7 Amazing Benefits of Baddha Padmasana How to do and its precautions.

Baddha Padmasana this asana is slightly harder than Ardha Padmasana and Padmasana and it is the developed form of both of those asanas. there are many benefits of Baddha Padmasana for our body, but if you want to do this asana well then you should first do Ardha padmasana and have to practice padmasana.

What is the meaning of baddha Padmasana?

Baddha Padmasana This is a Sanskrit word which is made up of three Sanskrit words “Baddh” “Padma” and “Asana” Badha means Bound Padma means Lotus and Asana means Poster (pose). This posture is a bit harder than Padmasana. but there are many benefits of baddha padmasana for our body.


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How to do Baddha Padmasana its steps.

  • We will first sit in one place to perform Baddha Padmasana.
  • After that we will sit in Padmasana.
  • After making Padmasana we will move our right hand from right to back and grab the right toe.
  • Then we will move our left hand behind from the left side and hold our left toe.
  • During this time, both our knees should be aligned with the ground, the back and neck should be straight and our chest should be stretched outwards, the shoulders should be absolutely straight.
  • Then you close your eyes and breathe normally while performing Baddha padmasana.
  • And you try to stay in this posture for some time, so that you can get more benefits of Baddha Padmasana.
  • There is no time limit to practice it, you can practice this asana for any length of time.

Special cares.

  • Before practicing this, you must practice Ardha Padmasana and Padmasana for a few days.
  • If you want to get the more benefits of Baddha Padmasana, then you should always do this asana on an empty stomach and try to do this asana in the morning.

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Benefits of Baddha Padmasana.

1.Good respiration:- Stretching occurs on our chest and part of our chest while performing the Buddha Padmasana, which helps in breathing-related problems.

2. Healthy internal organs:- By performing the Baddha Padmasana, our stomach is stretched due to which our internal organs are massaged and they are able to do their work easily, which also makes our digestive system correct.

3. Increase mental and physical stability:- Although there are many benefits of Baddha Padmasana, but mental and physical stability can be achieved by its practice.

4. Strenghtens shoulders:- This exercise produces a pull on the muscles of our shoulders, due to which the muscles of shoulders become stronger.

5. Increase productivity:- While performing the Buddha Padmasana, our feet become numb and the energy that escapes from there starts flowing towards our brain, which makes us even more productive.

6. Increase Flexibility:- While performing the Baddha Padmasana, we stretch on the shoulders and chest and on many other parts of the body, due to which it becomes even more flexible.

7. Reliefs aches:- If you have pain in your shoulders or in your waist, then this asana is very beneficial.


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Precautions for Baddha Padmasana.

We have told you how you can practice this asana and what are the benefits of baddha padmasana for our body but it is also important for you to know what precautions we should take while doing this asana.

  • As a precaution, you should be careful that if you have any problem related to back in case of sciatica problem, you should not practice baddha Padmasana.
  • If you feel pain in your knees while performing the Baddha Padmasana, then stop doing this asana immediately.
  • Do not try to practice Buddha Padmasana until you practice Padmasana and Ardha Padmasana.
  • If you are a beginner, do not stretch your hands too much to hold your toes. This may cause you to face the problem of tearing the body tissue.
  • However there are many benefits of Baddha Padmasana, but if you are a pregnant woman, do not try to do this posture.

What is the difference between Baddha Padmasana and Padmasana?

If there is any main difference between Baddha Padmasana and Padmasana, then in baddha Padmasana, we hold our toe from behind with our hands and on the other hand we sit normally in Padmasana Only our feet are affected but in baddha Padasana our feet, as well as our shoulders, our chest and many other parts of the body, are also affected.

If I explain to you in an easy language, then Baddha Padmasana is an enhanced form of Padmasana and Ardha Padmasana.

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