Bhramari pranayama for sleep (how it works)?


Bhramari Pranayama is one such pranayama, the practice of which gives many benefits to our body. And one of its benefits is that it cures all the problems related to our sleep. Bhramari Pranayama for sleep is considered the best in Yoga. 

So today in this article we will know how after this pranayama we can fix our sleep-related problems but before that, we have to know what is sleep, what is idle sleep and what are the causes of poor sleep only then we will be able to understand how works Bhramari Pranayama for sleep. 

You have learned that this exercise benefits our sleep-related problems, but it is also important to know Bhramari Pranayama steps. It is equally important to know Bhramari Pranayama Precautions.

Bhramari pranayama sleep

What is sleep?

Sleep is a part of our life, it is our only need, if we define sleep then it will not be defined and even if we define it then when we are unconscious for 6 to 7 hours that condition we can say it’s sleep. 

This happens in all the creatures of this world whether it is human or animal and even if it is a tree or plant, they also sleep at night. 

To date, no one has been able to know why we get to sleep, but it is very important for our lives. If we do not get enough sleep, we can get many types of diseases, and even our lives can also be lost. 

What is Bad sleep?

We call it bad sleep when our sleep is repeatedly broken while sleeping or we do not sleep well or we have a problem of insomnia, all of these we can count in bad sleep. There are many reasons for bad sleep, which you will find out below.

What are the causes of bad sleep?

 There are many reasons for bad sleep, but the main reasons are given below, then you should read all of them carefully.

  • Tension and stress. 
  • Bad eating habit. 
  • Using smartphones before sleeping. 
  • Poor sleep routine. 
  • Several problems. 
  • Disturbed mental health. 
  • Medications. 
  • Caffeinated and alcoholic drinks. 

How does Bhramari Pranayama make our sleep good? 

Bhramari Pranayama is one of the best pranayama practices, with the practice of which a person can cure many of his problems, whether it is at the physical level or the mental level. 

If you have any problem related to sleep, then you must practice this pranayama, this pranayama improves our sleep and helps to give us a good level of sleep. 

Bhramari Pranayama for sleep ( how does it work)? 

When we do Bhramari Pranayama, at that time we fill our breath inside the body and then slowly exhale that breath by making a sound like a bee from the larynx (throat). 

And due to which our mind becomes calm and the activities going on in our brain start decreasing and this also gives coolness to our mind. 

Due to which we get relief from tension, stress, depression and anxiety and we get free from all these problems. 

Due to which we can sleep well, the main reason for not sleeping is due to tension and stress. Although there are other reasons for this, but they are completely under our control, if we want, we can correct them by improving our habits. 

But taking stress, does not completely depend on us, it depends on our thoughts which are not completely under our control and most people have sleeping problems due to stress, depression, anxiety, then If you are not able to sleep properly you must practice Bhramari Pranayama for sleep. 

Bhramari pranayama for good sleep

How can you get rid of sleeping  problems due to all these reasons? 

The problem of sleeping is mainly due to stress, anxiety and depression, but many people have sleep problems due to some other reasons, as we told you above, because of all those reasons how you can get rid of insomnia now we will discuss this. 

1. Due to bad eating habits:- Many people eat food late at night, they consume food immediately before sleeping, whereas we should not do this if your bedtime is at 10:00 in the night then you should take a meal at least 2 hours before your bedtime. 

Along with this, we also make another mistake in eating. In today’s time, many people show more interest in outside food, they find spicy food outside more delicious, due to which they regularly become accustomed (addict). 

Due to this, there is a problem with our digestion and we also have to face problems like acidity at night, due to which our sleep is often broken. 

2. Due to using smartphones before sleep:- In today’s modern times almost every person has internet and mobile. Due to which about 70% of people use mobile before sleeping at night, while we should not do so at all, because our smartphones emit electromagnetic radiation and blue light which affect our brain and eyes. 

You must have also experienced at some point in time that you do not have any problem in waking up the next day of the night you do not use the smartphone, and you feel that you complete your sleep. 

This is because when we use smartphones, at that time blue light emits from the screen of our smartphone and they directly affect our eyes, due to which our eyes feel tired. 

3. Due to poor sleep routine:- Many people make this mistake that they go to sleep at 10:00 at 9:00 and at 11:00 on some days we should not do this at all, you should make a routine and sleep. If you are sleeping at 10:00, then you should sleep only at 10:00 every day, this will complete your sleep and your sleep will not be broken again and again. 

4. Due to several problems (asthma and diabetes):- If you have serious problems like asthma or diabetes, then these problems can also cause you insomnia. In asthma, we are not able to breathe properly or if we say that in the state of asthma, our breath keeps getting suffocated due to which we are not able to sleep properly and due to diabetes we also have problems related to sleep one can practice Anulom vilom Pranayama to cure Asthma

5.  Due to disturbed mental health:- Many people have this problem that they think too much even on small things, if anyone tells them anything, they keep thinking about it and they can not sleep well. 

6. Due to Medications:- Many times, in some diseases, doctors give us sleeping pills or injections, they do this because we get some rest, but when we are cured, we do not sleep even after that because we have become accustomed (addict) to that medicine or injection. 

So in this situation, do not take any kind of sleeping medicine, if you are still not able to sleep, then practice Bhramari Pranayama steps regularly for a few days, you will definitely get beneficial results.

7. Due to caffeinated and alcoholic drinks:- We all know this thing that if we get addicted to something, then we are not able to quit it quickly and if we do not get that addiction then our attention remains towards it. 

  • So these were the reasons for not sleeping and how you can solve these problems, Bhramari Pranayama can work in all these problems also but not that much, it works indirectly in all these problems.

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