How does Kumbhaka Pranayama increase life?

What is meaning of Kumbhaka pranayam?

On normal breathing, the one bridge to convert the action of breathing into pranayama is called Kumbhaka. Kumbhaka is a Sanskrit word that means to stop the breath or hold the breath.

Now here two more words are obtained, Purak and Rechak, Purak means to fill the breath and Rechak means to release the breath out of the body.

When Kumbhaka is added to inhaling and exhaling, then this breathing action on normal breathing becomes Pranayama.

How does Kumbhaka Pranayama increase life span.

If I tell you that the main function of Kumbhaka Pranayama is to increase our life span, then it will not be wrong at all, although Kumbhaka Pranayama has many other benefits it has a special advantage.
And what is the reason behind this that by practicing this pranayama, our life span increases, it has been told to you below so that you can understand better?

Over time, many parts of our body stop working or they are not able to do their work properly and the same thing happens with our lungs too, with time our lung capacity starts decreasing.
And they can take less oxygen inside them, due to which our body does not get enough oxygen and air is the only thing which is essential for all living beings, whether it is humans living on land or animals flying in the air.

Whether it is a bird or an animal living underwater or even if it is a tree or a plant, in the same way, every part of our body needs a sufficient amount of air so that that organ can perform its function properly.

Often people say that our life depends on our breath and we have only counted breaths, this statement is 100% true, no person has 60 years to live 70 years or 100 years, he has breath, Over which if he controls, he can prolong his life.
If I explain to you clearly, the more slowly we breathe, the longer our life will be, many yogis get so much control over their breath that they breathe only once or twice in a minute, so that their age is 200 to two and a half times. Lasts for a hundred years.

To explain to you more easily, let me give you another example, you must have seen the dog, how fast his breathing moves, but his life span is mostly only 12 to 15 years and the same turtle and crocodile in 1 minute only. They take only two to three breaths, due to which their life span ranges from 200 to two hundred and fifty years, and many crocodiles have been found whose life span is more than 400 years.

And in Kumbhak Pranayama also do the same, in this pranayama, we stop our breath so that oxygen can stay in our body for a long time and gradually with the practice of this pranayama our breathing rate also starts becoming very slow. Due to this more amount of air starts staying in our body. Due to this, our life span becomes longer and we look younger.

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