Gomukhasana steps (procedure) variations for beginners.

Gomukhasana:- Which we also call Cow Pose in English, in this posture the shape of our body is look like the face of a cow, we do this posture in many different ways.

  • This asana produces a very good and deep stretch and pressure on many different parts of our body, as a result of which many benefits of this asana are received by our body.
  • So today in this article we will discuss in detail Gomukhasana steps and all the variations and also know how a new practice can do this asana easily.

How to do Gomukhasana steps and procedure for beginners?

There are five ways to do Gomukhasana and mainly this asana is practiced with these methods, so in this article, we will tell you about all those five methods and discuss them one by one in detail.

Gomukhasana steps

Gomukhasana steps with the first variation?

This method of Gomukhasana is most commonly practiced by practitioners and when we hear about Gomukhasana, the image of this asana is formed in our mind.

1. To practice this asana, you should sit in Dandasana in one place.

2. After sitting in Dandasana, now keep your back neck straight and bend your left knee and put the left foot under the right foot.

3. And now you bend your right knee and place it on the left knee, both knees should be in a straight line.

4. Place the heels of both your feet next to both the hips.

5. Here now you have to pay special attention. Your knee which is above, first you take that hand from above, mean to say that your right knee is up, then first you take the right hand from above.

6. Now first we will tilt the neck a little forward and then while taking our right hand from above, we will tie it with the fingers of our left hand.

7. When both the hands will tie the fingers together, after that we will slowly turn our necks towards the front.

8. Now we will do the same exercise from the other side also means that the knee which was below will now bring it up and now we will take the hand which we had taken from the top side, now we will take it from the bottom side.

9. Last time we took the right hand from above, this time we will take our left hand from above and last time we put our right knee up this time we will practice it by keeping our left knee up.

10. You must practice Gomukhasana from both sides in this way, it will maintain the balance of your body

* So this is the first variation of Gomukhasana, this is the ideal posture to do cow pose, you can also do cow pose in many other ways as we will tell you below.


Gomukhasana steps with the second variation?

You can also practice cow pose in this way, in this first we have to bring our feet in the same way and then tilt our body forward and keep our hands near the toes of our feet as above visible in the picture.

1. To do this asana, you sit in the same way with your legs straight forward, (sit in Dandasana).

2. Then you bend your left leg and place it under the knee of the right leg.

3. And now you bend the knee of your right leg and place it on the knee of the left leg.

4. The heels of both your feet should be next to the hips.

5. Now keeping your back and neck straight, while breathing in the body, tilt your body forward and touch your chest with the upper knee.

6. Then you pull your right hand to the right and your left hand to the left, generate a stretch in them.

7. Then after a while you straighten your arms back and straighten your body and come back to the normal position.

8. Now you do this posture by inverting it, which means you keep the knee which was up before you keep it down and you keep the knee which was down keep it up, by doing this your balance will be maintained in both the legs.

* So this was the second variation of Gomukhasana steps.

Gomukhasana steps with the third variation?

In this asana, we do this by placing our knees on top of each other by making Anjali Mudra. When you do this asana, then there should be a sense of peace, inspiration and humility in your mind.

1. To practice this asana, sit in the position of Dandasana.

After sitting in Dandasana, keep your back and neck straight.

3. Then first bend the left leg and place it under the knee of the right leg.

4. Then in the same way bend your right leg and place it on the knee of the left leg.

Then you make Anjali Mudra (namaste) with both your hands and make Anjali Mudra exactly in the middle of your chest.

After making Anjali Mudra, now close your eyes slowly with softness.

7. You can easily hold your body in this posture for as long as you want and after some time you open your eyes and come back to your normal position by removing Anjali Mudra.

8. Now do this asana by inverting it, that means, keep the leg down which you had kept up earlier, keep the leg up which you had kept down earlier and practice this asana by keeping the one on which you were placed down as we have done in the first two variations.

9. You practice this asana using both legs, first keep one leg up and then the other.

* So in this way you can practice the third variation of Gomukhasana Steps. Practicing Gomukhasana in this way brings peace and gentleness to your mind.

Gomukhasana steps for beginners

Gomukhasana steps with the fourth variation?

This variation in the steps of Gomukhasana is the opposite of the third method, in which we make Anjali Mudra in the middle of our back and keep the shape of our body exactly the same.

1. So as we did in the first three asanas first we will sit in the Dandasana position

2. After sitting in Dandasana, you should straighten your waist, back and neck.

3. Now bend your left leg and place it under the knee of your right leg.

4. Then bend your right leg in the same way and place it on the left leg.

5. Now, keeping the speed of your breathing normal, take both your hands together towards the back and make Anjali Mudra with both hands in the middle of the back.

6. This time also close your eyes softly so that you can feel the Anjali Mudra and this posture properly.

7. Then after a while, bring your hands forward and open your eyes and come back to normal position. You should also practice this variation of Gomukhasana steps using both feet.

* So in this way you can also practice the fourth variation of Gomukhasana steps, you should practice this asana only when you have practiced the first asana well so that you can get flexibility in your hands.

Gomukhasana steps with the fifth variation?

This is the final variation of the Gomukhasana steps. In this asana, we place our feet on top of each other and at the same time, we make a shape by folding our hands with each other.

1. For the practice of this asana, first you should straighten your legs and sit on a flat only.

2. After sitting with the legs straight, now straighten your back, neck and waist.

3. Now bend your left leg and place the knee of the left leg under the right leg.

4. After this, bend your right leg in the same way by keeping it above the knee of the left leg and keep the knees of both feet in a straight line.

5. Now bring your left hand in front of your face and now bring your right hand also and clasp the left hand with the right hand.

6. Now stay in this posture for a while, as long as you can easily hold your body in the posture, after some time you come back to the normal position by opening your hands.

7. In this asana, you practice using both your feet and at the same time practice using both your hands, that means first you brought the left hand forward, then you brought the right hand forward and clasp the right hand with the left hand.

  • So in this way you can practice gomukhasana asana steps with five variations, you practice all the methods of asanas one by one, it will affect every part of your body, from which you will get more benefits.

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