower muscle of our right thigh.

6. When you reach this position, then you pull your chest forward and keep your neck up.

7. Now hold your body in this posture for a while, keep it stable for as long as possible, then stand back on your knees.

8. Then we will practice this asana by keeping the other leg forward, that means, in this we had put our left leg forward and by keeping the right foot backward, now in this way we keep our right leg forward and keep the left leg behind.

9. For as long as you practice half moon pose or as long as you keep your body stable in this posture, then the speed of your breathing should continue as normal.

  • So in this way we can easily practice Ardha Chandrasan steps, it is really half moon pose and during this asana, the shape of our body looks like half moon.


Ardha Chandrasana steps (half moon pose) with the second variation.

This method is not very difficult, the only condition is that you read all the Ardha Chandrasana steps given below carefully.

1. To do this asana, first of all, you sit on a flat surface in the position of Ardha padmasana.

2. After sitting in the position of Ardha Padmasana, now you straighten your neck, waist, shoulders and back.

3. And now you keep both your hands on the ground and keeping the right leg in the same position, will tilt the body to the right and take the left leg backwards.

4. Keep your left leg straight behind and keep the toes out, and keep your chest facing forward.

5. In the beginning, if you find it difficult to stretch your back, then you can only take your left leg backward and keep your back normally for a few days and gradually with regular practice you can bend your back backwards.

6. Now keep your body stable in this posture for some time, hold it for as long as you can easily your body in this posture.

7. Now we will practice this asana from the other side, that means first we keep our right leg in the normal position and keep the left leg straight behind, now we will keep our left leg in the same way and pull the right leg backward.

8. Whenever you practice this pose, do it from both sides so that the balance of the body remains equal.

  • So in this way you can practice the second variation of Ardha Chandrasana Steps, its practice brings a lot of strength and flexibility in the back muscles of your Ganges and at the same time this asana proves to be very beneficial for our lower back.


Ardha Chandrasana steps (half moon pose yoga) with the third variation.

Now we will discuss about the asana that people publish on the internet in the name of Ardha Chandrasana, Which is not Ardha Chandrasana but a variation of Trikonasana.

Yes, there is no doubt that we can get many benefits from the practice of this pose but we cannot call it half moon pose. So let’s discuss how we can do this asana.

1. To do this asana, first of all you should stand straight at a place.

2. After standing straight, straighten your back neck, waist and shoulders and keep a distance between your legs as much as the shoulder or twice the distance of the shoulders.

3. Then you take a long deep breath and leave it outside the body and then while filling the breath, slowly tilt your body to the right.

4. And while tilting your body to the right, lift your left leg up and try to make all the balance of your body on your right leg.

5. There should be an angle of 80 to 90 degrees between your right and left leg, meaning you keep your left leg straight.

6. Then when you are tilting your body to the right and then you try to touch your hands on the ground yes you may have difficulty in the beginning but with regular practice you will definitely be able to do it.

7. And when you take your right hand down, then you should also keep your left hand upright and the right and left hands should be in a straight line.

8. If in the beginning you find it difficult to bend to the right or left, then a few days before this exercise, you should practice Ardha Katichakrasana, this will give your armpit and waist part the tolerance to bear the pressure and strain.

9. Now you practice this with your other leg as well, that means now you balance the body on your left leg and keep the right leg straight up and tilt your body to the left.

10. If you ever practice this, then do this asana equally from both the sides so that the balance of your body remains equal and both the parts of your body become equally strong and tolerant.

  • So in this way you can practice this asana, if you want to do then you should do it as a variation of Trikonasana.

If you ask a particular yoga teacher and especially if you ask the yoga teacher from the place where yoga originated (India), they will clearly tell you how to do the half moon pose.

And you yourself also think that what is the meaning of half-moon pose in which the shape of our body is look like a half moon, then in the above two variations, it is clearly visible that the shape of our body is like half moon.

  • So these were the two ways to do Ardha Chandrasana, and we can hope that you understand the difference between Ardha Chandrasana and Trikonasana, so actually Ardha Chandrasana is done in the same way as we have displayed both the above methods.

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