8 Health benefits of Ardha Kurmasana (Half Tortoise Pose).

We can also call Ardh Kurmasana the former practice of Kurmasana. This asana is done mainly to cure our back problem but there are many other benefits of Ardh kurmasana. To do this posture properly, we have given some steps below and we have also discussed the benefits of Ardha Kurmasana for our body.

What is the meaning of Ardha Kurmasana?

Ardha Kurmasana:- This is a Sanskrit word consisting of three Sanskrit words Ardh, Kurma and Asana Ardha means Half Kurma means Turtle/ Tortoise and Asana means Posture thus we call this posture Half Tortoise Pose.

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How to do Ardha Kurmasana its steps?

So let us know how we can do this asana, after that we will discuss the benefits of Ardha Kurmasana.

Steps of Ardha Kurmasana.

1. To do this asana, you first sit in your place in Vajrasana.

2. Both your knees should be kept evenly and your butts should be above your ankle.

3. Then you move your hands upwards, stretch your hands as much as you can during this time try to hold this position for a while.

4. Then you take a deep breath and while releasing it, tilt your torso forward.

5. When you tilt your torso forward, both hands should be connected forward as if your hands are in the Anjali mudra.

6. We have to control our breath by staying in this poster, we mean to say that you keep breathing normally in this posture.

7. You can do this asana two to three times at a time and every once in a while you keep your body in this posture for at least 30 seconds to one minute.

(This Yoga asana can tremendously increase your height).


Top Benefits of Ardha Kurmasana.

1. Relaxes back:- Although there are many benefits of Ardha Kurmasana while doing this asana, our back and our feet have a lot of effects, due to which it reduces our back pain to a great extent.

2. Reduce extra body fat:- The practice of this asana reduces excess fat from many parts of our body, such as our belly fat helps to reduce the excess fat near the area of our buttocks and this asana also reduces the fat of our thighs.

3. Proper functioning of internal organs:- Performing Ardha Kurmasana causes a stretch in the part of our torso and pressure in our abdomen area that allows our internal organs to function properly.

4. Rejuvenates mind and body:- By doing this asana, our body and our nervous system feel fresh, which makes us mentally healthy.

5. Increase flexibility:- By practising this asana, there is a stretch on our back, on our shoulders and our lower back, due to which these parts of our body become even more flexible.

6. Strengthens our legs:- As we have already told you that this asana mainly affects our back and our legs, so if you do this asana regularly then you can make your legs even stronger.

7. Increase blood circulation:-By doing this asana, the blood flow in our body is well, due to which our body gets an adequate amount of oxygen and nutrients.

8. Cures Sciatica:- One of the benefits of Ardha Kurmasana is also that it cures our sciatica problem and our back pain. If you are suffering more from the problem of back pain, then you can practice this posture as well as the Pawanmuktasana.

Precautions for Ardha Kurmasana?

If you want to get the most out of this asana and do this asana well, then you have to take some precautions while doing Ardha Kumrasana.

1. High (BP) patient:- If you are suffering from high blood pressure, then you do not do half turtle pose for long or you can avoid this posture because as we told you about the benefits of Ardha Kurmasana, that it increases blood circulation, which is not good for the health of a person with a high blood pressure

2. Pregnant woman should avoid:- A pregnant woman should stay away from this asana because in this asana our womb is used which can prove to be harmful to a pregnant woman and her baby.

3. After the meal:- You should not do this asana after eating food because during this asana all the pressure of our body is on our stomach.

4. Feeling the pain:- While doing this asana, if you feel pain in your knees or your thighs, then you stop doing this asana.


For Beginners.

  • While doing this asana, put as much pressure on your stomach with your thighs as possible, so that the blood can flow properly towards the internal organs of our body.

Common Mistakes.

Although there are many physical benefits of Ardha Kurmasana, if you do not make the mistakes given below, you can get more benefits.

  • Many people keep their hips away from their ankles while doing this asana, but this is the wrong way to do this asana. If you want to get more benefits from Ardha Kurmasana, then you should not keep any gap in your hips and your heels.
  • Many people do this asana for a very long time in the beginning, due to which pain starts in their thighs and in their legs.

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