Mandukasana yoga steps (frog pose) two variations in detail.



Mandukasana is a very easy and natural posture the practice of this asana mainly affects our stomach and legs. Even if you do not practice yoga or exercise regularly, you can still do this pose easily.

This posture is also known as frog pose in English because “Manduk” means frog. By doing this asana, we get benefit in many stomach related problems, due to this our digestion also improves a lot.

But to get these benefits, there is a special work that we do that practice properly. And while doing that asana, we should also keep that precautions in mind.

So that is why in this article we will know about Mandukasana Steps only. Actually we can practice this pose with two methods and we will discuss both of them in detail in this article.

How to do Mandukasana yoga (steps) for beginners.

We discussed earlier that this is a simple and natural posture, and it’s a fact too. But in this asana, we have to take care of some nuances, mean to say that, we have to do this asana carefully Means we have to read and understand each of its steps carefully so let’s start.


Mandukasana yoga steps with the first variation?

So this is the first way to do frog pose If you learn to do this method well then maybe we can say that you will never have any stomach related problem.

It’s steps:-

1. To do this asana, first of all, you sit in the position of Vajrasana by laying a mat on a flat surface.

2. After sitting in the position of Vajrasana, straighten your shoulders, neck, waist and back.

3. Then make fists of both hands and in fist we have to put our thumb inside and fingers out.

4. Now we will place our fists besides the navel from the side of our thumb.

5. Now take a long deep breath and while exhaling, bend the back forward.

6. While bending the body forward, we will keep pulling the stomach inwards and with the help of our fists, we will press our abdominal muscles inwards.

7. When you have done this, then try to touch your chest with your knees and with the help of your fists, press your stomach inwards.

8. When you touch your chest with your knees, then lift your neck and look towards the front.

9. If you want, you can also hold your breath in this state or keep the speed of your breathing normally.

  • So in this way you can practice the first variation of Mandukasana steps, it gives a lot of benefit to our stomach because we create pressure on our stomach with the help of our fists.


Mandukasana yoga steps with the second variation?

This method is same as above method there is very little difference between them. May be many people find the earlier practice a little difficult because we put pressure on the stomach with the help of our fists, then those people can practice Mandukasana in this way, they will get the same benefits as from the previous practice.

1. To practice Manduk posture in this way, first of all, sit on a flat surface in Vajrasana.

2. After sitting in Vajrasana, straighten your waist, neck, back and shoulders like we did earlier.

3. Then you place the palm of your left hand on the stomach and place the palm of the right hand on top of the left hand.

4. Now take a long deep breath and while exhaling outside the body, tilt your body forward.

5. While tilting your body forward, with the palms of both hands, apply pressure on the stomach and pull your stomach inwards.

6. When you have tilted your body completely forward, then try to touch your chest with your knee.

7. With your hands, apply pressure on your stomach and straighten your neck and look towards the front.

8. In this too, if you want, you can hold your breath and if you want, let the speed of your breathing go on as normal.

  • So in this way you can practice the second variation of the Mandukasana steps, this method is a little easier than the above method.

What is the difference between Mandukasana first and second variation?

Many of you might have found these two methods to be the same but there is a slight difference between them in the first method, we make a fist and create a pressure on our stomach by making a fist.

Due to which pricks arise in the stomach of many people and they are not able to do this pose for a long time.

But in the second way, we create pressure on our stomach with the palms of our hands, which almost every person can do easily and we do not have to face any prick or pain.

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