How to do Maha Bandha benefits, meaning and cautions.


In Sanskrit or Hindi, if Maha is placed before a word, then the value of that word increases, mean to say that the word Maha is used only for very few things, but in this bandha, the word Maha has been used, which is directly related to that this bandha has more value.

There is also a reason why this word sounds great, that while practicing this bandha, we practice all the three bandhas together. In this article, we will tell you how to do this bandha and also discuss Maha bandha benefits.

What is Maha Bandha?

According to the Sanskrit word maha means big (great) and bandha means to lock something. As the name suggests it is a big bandh. In Mahabandha we practice all three bandhas together. And because of practicing these three together, this bandh is named Mahabandha.

Maha bandha benefits

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Read before performing this Bandha.

  • Do not practice Maha bandha until you have practiced all three bandhas separately for a few weeks. When proficiency is achieved in all three bandhas, then you can start practicing Mahabandha.
  • We practice this bandh with Bahya kumbhak, it becomes a little difficult for a seeker to hold the breath in it, then you should keep this special thing in mind that you first open the bandh after that start the normal breathing activity.

How to do Maha Bandha.

At the time of practicing this bandha, we apply all the three bands and the action of applying these three bands and the action of the opening is different, so you should read and understand the methods of this carefully so that you will be able to apply the Maha bandha and get more benefits of Maha bandha.

1. For the practice of this bandha, sit in your position and take two 3 long deep breaths and release them out.

2. We do Mahabandha only with the Bahya Kumbhak.

3. Before doing this bandha, you should know one thing, in this bandha we first apply Jalandhar Bandha then Uddiyan Bandha and then apply Mool bandha and do the opposite while opening, we first open Moolbandha then Uddiyan bandha and then Jalandhar Bandha is opened.

4. Now we will start the practice of Mahabandha from here.

5. One will take a long deep breath and let it out, then immediately after exhaling the breath will do Jalandhara Bandha.

6. Immediately after applying the Jalandhar bandh, you should also apply Uddiyan bandha and after Uddiyan bandha, also apply the Mool bandh.

7. Now as we told you earlier that this sequence is reversed while opening, now first we will remove the Mool bandha, then open the Uddiyan bandh and then also remove the Jalandhar bandh.

8. Now slowly inhale and exhale normally at the same speed and come back to the starting position.

9. Hold the breath for as long as you can naturally and easily, do not try to control the breath by force.

10. Although there are many Maha bandha benefits, but you keep the order of putting the bandha in the same way and keep the order of removing it in the same way, it is a natural order, don’t try to change it.


  • Increase the practice of Mahabandha one by one and the practice can be done normally for 8 to 10 cycles.
  • Hold the breath for as long as you can and when you can’t hold the breath, first you will open the bandha and then start the action of normal breathing.

Focus while performing.

  • During the practice, all the attention is to be focused first on the moola chakra, then on the Manipura chakra, then on the vishuddhi chakra and then on the breath, thus changing your focus after a few seconds one by one.

Benefits of Maha bandha.

If we talk about the benefits, then by the practice of this bandha, we get all the benefits that we get from different bandhas such as Jalandhara Bandha, Uddiyanbandha and Moolbandha.

In this practice, the body gets all those benefits and manifold more. If I still tell you its benefits, then below are some of its benefits, but our body gets even more benefits from Maha bandha.

1. When we do the Maha (great) bandha, we pull our stomach inwards, due to which pressure is created on our internal organs and they are massaged, and they can do their work naturally and easily.

2. It has a direct and very deep effect on the stomach, due to which there is a great improvement in our digestive system.

3. When the abdominal muscles are pulled inwards, there is an effect on the diaphragm, as a result of which our respiratory system improves and it has a positive effect on the lungs.

4. The metabolism of the whole body depends on the thyroid gland itself, if the thyroid gland can do its work easily, then we become free from many diseases.

5. In its practice, when the throat is pressed, the vital energy starts flowing through the centre lamp in the Sushumna tone.

6. However there are so many Maha bandha benefits, but because we also practice Moolabandha in Mahabandha, as a result of which it helps us to maintain celibacy and also get relief in many diseases related to sex.

  • Do not think that these are the only benefits of Mahabandha if you want to know more about its benefits then you have to practice Mahabandha and really experience its benefits only then you will be able to know its benefits in a real sense.

Precautions for Maha Bandha.

Because it is a very sensitive exercise, so keep some precautions in mind while doing it.

1. Because this bandha also includes Udyanbandha in which we pull our stomach inwards, then this bandha will not be appropriate for a pregnant woman, so in simple words, if I say this, a pregnant woman should not do this practice.

2. Do not practice Mahabandha if there is any serious disease related to the heart, this may harm you instead of getting the Maha Bandha benefits.

3. Do not practice this bandha in case of any blood-related problems like high blood pressure or low blood pressure problems.

4. Those who have problems like Hernia or Ulcer should not practice Maha bandha.

5. If you have any stomach related disease or if you have any kind of injury in your stomach, then you should avoid this bandha for a few days.

Why Maha bandha is only practiced by Bahya Kumbhaka?

Mahabandha can be practiced only with external Kumbhaka. The practice of Maha bandha also includes Uddiyan bandha and Uddiyan bandha can be practiced only when the air is expelled from the body and the stomach is drawn in.

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