beginners guide Moola Bandha (root lock), benefits and cautions.


Moola bandha is the best practice among all the bandhas because by the practice of this bandha we get rid of many physical problems and at the same time we get relief from many sexual problems so that a person can move forward in the field of spirituality, so let’s know that how we can practice it and what are the benefits of Moola bandha.

What is Moola Bandha?

By the way, according to Sanskrit and Hindi words, Mool means the whole or the root of something. In this practice, Mool means Mool bandha (Muladhara Chakra) and Bandha means to lock something, it was Moolbandh Literal meaning, Now let us see how we can practice this intuitively.

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Mool Bandha

How to do Moola Bandha its steps?

Moola bandha practice is such a practice that everyone can do it, but very few people know the method of doing it properly, it is such a bandha by which we can also get control over our thoughts, so let’s know how we can practice Moola bandha.

* We can also practice Moolabandha normally and it can be practised with both Antrik and Bahya Kumbhaka.

Practising with Antrik (inner) Kumbhaka:-

1. If you want to practice Moola bandha with Antrik Kumbhaka, then you should sit in a comfortable posture such as Ardha Padmasana in one place.

2. After filling the breath, we have to hold it inside the body, after that we will pull our anal space upwards from where the bowel movement is done.

3. Till the breath holds, the anus will be pulled upwards.

4. Keep one thing in particular, as long as you can hold your breath, hold it smoothly. When you cannot hold your breath, first you will loosen the Anal space and then do normal activities in the breath.

Now we will do the same exercise with Bahya Kumbhaka.

Practising with Bahya Kumbhaka:-

Bahya means outside, while doing this we will exhale the breath from the body means we will not keep a single breath in the body while practising Moolbandha with the Bahya Kumbhaka.

1. To practice Moola bandha with Bahya Kumbhaka, we will first sit in a comfortable posture such as Ardha Padmasana.

2. We will first take a long deep breath and then release it outside the body.

3. After exhaling, we will pull our Anal space upwards and take care that you do not fill the breath inside the body.

4. In Bahya Kumbhaka also we have to first release the Anal space and then fill the breath inside the body.

Practising without Kumbhaka:-

1. For its practice, we will sit in a comfortable posture and try to sit in Siddhasana.

2. Then you pull your Anal space upwards and at this time you allow your breathing to continue as normal.

3. In the beginning, you will not be able to stretch your Anal space for a long time, but gradually with regular practice, you will be able to do it for a long time.

Focus while doing Moola Bandha.

  • While practicing Moolabandha, we have to concentrate all our attention on the Mooladhara Chakra and also on the muscles surrounding the Mooladhara Chakra.
  • Along with the Muladhara Chakra, we also have to focus on our breath.


  • Start the exercise for about two to three times and it can be done from six to seven times.
  • The best time to practice Moola bandha is in the morning because at that time the temperature of our body and environment is normal and at that time there is more peace in the environment.

What are the benefits of Moola Bandha?

We have discussed how we can do it, now let us know what benefits our body gets from the practice of Moola Bandha.

1. Maintain celibacy:- If your Brahmacharya (celibacy) is repeatedly broken or you want to follow celibacy, then you must practice this bandha.

2. Cure sexual problems:- Many sexual problems are relieved by the practice of Moolabandha.

3. Cure urine disease:– In severe diseases related to urine, the practice of this bandha is beneficial.

4. Beneficial in all these problems:- You must practice this in all problems like ulcers, constipation, piles and air disorder.

5. Positive effect:- Its practice has a positive effect in all three areas, physical, mental and spiritual.

6. Beneficial in Nightfall:- If you have to face problems like nightfall, then you must include Moola Bandha in your yogic routine.

7. Beneficial in periods:- If women practice this bandha during their periods, it will benefit them to a great extent.

What are the precautions for Moola Bandha?

So now let us know what precautions should be taken while doing Moola bandha.

1. Because this is a very sensitive exercise, you should do it under the supervision of a yoga teacher.

2. If you are practicing it with Kumbhaka, then for the first few days you should be able to do Jalandhar Bandha properly then only start practicing Moolbandha.

3. Even if you are not practicing it with Kumbhak, then you should practice Anulom Vilom or Nadi Shodhana a few days before its practice.

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