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Hansasana is supposed to be best for our stomach and hands and especially the practice of this asana strengthens our hands. And at the same time, it affects our whole body.

Although in the beginning, many people are unable to do this asana because in this asana we put pressure on our stomach with our elbows, which generates some pain in the beginning.

So in today’s article, we will discuss in detail this asana such as its meaning, benefits of Hansasana, how to do it, its precautions and many other topics.

What is the meaning of Hansasana?

If we understand its literal meaning, then it is made up of two Sanskrit words Hans and Asana actually  Hans is the name of a bird which we call swan in English and asana means posture. In this posture, the shape of our body looks like a swan standing on two legs.

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How to do Hansasana (steps) for beginners?

To get the maximum benefits from any exercise, that exercise must be done in the right way, so you should read the steps carefully.

1. To do this asana, first of all, by laying a mat, stand on your knees on a flat surface.

2. After standing on the knees, we will keep both palms on the ground.

3. When you place your palms on the ground, the fingers of your hands should be towards your feet.

4. A distance of four to five inches can also be kept between the palms.

5. Now raise your right knee, straighten your right leg and keep it with the help of your toes.

Now, in the same way, lift your left knee and straighten the left leg and keep it on the toes as well.

7. In this situation, you keep the balance of the whole body on the palms of the hands and the toes of both feet.

8. keep both legs straight and bend the elbows of both your hands inwards (towards the stomach) and keep your stomach on both your elbows.

9. Now keep your whole body straight (back, feet, shoulders) and look in front.

10. Keep your body stable in this posture for as long as you can comfortably.

11. And after a while straightens the elbows, bring the right knee and the left knee forward and come back to the normal position.

  • So in this way you can easily practice this asana do not put all the weight on your elbows in the beginning, it can cause pain in your stomach.

Timing for Hansasana

  • If you are a new practitioner and doing yoga or this asana for the first time then you can hold your body in this posture for 15 to 20 seconds.
  • You can do this asana 2 to 3 times at once and you can increase or decrease the time limit according to your ability.
  • And the best time to do this asana is in the morning because our body is more active at that time and by doing yoga in the morning, our whole day goes well.

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Top 8 amazing benefits of Hansasana.

We get many benefits physically from the practice of this pose, so let us know what kind of benefits our body gets from it and what problems can be solved by them.

1. Increase stability:- While doing this asana, we keep our body stable As a result of which we become mentally and physically stable.

2. Strengthens hands:- While doing this exercise, we make the entire balance of our body on the hands and feet, which affects the muscles of our hands and makes them strong and flexible.

3. Improves nervous system:- You will probably be surprised to hear this but it is true that somewhere the practice of this asana also affects our nervous system and its regular practice improves our nervous system.

4. Provides energy:- When you practice this posture regularly then you will feel that energy is increasing inside your body, you will feel yourself strong. And if we say in easy language, then by doing this there is an increase of energy in our body.

5. Enhance focus and concentration:- While doing this asana, we keep our attention focused towards the front. And if you also practice it then please keep your attention towards the front, it will increase your concentration and focus.

6. Strengthens our legs:- As we have already told you that while doing the Hansasana, we keep the balance of our body on both the palms and the toes of the feet.

And by doing this regularly, the muscles of our legs get stronger, our thighs become strong and at the same time it has an effect on the muscles above and below the knees.

7. Cures back problem:- Nowadays people have started having many back-related problems If you are also going through any kind of back-related problem then you must practice it.

Whether it is pain in your back if there is some kind of problem in your spine if the shape of your spine has deteriorated or any other problem, you can practice this pose for all these problems.

8. Good for shoulders:- Shoulders play an important role in the personality of any person A good curvy and beautiful shoulder can attract anyone.

The practise of this asana affects our hands as well as our shoulders, as a result of which our shoulder muscles increase and they become even stronger.

And if you have any kind of pain in your shoulders or if your shoulders are round, you must practice Hansasana even in these problems.

Tips for beginners for Hansasana.

If you are a new practitioner then keep these things in mind while doing Hansasana.

  • Because this asana comes in the category of some difficult asanas, so whenever you practice it, before that you must practice some yoga like Kukkutasana and lolasana so that your body becomes active.
  • As a new practitioner, in the beginning, you should balance the body only on your hands and on the toes of your feet and while doing this you keep the fingers of your hands towards the feet doing this will strengthen your hands and increase stability in your body.

Precautions and contraindications of Hansasana.

As much as it is necessary for any seeker to know about the benefits of a practice, it is equally important to know the precautions while doing that practice. So here are some precautions of Hansasana.

1. Do not do after eating:- While doing this pose, we keep our stomach on the elbows that put pressure on our abdomen. So please whenever you practice this asana, do it on an empty stomach.

2. Pregnant women should avoid:- As we discussed in the earlier point that its practice creates pressure on our stomach.

So if you are a pregnant woman and your pregnancy period has been longer, then you should not practice Hansasana and if you still want to practice it then do it under the supervision of a special yoga teacher or on the advice of a doctor.

3. Any kind of arm injury:- As we told you many times and you can also see in the picture That while doing this asana, we make the balance of our body on our hands.

If you feel that the muscles or bones of your hands are weak or if you have any kind of injury in your hands, then do not practice this asana.

4. Any kind of surgery/treatment:- Because while doing this almost every part of our body is used so if you have any kind of injury in your body or you have got treatment for that injury, then in these problems you should not do this asana for a few days.

5. If any serious back problem:- If you have a deep injury in your back or you are suffering from any back-related problem for a long time and if you have any deep problem in your spine, then in these situations you should do the Hansasana only on the advice of the doctor.

6. Any kind of abdomen and leg problem:- If you have any deep injury in your stomach or if you have any internal problem in your abdomen and if you have any kind of problem in the muscles of thigh or calf or there is any pain or problem in the legs, then in all these situations you should not practice Hansasana, instead of this you can practice Anulom Vilom Pranayama or Chandra Bhedana Pranayama.

Common mistakes while doing Hansasana

Do not make these mistakes at all while doing this exercise.

  • If you are practicing this asana for the first time, then do not immediately put the weight of your body on the elbows of the hands.
  • Always keep the fingers of your hands towards your feet so that your elbows turn inwards and you can do this pose easily.

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