Can I do Bhramari pranayama after eating food?


Bhramari Pranayama has its own place and importance in the category of Yoga and Pranayama. By practicing this pranayama, we can cure not only our physical but also mental problems.

Although Bhramari Pranayama has many benefits for our body, whether it is mentally or physically. But we must take some Bhramari Pranayama precautions so that we can do this breathing exercise without any damage or loss.

And the most important thing to get the benefit of any practice is correct steps, so read the Bhramari Pranayama steps so that you can do it correctly.

But today we will discuss in detail a question related to this pranayama. And that question is can we do Bhramari Pranayama after eating food.

Before knowing the answer to this question, we need to know what is Pranayama and what is Brahmari Pranayama.

Can I do Bhramari Pranayama aafter eating food

What is Pranayama?

If I give you a short description of Pranayama. So when we do an exercise related to breathing, we call that exercise Pranayama.

Now if I tell you in detail about Pranayama as it is written in our Vedas. Pranayama is a Sanskrit word in which according to Sanskrit “Prana” means life and “Yama” means to control over life.

  • As we all know that our life is related to our breath, if our breathing is going on then we are alive and if it stops then we are declared dead. And perhaps that is why our sages have described pranayama as so important and they have given this wonderful gift to the people.

Pranayama is also related to our life because, if a person practices it regularly, then he can improve and lengthen his life span.

  • This was a small information regarding pranayama, pranayama is such a topic on which if I write on this website, then many articles can be written on it. So for now we will only discuss this much about Pranayama.

What is Bhramari Pranayama?

Bramari Pranayama is one such pranayama in which we take a long and deep breath inside our body. And then we take that breath out from inside our body but the way of exhaling is a little different.

We exhale that breath out of our larynx (throat), making a sound like a bee.

Can I do Bhramari pranayama after eating

Can I do Bhramari Pranayama after eating food?

See, the success of any seeker in Pranayama is decided by his breath. It is not at all that we cannot practice any pranayama after having food.

There are many such pranayamas in yoga, which you can practice even after eating food, such as there is a very famous pranayama named Anulom-vilom, you can practice this pranayama after eating food but don’t do it immediately after having meal.

We can do Anulom Vilom Pranayama after eating, because in that pranayama we have to fill very short breath inside the body and we do not hold it inside the body at all, we breathe through one nostril and immediately throw it out through another nostril.

And in Anulom Vilom Pranayama, due to the shortness of breath, we fill it only in our lungs, due to which that pranayama has no relation with our stomach and we can do this pranayama easily even after eating food.

But now if we talk about Brahmani Pranayama, then we take a long and deep breath in this pranayama, due to which there is little effect on our stomach too.

And then we slowly exhale that breath from our throat making a sound like a bee, which also takes some time, which becomes a bit difficult to do easily.

So now if I answer this question then “No” you cannot practice Bhramari Pranayama after having food and the reason I have explained to you is with the above logic.

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