How to do Parvatasana (mountain pose) its steps for beginners.


Parvatasana is best for new practitioners to take the initiative in yoga because it is a simple asana any new practitioner will be able to do it with ease.

While doing this asana, we should keep good thoughts in our minds such as peace, gentleness, enthusiasm and self-confidence, keep all these expressions in your mind and practice this asana.

Although our body gets many benefits of Parvatasana that’s why we must take some precautions while doing this posture.

But today we will only discuss the Parvatasana steps in detail and will give you complete information that how a new practitioner can do this pose easily.


How to do Parvatasana its steps for beginners?

We can do Parvatasana very easily, the only condition is that there should be some stability inside you. So that’s why you read the Parvatasana steps carefully so that you feel comfortable in doing this asana.

Steps of Parvatasana:-

1. To do this asana, first you sit in Ardha Padmasan, Sukhasana or Padmasana.

2. If you can sit in the position of Padmasana while doing this pose, then you should sit in that position because Padmasana is the ideal way to do this asana.

3. But if in the beginning, you find it difficult to sit in Padmasana, then you can sit in any other comfortable posture.

4. After sitting in a comfortable posture, now straighten your waist, back and neck.

5. After straightening the body, now make Anjali Mudra in front of your chest.

6. Now you take two to 3 long deep breaths and leave them outside the body.

7. And now while inhaling, raise the Anjali Mudra and lift your hands up as much as you can.

8. When you pull both your hands upwards by making Anjali Mudra, then a very good and deep stretch will be generated on both your armpits, you have to keep your body stable for some time in that position.

9. Keep your body stable in this posture for a while, then you turn your body to the right and bend your body for as long as you can in the beginning.

10. Then after keeping your body to the right for some time, now you straighten your body back.

11. And then you turn your body to the left and keep the hands in Anjali Mudra, this will keep the balance of your body if you only turn to the right. So this will generate stretch only on your left side and pressure on the right so you must practice it from both sides.

  • So in this way, you can practice the Parvatasana steps easily, if you are a new practitioner then only keep your body straight in the beginning and when you feel that you can easily stabilize your body in this asana then you turn your body to the right and left.

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