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Bhadrasana yoga:- Bhadrasana is a symbol of civilized behaviour, courtesy and humility. The practice of this asana brings positivity to our thoughts and in our behaviour. The main purpose of this asana is to make our Muladhara chakra aware. The practice of this pose is not difficult for any new practitioner the only condition is that he/she has to practice this asana regularly to get its advantages.

So in this article, we will discuss this asana like its steps, its meaning, at what time this asana should be done and the Bhadrasana benefits and finally, we will also discuss its precautions.

What is the meaning of Bhadrasana?

Bhadrasana is actually a Sanskrit word that is made up of two wordsBhadraand Asana. According to the Sanskrit, Bhadra means unobtrusive auspicious or gracious and asana means posture, so this is the literal meaning of Bhadrasan, name of this is because its practice increases positivity in our nature and behaviour. 

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How to do Bhadrasana steps?

If a seeker learns to do Bhadrasana properly, then he can progress a lot in the field of meditation, he can progress a lot in the field of positivity, although there are many Bhadrasana benefits, if this asana is done properly then So let us know how we can do Bhadrasana (steps) in an effective way. 

* Actually, we can do this asana in two ways, let us know what are those two types. And if you want more benefits of Bhadrasana, then you must practice it in both ways.

First way:- 

1. For the practice of this important asana, sit in your place in Vajrasana.

2. After sitting in Vajrasana, we will open both our knees, but keep in mind one thing, you will allow the heels and soles of both your feet to remain in the same way.

3. While opening both your knees, open as naturally as possible in the beginning, do not try to open more forcefully.

4. When we open the knees from the front, after that the Muladhara Chakra itself will start touching the ground, from you can understand that you are doing this asana absolutely right.

5. If this is not happening, means if your Muladhara Chakra is not touching the ground, it simply means that you are doing this posture wrong.

6. If this posture of yours is looking good, that means if your Mooladhara chakra is touching the ground then you should sit in the same posture for some time.

7. After sitting for some time, you will come back to the starting position (Vjrasana) by closing your knees with the help of your hands. 

Second way:-

1. To practice in another way, you sit with your legs forward

2. Then bend both your legs and join the soles of both your feet together as shown in the picture above.

3. After joining the soles of both the feet, open both the knees in the opposite direction.

4. When you open both your knees outwards towards the opposite direction, then your Mooladhara chakra will touch the ground and this is the main purpose of doing this asana.

5. When your Muladhara chakra starts touching the ground, after that you should easily place your hands on both knees.

6. Then you stay in this posture for some time and after a while, you raise your hands and straighten the legs and come back to the starting position. 

If you practice posture in this way then you will get more Bhadrasana benefits. 

Bhadrasana benefits
First way

  • So these were both ways of doing Bhadrasana, in both these ways you can practice Bhadrasana, the main purpose of this practice is to affect our Muladhara Chakra, which we can do in both ways, the only condition is that our Muladhara must be touching the ground which can be touched in both the ways. 

Timing for Bhadrasana yoga.

  • There is no particular time limit for how long Bhadrasana can be practiced, if you want, you can do this asana for 30 seconds, you can do it for 1 minute and you can do it for 5 minutes or 10 minutes. 
  • Because we can move forward in the field of positivity and in the field of spirituality by practicing this yoga pose, then the proper time to do it would be in the morning, and doing in the morning you can avail more Bhadrasana benefits. 

Common things for Bhadrasana yoga.

  • It may be that in the beginning you feel pain in your legs, knees, lower back or ankles while doing this asana, then this pain is natural, there is no need to panic.

What are the benefits of Bhadrasana?

Let us now know what benefits we and our body can get from the practice of this asana so that we can understand whether we should do this asana or not according to our needs. 

1. Activate Mooladhara chakra:- If I tell the best of its benefits, then by the practice of Bhadrasana, the Muladhara Chakra can be made aware and stimulated because we come in it by touching our Muladhara with the ground, due to which it is affected and this becomes possible.

2. Our legs get stronger:- We have told you 2 ways to do Bhadrasana and in both our knees are used, in one we practice this asana sitting on our feet, due to which our legs get stronger and their muscles also increase flexibility.

3. Beneficial for pregnant women:- It is said that if a pregnant woman practices this asana during her pregnancy, she does not face any problem at the time of delivery, she can get delivered easily without surgery.

4. Best pose for meditation:- We can practice Bhadrasana even during meditation, if we meditate while doing this posture, then it will be very beneficial for us because while doing this asana, our Muladhara chakra is affected, due to which we move further in the field of spirituality. 

5 . Cure urinary problems:- Although there are many Bhadrasana benefits along with that this posture has one more benefit, due to the influence of the Muladhara Chakra, it directly affects our kidneys and bladder, due to which we get relief from urinary problems.

6. Beneficial for back:- Problems arising in the back due to sitting for a long time, such as back pain or any other problem, you can get benefits by practising Bhadrasana, not only it cures our back pain but there is also increment in the flexibility of back muscles and at the same time strengthens our back.

7. Increase positivity:- As we told you in its meaning that Bhadra means auspicious, so when we do this asana at that time positivity increases in our mind and our thoughts not only at that time but also if we practice this asana regularly then positivity starts becoming dominant in our thoughts. 

* So these were the Bhadrasana benefits if you want to know more advantages of this posture then you have to practice this pose so that you can really experience the benefits of Bhadrasana.

Bhadrasana benefits
Second way

Precautions, limitations and side effects of Badrasana?

If any object or practice has benefits then it also has disadvantages and that is why any seeker should take precautions while practising yoga so that he can get the maximum benefit from that asana or yoga without any harm.

1. If you are doing this asana sitting on your knees, then you should take special care that if you have any kind of injury in your knees or you have pain in your knees while doing this asana, then you should not practice this posture.

2. When you feel that doing this posture for a long time is causing pain in your back, then you should stop doing this posture. If you will do this asana with enthusiasm for a long time, then instead of getting Bhadrasana benefits, you will be harmed.

3. If your pregnancy has been more than 5 or 6 months, then you should practice this asana under the supervision of a doctor or yoga teacher. By doing it under the supervision of a yoga teacher, you can get more Bhadrasana benefits. [Praanayama for Pregnant women].

Affected body parts in Bhadrasana yoga.

Our external organs are also affected by the practice of Bhadrasana and at the same time, internal organs are also affected by its practice. Somewhere our abdominal organs are affected, but the main effect is on our Muladhara Chakra, which is also the main benefit of Bhadrasana.

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