Bhujangasana Contraindications.

Bhujangasana is such an asana, the practice of which creates tension on our back, thighs, chest and many other parts of the body and Bhujangasana also has many benefits for our body, but if we follow some Bhujangasana contraindications and precautions while doing this asana, then we will be able to get maximum benefits of this posture, so let us know what precautions we should take while doing this pose.


Bhujangasana contraindications

What are Bhujangasana Contraindications?

So here are some Bhujangasana contraindications read them carefully o that you can do this posture without getting any harm.

Bhujangasana Contraindications:-

1. Any kind of back injury:- As we can see in the above picture that along with more stretch the stress is also falling on our lower back, so if you have any accident in the past with your back or any kind of pain in your back or If there is an injury, then do not practice Bhujang posture in that case, it can cause more problems in your back. 

2. Pregnant women should avoid:- We do this asana on our stomach, which means while doing this asana, our stomach is attached to the ground below, so if you are a pregnant woman and if your pregnancy has been more than three months, then you please Do not do Bhujang Asana, it will affect your health as well as the health of your unborn child. 

3. Breathing problem:- If you are having trouble breathing while doing this posture or your breath gets stuck while doing this, then you should practice this asana only under the supervision of a yoga teacher or after consulting a doctor. 

4. Chest problem:- Along with these precautions you should also follow this Bhujangasana contraindication that, if any kind of pain arises in your chest while doing this asana or you are feeling any kind of problem near your chest place, then do not practice this asana. 

5. Any kind of knee pain:- Due to any kind of pain in the knees or in the lower or upper part of the knees or due to any kind of injury in these parts, you should not practice this asana for a few days, when that injury is cured, then you can start doing practice. 

6. Don’t practice it for a long time:-
In the beginning, do not practice this posture for a long time in enthusiasm, it can cause more pain in your muscles due to the tension in your back and abdominal muscles and in many other muscles of the body, which weakens your morale And you will not be able to do this asana from the next day. 

7. Special precaution:- As a precaution, you should take special care of one thing because in Bhujangasana we bend our stomach backward, then before this asana or after this posture, you should practice some such asanas in which we move our back forward such as in Ardha Kurmasana or you can also practice Pawanmuktasana. 

8. Abdominal surgery:- if you have done any kind of abdominal surgery or have any kind of deep injury in your abdomen, then in this situation you should avoid this asana because if you practice this asana in this situation then your injury can become even deeper. and you may also have to face more pain. 

9. Physical weakness:- In the end, as a precaution, keep in mind that if you have weak muscles in your hands or weakness in your bones or you have any kind of physical weakness, then you should not practice this asana.

  • So these were the Bhujangasana Contraindications If you do this posture keeping all these things in mind then you will be able to get maximum benefits of this pose and you can do Bhujangasana easily and naturally without causing any harm and damage. 

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