top 10 Garbhasana benefits (foetus pose) steps, meaning, cautions and timing.


Garbhasana yoga:- Garbhasana or what we also call Foetus Pose in English, it may be a bit difficult for a new practitioner to do this asana, but as difficult as this asana is, there are also many Garbhasana benefits and this is considered the best pose for women and stomach. 

So today in this article we will discuss this asana in detail, such as how a new practitioner can do this asana easily and naturally, what is the meaning of this asana, at what time this asana should be done, what are the precautions should be followed while doing this and the Garbhasana benefits will also be discussed. 

What is the meaning of Garbhasana yoga?

Garbhasana is actually a Sanskrit word that is made up of two words Garbh and Asana, which according to Sanskrit, Garbh means womb and asana means posture (pose), while doing this asana, the shape of our body looks like a pregnant woman. And perhaps that is why this posture has been named Garbhasana. 

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Garbhasana yoga
source – Onkar yoga

How to do Garbhasana its steps?

It can be a bit difficult for a new practitioner to do this asana because we do this asana by placing our feet on the lower part of our stomach. So let us know how can we practice this along with that we will also discuss Garbhasana benefits.

1. To do this asana, we will first come to Padmasana, for this posture, Padmasana is the ideal pose, you should come to Padmasana and practice this asana. 

2. Before doing Garbhasana, you must practice a little Padmasana so that you do not have trouble sitting in this posture and doing this asana. 

3. After coming into Padmasana, you will take out your right hand from the middle of the right knee, meaning between the right thigh and right shin. 

4. Then, in the same way, we will take out our left hand from the middle of the left knee, that is, between the left thigh and the left shin. 

5. When you take out both your hands from the middle of both thighs and calves, after that you take your hands forward, take them so far that both your hands are half inwards and half out. 

6. Then you will bring your hands close to your face by folding and try to rest your face on your hands. 

7. In the beginning you may find it difficult to keep your face on your hands but with regular practice, you will be able to do it. 

8. After putting your face on your hands, stay in the same posture for some time. 

9. Then slowly you will take your hands out of your face and put them on the ground, then slowly we will keep our feet on the ground as well.

10. After this, take your hands out from between the thighs and calves and come back to the same starting position (Vajrasana). 

* I hope you will be able to get more Garbhasana benefits by doing this exercise in this way.

Special cares for Garbhasana.

  • When you are doing this asana or when you keep your body stable in this posture, then at that time you should keep the speed of your breathing going normally.
  • As we told you in the beginning that doing Garbh Asana can be a bit difficult, so you must do some subtle exercises or some asanas before this asana.

Timing for Garbhasana yoga.

  • Garbha Asana can be practiced 2 to 3 times at once and the body can be held still for 20 seconds to 40 seconds at a time.
  • If you feel that you can do this asana for a long time and keep your body stable in this posture for a long time, then you can increase or decrease the time limit of this asana according to your ability and capability. 
  • For more Garbhasan benefits you can do this morning in the morning, and we should practice any yoga or exercise in the morning only. 

Garbhasana benefits
source – Onkar yoga

What are the Garbhasana benefits (foetus pose)?

After knowing how we can do this asana easily and naturally, now let us know what are the Garbhasana benefits and what problems of our body it solves. 

1. Beneficial for women:- I would like to keep this point first in the list of Garbhasana benefits that as the name of this asana is Garbhabhasana, which directly indicates from the womb of women, this asana is the best posture for women, not only physically but also mentally, it benefits women a lot. 

2. Burns fat:- By the practice of this asana, the excess fat stored in our waist and abdominal part is reduced, and at the same time, if there is more fat in our thighs, then it is also reduced by its practice because while doing the foetus pose, there is a strain on our thighs as well. 

3. Activates Manipura chakra:- When we complete this posture, means when we make the final posture of it, at that time our heels put pressure on the navel, due to which our Manipura Chakra gets affected and it becomes active. 

4. Affects internal organs:- As we have just told you in the above point that when we are in the final pose of this asana, at that time our heels put pressure on our belly (near the navel area), which affects our internal organs and they become well active. 

5. Cure back problems:- During Garbhasana, there is a deep and significant stretch and pressure on our back, due to which we get relief in many problems related to our back such as back pain or problems arising from sitting for a long time, in all these back-related problems we get to benefit from the practice of this pose. 

6. Improves digestion:-
The action of our digestion is dependent on our small intestine and large intestine and by doing this asana, these internal organs are also affected, due to which the digestion of our food becomes good. 

7. Strengthens our legs:- This asana has a positive effect on our thighs, calves and the muscles under the calves, which means to say that these muscles get stretched, due to which these muscles become more flexible and healthy. 

8. Affects on our hands:- Somewhere our hands are also affected by the practice of Garbhasana because all the weight of our feet is on our hands and we control this posture with our hands, which makes our hands stronger and healthier. 

9. Relief from stomach problems:- Although there are many Garbhasana benefits, this asana mainly affects our stomach and as a result, we get relief in stomach related problems such as gas formation, air disorder, acidity, constipation or any other problem. 

10. Good for the nervous system:-
Along with these Garbhasana benefits it has also the main benefit that with regular practice of this asana, you can balance your physical and mental health and the practice of Garbhasana also has a positive effect on our nervous system. 

Tips for beginners.

  • If a new practitioner wants to practice this asana, then the first condition is that he/she should be underweight and especially he/she should not have fat in his stomach part because a fat person will not be able to do this posture.
  • If you want to do Garbhasana easily and naturally, then it is very important to have flexibility and strength in the lower muscles of your thighs and if it is not so then you will not be able to do this pose, to increase the flexibility in the lower muscles of thighs one can practice Ardha Halasana, Uttanpadasana and Janu Shirshasan
  • Many people leave to get the Garbhasana benefits, they will not even be able to do this asana properly because they start practicing this asana directly, whereas we have to practice Padmasana for the first few days so that we can sit in this asana.

source – Onkar yoga

Precautions and contraindications of Garbhasana?

We all know that if there are benefits of any object or practice, then there are chances of its loss as well, so let us now discuss its precautions after the Garbhasana benefits so that we can do this asana easily without any harm. 

1. Pregnant woman should avoid:- Although there are many Garbhasana benefits, if I tell the first precaution in the precautions, then this asana should not be done by a pregnant woman because in this posture our ankles put pressure on our stomach, due to which a pregnant woman cannot do this asana in that state and even if able to do, the chances of harm to her or her child are high. 

2. During abdominal injury:- As we all know that by doing this asana, the main effect falls on our stomach and its main benefit is also received by our stomach, but if your stomach is not healthy, we mean to say that you should not do this asana if you have any kind of injury or if you have undergone any kind of abdominal surgery.

3. Back problem:- If you have had an accident with your back in the past or if you feel pain in your back while doing this posture or if you have any serious disease related to your back, then you should not do this asana. 

4. Appoint a yoga teacher:- Because this asana is a bit difficult to do in the beginning, then if you want to get more Garbhasana benefits easily you should do this asana under the supervision of a yoga teacher. 

5. Don’t do after a meal:- If you practice this asana after eating food, then your stomach related problems may increase, so you should always do this posture only after 2:00 or 2:30 hours after having a meal and also try that if you have drunk enough water, do not practice this pose, if you do this then you will not get the benefits of Garbhasana.

Affected body parts.

  • When we do this asana or when we keep our body stable in this posture, at that time almost our whole body is used but the main effect is on our stomach, on our feet, on our hands and on the back which is almost complet body. And perhaps that is why there are so many Garbhasana benefits.

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