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Uddiyana bandha:- This is mainly done to benefit our stomach, due to its practice, the life energy flows from bottom to top through the Sushumna tone, die to which we get more benefits of Uddiyana bandha in this practice we hold our breath by pulling our stomach inwards and breathe out of the body. Due to not being inside, a vacuum is created in our lungs, due to which the circulation of blood increases. 

One should practice Uddiyana bandha only when he has been able to do Jalandhara Bandha and Moolbandha properly. 

So today in the article we will discuss in detail about this bandh, such as how this bandh can be done easily, benefits of Uddiyana bandha what it means, some special things for new practitioners and finally its precautions will be discussed. 

What is Uddiyana bandha meaning?

If you want to know the literal meaning of this word, then you need to know which language or script this word belongs to. Actually, it is a Sanskrit word that is made up of two wordsUddiyan and Bandha and according to Sanskrit Uddiyana means to rise from the bottom to up and Bandha means to lock. 

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How to do Uddiyana bandha it’s all steps?

We can do any bandha with the practice of both Antrik Kumbhaka and Bahya Kumbhaka but we do Uddiyana bandha and Maha bandha only with external Kumbhaka, this bandha is especially for our stomach, we can do it both by standing and sitting. Then first we will tell you how you can practice this bandh by sitting, after that we will practice this bandh by standing also. 

While sitting:-

1. For the practice of this bandha, we will sit in a comfortable posture such as Ardha Padmasana

2. After sitting in Ardha Padmasana, take a long deep breath and release it out of the body. 

3. After leaving the breath outside the body, we will pull our stomach (navel) completely inwards. 

4. After pulling the stomach inwards, now hold your breath outside for some time. 

5. After holding your breath out for some time, now you can release the stomach and start the action of breathing.

While standing:-

1. To practice Uddiyana bandha standing up, you normally stand up. 

2. Then you take a long deep breath and release it outside the body. 

3. After exhaling breath, you likewise pull your stomach (navel) inwards. 

4. Then hold your breath out like this for some time. 

5. When the breath is not held, then you can release the stomach and after that, the normal breathing process can be started. 

* In this way, you can practice Uddiyana bandh in both ways, both while standing and sitting, but I would suggest that you should practice this bandh only by sitting, so this exercise can be done patiently and a maximum of Uddiyana bandha benefits can also be obtained

Special cares.

Before doing this bandha, you should keep these few special things in mind. 

  • Whenever you practice Uddiyana bandha, before ending this practice, you can first release your stomach and then start normal breathing activity. 
  • Keep one thing in mind that when you are proficient in doing Jalandhara Bandha and Mool bandha only then you should start doing Uddiyana bandha. 

Focus while doing Uddiyana bandha.

During the practice, all attention will be focused on the breath, the abdominal muscles and the Manipura chakra. If you do this then you too will be able to get the benefits of Uddiyana bandha easily and naturally. 

Timing for Uddiyana Bandha.

  • In general, the practice of this bandha can be done from 3 to 5 times. 
  • If you can do it in the morning, then try to practice it only in the morning. By doing it at that time you will be able to get maximum benefits of Uddiyana bandha. 

What are the benefits of Uddiyana bandha?

So let us know what are the benefits of Uddiyana bandha and which physical and mental problems can be solved by its practice. 

Physical benefits of Uddiyana bandha:-  

1. Healthy mucus:- The most important and first effect of its practice falls on our stomach itself, while doing this exercise, we pull our stomach inwards, as a result of which the inner wall of our stomach, which we also call mucus, becomes healthy. 

2. Good for the respiratory system:- While doing this bandha, when we pull our abdominal muscles inward, then pressure is also generated on our diaphragm, which has a positive effect on the entire respiratory system. 

3. Improves digestion:- While doing Udyanbandha, we pull our stomach inwards, due to which our internal organs are massaged and our digestive system improves, as a result of which we can digest food properly. 

4. Increase lungs capacity:- Because we practice by holding our breath out while doing this bandha, due to which vacuum is created in our lungs and as a result, our lung capacity increases and our lungs become more healthy. 

5. Helps to Provide nutrients:- Many people or especially children have this problem that they eat food but their body is not provided with nutritional elements, then if you also have this problem you must practice it. 

6. Best for internal organs:- We all know that our internal organs are inside our stomach and when we keep our stomach pulled inwards at that time pressure arises on our internal organs and due to which they become active and do their work properly. 

7. Provides energy:- Due to the improvement in our digestion, juices and enzymes are formed from the food and those juices activate and provide energy to our body. 

8. Increase blood circulation:- By doing this bandh, the circulation of blood in our body gets accelerated because we hold our breath in it, due to which vacuum is created in our lungs and as a result the circulation of our blood increases. 

Spiritual benefits of Uddiyana Bandha:-

1. By doing this, when we pull our stomach inwards, the Manipura Chakra is stimulated, which has a positive effect on the internal and subtle energies of the body. 

2. Simultaneously, the prana energy flowing in the Sushumna tone becomes dominant in the sattva guna and there is a movement in the spiritual realm. 

Tips for Beginners.

If you are a new practitioner then you must keep these things in mind while practicing this bandha. 

  • If you want to practice it easly and naturally and want to get maximum benefits of Uddiyana bandha, then do not try to hold your breath by force or stubbornness in the beginning.
  •  As a new practitioner, you should do this bandha sitting in the beginning because it can be done easily by doing it sitting. 
  • Any new practitioner must practice Agnisara Kriya before practicing this bandha, by doing this the abdominal muscles become flexible and active. 

Precautions and contraindications of Uddiyana bandha?

If you want to practice this Bandha and get more benefits from Uddiyana bandha, then you should keep some precautions in mind while practicing it. 

1. Suffering from high (BP):- Because by doing this bandh, the circulation of blood in our body gets accelerated, so if you are a person suffering from high blood pressure then you must not do this. 

2. Problem related to heart:- If you have any serious disease related to the heart or you have faced problems like cardiac attacks in the past, then you should not practice Uddiyanabandha. 

3. Problem related to lungs:- If your lungs are weak or you have any serious lung-related disease, in this problem you should not practice this bandha because we create all the vacuum in our lungs, then if our lungs are weak then we could face more problems. 

4. Avoid by a pregnant woman:- A pregnant woman should never practice Udyanbandha obviously we draw our stomach inwards in it which will be difficult for a pregnant woman and we practice it by leaving our breath out which may prove harmful to her and her unborn child. 

Common mistakes in Uddiyana bandha.

If you do not make these mistakes while doing this, then you will be able to get maximum Uddiyana bandha benefits. 

  • If you must have read the process of doing this bandha, then you will know that we pull our stomach inwards while doing this exercise, so if you take food before doing this bandha or you have drank water then please don’t try to do it
  • Many people make this mistake in the category of Uddiyana bandha mistakes that they start practicing this bandha directly without practicing Jalandhara Bandha and Moolbandha which is also not considered as a right way.

Why Uddiyana bandha is only practiced with Bahya Kumbhaka.

If this question is arising in your mind that why we practice this bandha only with Bahya Kumbhaka then it is because in this bandha we pull our stomach inwards and it is obvious that when if we pull our stomach inwards, then we have to exhale the breath and in the Bahya Kumbhak also we practice by leaving the breath outside, so, therefore, Uddiyana bandha is practiced only with the Bahya Kumbhaka.

Affected body parts.

  • Performing this bandha mainly affects our stomach, as a result of which our internal organs are also affected somewhere and our Manipura chakra is affected by the practice of this bandha.

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