Gomukhasana (cow pose) precautions, contraindications and side effects.


Gomukhasana:- This is one such exercise that has a great effect on our chest, hands, armpits and at the same time it also benefits our back. We also know this asana in English by the name of cow pose.

Gomukhasana steps are not that difficult but initially, we are unable to do this exercise due to less flexibility in feet and hands.

We can do this asana in many different ways and there are many variations of this asana. But we already know that the exercise we can do with different methods has more chances of injury or harm.

That is why you should take care of some precautions and contraindications while doing Gomukhasana so that you can get maximum benefits from this posture without causing any damage or injury.


Side effects, Contraindications and Precautions of Gomukhasana

You read these precautions and contraindications carefully and try to understand them so that when you practice this pose then you will be able to do it easily.

1. Any knee problem:- Our knees play a major role while performing this asana. To do this asana, we keep our knees on top of each other. As a result, there is a stretch on the thigh muscles and the muscles above and below the knees.

So if you have any kind of problem in your knees or if you have any kind of injury in the muscles above or below your knees, in this situation you should not practice Gomukhasana.

2. Any kind of back injury:- When we practice this asana, we hold our left and right hands with the help of fingers. And by doing this, pressure is generated in the upper part of our back.

So if you have any deep problem in your back or there is any problem in your spine, then in these situations you should practice this asana only on the advice of a specialist doctor.

3. Do not practice after eating:- Our body is capable of doing only one task well at a time and when we eat food, our body gets engaged in digesting that food.

Therefore, do not try Gomukhasana after eating food, or if you still do it, then your digestion process may get spoiled and you may also vomit.

4. Do not forcefully hold your fingers:- The main function of this asana is to connect the fingers of both hands. Which becomes difficult for many new practitioners.

If you also find it difficult to connect the fingers of both your hands, then you only stretch by taking your hands back, do not try to join them forcefully, in the beginning, doing this can also tear the muscles of your hands.

5. Any kind of hand and shoulder injury:- When you practice this asana, you will feel that the maximum pressure and strain is being generated on your hands and shoulders it can prove beneficial for a normal (healthy) person.

But the person who has suffered any kind of injury in the hand itself or there is any problem in the muscles of his hands and shoulders or there is weakness in bones in these conditions this posture can become fatal.

6. Do some easy asanas before it:- Because it is a difficult posture so we have to do some preparation to do it so that you can keep your body stable in this posture for a long time and can do this asana with ease.

Therefore, a few days or a few weeks before you practice it, you must practice Ardha Matsyendrasana, Ardha Katichakrasana or Parighasana, this will increase the flexibility in your body and you will be able to keep your body in Gomukhasana for a long time.

7. Chest pain/problem:- You can see in the above picture that by doing this asana, there is a stretch on both sides of our chest.

So if you have any kind of injury in your chest or you have recently undergone treatment for injury, then in this situation you should not practice Gomukhasana.

As a Gomukhasana precaution, you can take one more thing in mind, that if you have any kind of wound in your stomach or you have undergone any kind of surgery, then even in these problems, you should practice Gomukhasana only on the advice of a doctor.


Can a pregnant woman do Gomukhasana?

 Many pregnant women have this question in their minds. Whether we can practice Gomukhasana in pregnancy or not.

If we answer this in one word, then “No”, you should not practice Gomukhasana in pregnancy because the practice of this asana creates pressure on our stomach somewhere although that pressure falls on our stomach in a very small amount.

But in that state, along with your life, you also carry a life in your womb so you should not take any risk at that stage.

And if you still want to practice this pose in pregnancy, then do it under the supervision of a special yoga teacher or only on the advice of a doctor.

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