11 Bhramari pranayama precautions and contraindications.

Brahmani Pranayama is such a breathing exercise that free us from mental and physical stress, after doing this pranayama, our body feels very stress-free.

Bhramari Pranayama steps are a bit difficult as compared to other Pranayama, in this, we have to practice this breathing exercise by taking care of many things, but at the same time, this exercise has many benefits for our body.

Although there are many benefits of Brahmani Pranayama, we should practice this pranayama by taking care of some precautions so that we can get the maximum benefit of this pranayama without causing any damage. So here are some Bhramari Pranayama precautions in detail.

Bhramari pranayama precautions and contraindications

What are the Bhramari pranayama precautions and contraindications?

As we have already told you that there are many benefits of this pranayama, but if you practice this exercise keeping in mind its precautions and contraindications, then you can get even more benefits. And then your chances of getting harmed by this pranayama will be very less.

Bhramari pranayama precautions and contraindications:-

1. Don’t do forcefully:- If you are unable to do this pranayama and you can’t do this, please do not force yourself to do this, only if you can do this exercise easily then do it. Otherwise, you may have to face many more problems.

2. Keep your neck and back straight:- As a Bhramari Pranayama Precaution Keep your back, neck and waist straight while doing the action of breathing.

3. Lose your face muscles:- While doing any pranayama, we should keep our facial muscles loose while filling or releasing the breath inside the body, this puts less pressure on the muscles of our faces. So we have to take this precaution even while doing this pranayama.

4. Slowly fill and release your breath:- 
The success of any seeker in pranayama depends on his breath, if you use your breath properly while doing pranayama, then you will get the maximum benefit from that action, but if you do not control your breath, then maybe you will also get its disadvantages.

Therefore, as Bhramari Pranayama Precautions and Contraindications, keep in mind that you should slow down the pace of inhaling and exhaling the breath.

5. In case of ear infection:- When we do this pranayama, we put Shanmukhi mudra in it, due to which we close our ears with the help of our fingers, so if you have any kind of ear infection, in that state, you can practice this pranayama without Shanmukhi mudra.

If you still apply Shanmukhi Mudra, then the infection of your ear can increase even more, due to which your hearing power can also decrease.

6. Practice without Kumbhaka in heart disease:-
 We can do this pranayama in Kumbhaka and Bandha and also in a normal way. If you have any kind of heart disease, and if you have ever faced problems like a cardiac attack or you have trouble in breathing, then in these problems you should not practice this pranayama with Kumbhak and Bandha.

 Because we practice any pranayama in Kumbhaka by holding our breath and holding our breath will not be good for a person suffering from heart disease.

7. Expand your lungs and diaphragm:- You can also see this point as Bhramari Pranayama Precautions and you can also understand it in such a way that how we can do this Pranayama properly. 

So whenever you practice this breathing exercise, you expand your lungs and diaphragm completely, which means that you breathe in it completely.

8. Don’t do more than 3-4 times:- If you are practicing this pranayama for the first time and you do not have much knowledge about yoga and exercise, then in the beginning only you do this pranayama two to three times, gradually you can increase your time limit but in the beginning, only two or three times is enough.

9. Make noise from throat:- 
We also know this pranayama as humming bee breath in English. Actually, in this pranayama, we make a sound like a Bee from our throat.

So if you want to practice this breathing exercise, please close your mouth after you take a breath and make a sound from your larynx (throat) like a bee, otherwise, there will be no point in doing this pranayama.

10 Do it on an empty stomach:- In the form of Bhramari Pranayama precautions and Contraindications, you should keep one thing in mind, in this Pranayama we inhale long and deep breath inside our body and then slowly we exhale it by creating sound through our throat, So to take a long and deep breath, your stomach should be empty, if I say simply and clearly, then you should do this pranayama on an empty stomach.

11. Don’t keep your hand forcefully:- When you have made Shanmukhi mudra while doing this breathing technique and if the pain starts arising in your hands then you bring your hands to normal position and do not try to forcefully keep your hands in Shanmukhi mudra.

  • So these were Bhramari Pranayama Precautions and Contraindications Whenever you practice this pranayama, then practice it keeping all these precautions in mind so that you can do this pranayama without harm and get maximum benefit from this breathing exercise.

Bhramari Pranayama contraindications

Can pregnant woman do Bhramari Pranayama?

This question comes to the mind of many pregnant women whether they can practice this pranayama during pregnancy or not so after knowing Bhramari Pranayama contraindications and precautions let us know about this question.

 If you are a pregnant woman you must practice Pranayama like Anulom Vilom and Chandra Bhedana and many others but if we talk about Bhramari then in this state if you want you can practice.

 But you should practice it under the advice of a specialist doctor or under the supervision of an accomplished yoga teacher.

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