Garbhasana benefits.

Garbhasana:- This is an asana in which we put pressure on our stomach with our ankles and especially on the areas around our womb, this asana is beneficial for all the problems related to the stomach, in this asana we put our feet on the stomach Keeping it close, the shape of our body looks very different in this posture. So today we will discuss in detail the Garbhasana benefits in this article.

Garbhasana benefits
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What are the Garbhasana benefits?

Now let us know what are the Garbhasana benefits and what problems of our body it solves. 

1. Beneficial for women:- I would like to keep this point first in the list of Garbhasana benefits that as the name of this asana is Garbhabhasana, which directly indicates from the womb of women, this asana is the best posture for women, not only physically but also mentally, it benefits women a lot. 

2. Burns fat:- By the practice of this asana, the excess fat stored in our waist and abdominal part is reduced, and at the same time, if there is more fat in our thighs, then it is also reduced by its practice because while doing the foetus pose, there is a strain on our thighs as well. 

3. Activates Manipura chakra:- When we complete this posture, means when we make the final posture of it, at that time our heels put pressure on the navel, due to which our Manipura Chakra gets affected and it becomes active. 

4. Affects internal organs:- As we have just told you in the above point that when we are in the final pose of this asana, at that time our heels put pressure on our belly (near the navel area), which affects our internal organs and they become well active. 

5. Cure back problems:- During Garbhasana, there is a deep and significant stretch and pressure on our back, due to which we get relief in many problems related to our back such as back pain or problems arising from sitting for a long time, in all these back-related problems we get to benefit from the practice of this pose. 

6. Improves digestion:-
 The action of our digestion is dependent on our small intestine and large intestine and by doing this asana, these internal organs are also affected, due to which the digestion of our food becomes good. 

7. Strengthens our legs:- This asana has a positive effect on our thighs, calves and the muscles under the calves, which means to say that these muscles get stretched, due to which these muscles become more flexible and healthy. 

8. Affects on our hands:- Somewhere our hands are also affected by the practice of Garbhasana because all the weight of our feet is on our hands and we control this posture with our hands, which makes our hands stronger and healthier. 

9. Relief from stomach problems:- Although there are many Garbhasana benefits, this asana mainly affects our stomach and as a result, we get relief in stomach related problems such as gas formation, air disorder, acidity, constipation or any other problem. 

10. Good for the nervous system:- 
Along with these Garbhasana benefits it has also the main benefit that with regular practice of this asana, you can balance your physical and mental health and the practice of Garbhasana also has a positive effect on our nervous system. 

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