10 Amazing Benefits of Agnisar kriya steps, side effects.


Agnisar Kriya is mainly for our stomach, by doing this exercise a person can increase the energy in his body, we can do this action both sitting and standing, today in this article we will do this kriya by standing and will discuss more about it like Agnisar kriya steps, what it means and what are the benefits of Agnisar Kriya.

What is the meaning of Agnisar kriya?

Agnisara Kriya:- This is a Sanskrit word and according to Sanskrit Agni means fire and Kriya means exercise, just like its name ignites the fire in our body and energizes the body.

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Agnisar kriya benefits

Read before Agnisar kriya steps.

  • Practice it only when it is absolutely empty stomach means when you have not eaten food and even if you have drunk plenty of water, do not practice it, it can be practiced after about 45 or 50 minutes after drinking water.

This is also because, In this process, we put our stomach inside out, so that if we do the Agnisar Kriya after eating food, then we may have to face the problem of stomach pain and indigestion.

So if you want more benefits of Agnisar Kriya then you should always practice it on empty stomach.

  • Do it after the practice of asanas and before the practice of pranayama or it can also be done with the pranayama, if you do Agnisara Kriya in this sequence, then it will prove to be more beneficial for you.

How to do Agnisar kriya (steps)?

There are many benefits of Agnisar Kriya, but more benefits can be availed only when the right way to do it is known, in this Kriya we have to do the movement of the stomach as well as bandha, and if the right bandha is not done then We cannot get its benefits, so that is why you should read the Agnisar kriya steps given below carefully so that you can get more out of it.

1. First we will stand up and straighten our back neck and give a distance of feet equal to the shoulders.

To do this exercise, take a long deep breath and exhale with speed.

3. After exhaling completely, close the nose with the left hand and apply Jalandhara Bandha.

4. After applying Jalandhara Bandha, bend the knees slightly and place your right hand on the knees.

5. We have to keep our nose closed, after doing this we have to move our empty stomachs in and out.

6. When it feels that the breath is not being held, then first come straight, then open the Jalandhar bandha and after that do normal breathing activities.

7. After coming to the normal position, two to three long and deep breaths.

* If you do this Kriya in this way then you will be able to get more benefits from Agnisara Kriya.


  • Practice this for three to 5 times, meaning once the breath is left out of the body and will keep the breath outside the body and now keep moving the stomach in and out, normally from 25 to 35 times the stomach inside and must go out.
  • When the breath is not being held, then you will straighten up and slowly fill the breath inside the body, it will be one cycle, in this way you will practice it for three to five cycles.
  • If you want more benefits of Agnisara Kriya then you should do this exercise only in the morning because at that time our stomach is empty and our body is full of agility and the temperature of the environment is also normal.

Benefits of Agnisar kriya

What are the benefits of Agnisar kriya?

So this was the way Agnisara Kriya steps and its timing, now let us know what are the benefits of Agnisar Kriya.

1. Develops abdominal muscles:- By its practice, all the abdominal muscles become energetic and strong and our core also gets strengthens.

2. Internal organs:- When the stomach is made in and out by holding the breath out, at that time the internal organs of our body are massaged, due to which they can do their work naturally and naturally.

3. Good digestion:- Due to the proper functioning of our internal organs, our digestion is done properly and we stay away from problems like indigestion.

4. Stomach related problems:- The practice of Agnisara Kriya provides benefits in problems like gas, air disorder, indigestion and constipation.

5. Reduce weight:- Those whose stomach is very bloated and they want to lose weight, then those people must practice this action, it will also reduce their weight.

6. Good for other organs:- The internal organs include not only our small intestine but also many other organs such as pancreas, liver, kidney and when all these do their work properly then there is an increase of energy in our body and we are always healthy and, lethargy lives away from us.

7. Helps to provide nutrients:- If food is not digested properly, means that we eat food properly, but the body is unable to absorb the nutrients from the food, due to any problem in the digestive system, its practice also benefits these problems.

8. Cures urine problems:- Although there are many benefits of Agnisar Kriya, one of its benefits is that in urinary diseases such as frequent urination or lack of open urination, doing Agnisar exercise is also beneficial in these problems.

9. Cure diabetes:- Doing this exercise helps in problems like diabetes.

10. Beneficial for the lungs:-
Leaving the breath out with speed, when Jalandhara Bandha is applied, this action proves beneficial for the lungs, at that time the lungs become strong by its practice, the ability to hold breath increases.

What are Agnisar kriya side effects?

If any practice has benefits, then there is also a possibility of its harm, so if you take precautions while practicing it, then you will be able to get more benefits of Agnisar Kriya, so let’s know about some Agnisar Kriya side effects.

1. If you are suffering from an ulcer then you should not practice this kriya.

2. Because by doing this exercise, the circulation of blood to many of our body increases, which can prove to be harmful to a person suffering from high blood pressure.

3. If you are suffering from problems like cervical spondylosis then you should not practice this exercise.

4. However there are many benefits of Agnisara Kriya, but as we told you in the beginning that the main benefit of this exercise is on our stomach and we do this action through our stomach only, then this action can be considered in any way also should not be done by a pregnant woman because in this we move our stomach in and out which would not be possible for a pregnant woman in that stage. Pranayama for pregnant women.

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