Chakrasana contraindications, precautions, limitations and side effects.


Chakrasana:- This is such a yoga practice by which our body gets many benefits. This is probably one such asana in yoga, due to which the flexibility of our body increases the most and the muscles of many parts of our body also become more strong. 

It is not that easy to do Chakrasana steps, but if you practice this asana with heart and devotion to yoga, then you will definitely be successful in doing this posture. 

Because this asana is considered a bit difficult for the new practitioners, which is actually a difficult posture in yoga.

  • So, while doing this asana, you should practice it keeping some precautions and side effects in mind so that you can do this asana easily without causing any harm and damage.

Chakrasana contraindications and precautions

Chakrasana contraindications, precautions, limitations and side effects. 

We will tell you about the limitations, precautions, side effects and contraindications of Chakrasana in this one article, so you should read all these carefully so that you do not make any mistakes while doing Chakrasana. 

1. Any kind of back injury:- From the above picture you can see that while doing this asana, our back is getting the most pressure and our back is playing an important role in this asana. 

So if you have had an accident with your back in the past or you have any kind of injury in your back or you have a problem like sciatica, in these problems you should practice it under the supervision of a special yoga teacher or after the advice of a doctor. 

2. During pregnancy:- When we practice this posture, the most important thing is balance, If you can maintain balance by remaining stable in this asana, then it simply means that you are doing this posture absolutely right. 

If you are a pregnant woman, it will not be possible for you to balance in this asana, if your pregnancy has been more than 2 or 3 months, then please do not try to practice this posture. 

And anyway, no woman should work too hard in pregnancy, it affects the health of that woman and her unborn child. 

There is another reason for pregnant women not to do this asana, when we do this asana, at that time more stretch is generated on our stomach due to which there is pressure in our abdominal muscles which would not be appropriate for a pregnant woman at all. 

3. Do not do after having food:- We should not do any yoga or exercise after eating food because our body temperature rises after eating food, and after eating food, our body works to digest that food. 

If you practice this asana immediately after having a meal, then your digestive system can also get spoiled and in many cases, the seekers may also face problems like vomiting. 

4. Do not practice all variations immediately:-  There are many variations of Chakrasana, you can do this asana in many different ways. So whenever you practice this asana, first practice the easy method, gradually increase the difficulties of the asanas, do not do the difficult Chakrasana immediately. 

5. Abdominal injury/surgery:- As we have already told you that the practice of this posture creates a lot of stretch on our stomach. Due to more stretching, there is strength and flexibility in those muscles. 

But if you have any kind of injury in your stomach or you have got treatment for that injury, then in this state please avoid this asana till your injury or surgery is recovered. 

6. Heart-related disease:- When you do this asana, you will feel that the circulation of blood to the areas around your chest has increased and your chest muscles are also increasing, this is the benefit of this asana. 

But this benefit can prove to be harmful to some people, those who are suffering from any problem related to heart, those people should practice this asana only on the advice of the specialist doctor. 

7. Weak hand muscles:-
While doing this asana, the whole balance of our body is on the palms of both hands and the soles/toes of both feet. 

If you have any kind of injury in your hands or the muscles of your hands are weak or the bones of your hands are not very strong, in these conditions, you should practice the wheel pose only under the supervision of a yoga teacher. 

8. Do with mildness:- Whenever you practice this asana, then you must keep a sense of humility in your mind, not only in this asana but whenever you do any yoga, then there must be a sense of peace and humility in your mind. This allows you to pay more attention to that posture. 

And with this, whenever you do this asana, you should not keep your body stable for a long time in the beginning. The main reason behind this is that when you do any yoga in the beginning, then your muscles are not so flexible and if you keep your body stable in any posture for a long time in the beginning, then it can also tear your muscles. 

9. Physical weakness:- As you can see from the pictures that this asana is a bit difficult to do and we have also told you many times that it proves to be a bit difficult for the seekers. 

So if you have any kind of physical weakness or you have just recovered from some disease, then in both these situations you should not do Chakrasana for a few days. 

10. High (BP) patients should not do this:-
By the practice of this asana, the circulation of blood in many parts of our body increases and especially in our chest area, the circulation of blood becomes very high. 

This can prove to be beneficial for many people, but it proves fatal for people suffering from high blood pressure, so if you are suffering from high blood pressure, then you should practice this asana only on the advice of your doctor. 

Chakrasana contraindications, precautions

  • So these were the Chakrasana Contraindications Precautions Limitations and Side Effects. Whenever you practice this posture, then you must keep these things in your mind so that you can practice this asana without any damage and loss and more and more benefits can also be taken. 

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