Side effects, contraindications and precautions of Ustrasana.


Ustrasana benefits our chest, abdomen, arms, shoulders and many many different parts of our body. During the practice of this asana, a lot of stretches is generated on our chest and abdomen, due to which these parts become more flexible and strong. 

Along with this, a lot of pressure is also generated on our lower back, due to which the muscles of our lower back get stronger. 

Although there are many more benefits of this asana, you will be able to get these benefits only when you do the Ustrasana steps properly and when you practice it keeping in mind the precautions given below while doing this asana. 

Precautions of Ustrasana

Side effects, contraindications and precautions of Ustrasana. 

The steps of Ustrasana are a bit difficult and it becomes a bit difficult for new seekers to do this asana. So, while doing this posture, always keep these precautions in mind so that you can do this pose properly without any damage. 

1. Chest pain/injury:- As we have already told you that by doing this asana, the most stretch is generated on our chest and abdomen. So while doing this asana, if you have any kind of pain in your chest or if you have any kind of injury in your chest or you have got it treated, then in this situation you should practice this asana only on the advice of a doctor. 

2. Don’t put more pressure on your ankles:- As shown in the above picture, in this asana, we control all the weight of the body by keeping the palms of our hands on the heels of our feet. 

So many people doing this asana and make this mistake that they put all the weight of their body on the heels of their feet with the palms of their hands, due to which their feet hurt and they spoil the balance of their body. 

3. During pregnancy:- In this asana, we need balance to stabilize our body and many new seekers are also unable to balance while doing this asana in the beginning. 

So if you are a pregnant woman and your pregnancy has been on for a long time, then do not practice this posture. 

There is another reason not to do this asana in pregnancy. When we do this asana, there is a pull on our stomach which will not be right for a pregnant woman and her unborn child. 

If you still want to practice it, then you should practice it under the supervision of a yoga teacher or on the advice of a doctor. 

4. Any kind of back injury:- When you practice this asana, you will feel that all the pressure of your body is being generated on your lower back, and at the same time you will also feel that your back is tilted a lot. 

So if you have had an accident with your back in the past or if you have any kind of injury in your back or if there has been an accident with your spine in the past, do not practice Ustrasana in these conditions. 

5. During knee injury:-
We do this asana by standing on the knees of both our feet, which is not so easy. Many seekers initially feel pain in their knees while doing this asana. 

If you also have knee pain in the beginning, then you should practice this asana only for some time. In the beginning, you can do this for short periods of time. 

One condition is this and the other condition is that if you have any kind of injury or fracture in your knees, then you should not practice this asana for a few days. 

6. High (BP) patients should not do:- You may be happy to hear that by doing this posture, the circulation of blood in many parts of our body increases or rather, the circulation of blood improves in many parts of our body. 

It may prove beneficial for you but it can prove fatal for the person suffering from high blood pressure. And if a person suffering from high blood pressure also wants to practice this asana, then he must consult his doctor once. 

7. Keep your chest and abdomen up:- Look at this point less as a precaution and more as a way of doing this asana correctly. If you want to get the maximum benefit from the practice of this asana, then you should always try to keep your chest and stomach upwards. 

This will create more tension on your chest and abdomen, which will give more flexibility and strength to these muscles. 

8. Do not do after a meal:- You probably know that our body can do only one task well at a time. When we eat food, our body gets involved in the process of digesting that food. So if you practice this asana immediately after eating food, it can also spoil your digestion process. 

And one of the main reasons is that in this posture we keep our heads tilted backwards.
And due to tilting of the head back, if we practice it immediately after eating food, then we can also vomit. 

9. Physical weakness:- To do any yoga or exercise, we must have proper energy and power only then we will be able to do that action well. And this asana is also a little difficult, to do this pose well, there must be more energy in our body. 

So if you feel that you are physically weak or you do not have enough energy right now, then you do not practice this exercise, instead, you can practice subtle exercises. 

10. Feeling headache/ dizziness:-
As we told you many times in this article too that this posture is a bit difficult and because we keep our head tilted completely backwards in this posture, many seekers may get headaches or dizziness. 

If you also face these problems, then you have not moved your head completely backwards in this asana, gradually with time, you will get used to this posture. 

Contraindications and precautions of Ustrasana

  • So these were some precautions of this asana, if you do this asana and take care of these precautions, then you will definitely be able to get maximum benefit from it and you will be able to do it easily without any damage.

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