10 Janu Sirsasana benefits, steps, variations and cautions.


Janu Shirshasan Yoga We do this yoga sitting, and by doing this yoga, the muscles under our thighs and calves are affected and at the same time it also has a positive effect on our back, this asana is a little easier than Shirshasan but if the practice is done regularly.

So today in this article we will discuss in detail this asana such as its meaning, how this asana is done, and what are the Janu Sirsasana benefits, and in the end, we will also discuss its precautions. Read completely so that you can get all the information about this posture.

What is the meaning of Janu Sirsasana?

 If you want to understand the literal meaning of Janu Sirsasana yoga, then you must know which language and script this word belongs to, actually, this word is a Sanskrit word which is made up of 3 words “Janu” “Shirsha” and “Asana” in which according to Sanskrit, Janu means knee and Shirshameans head and Asana means posture or pose. So let’s know about Janu Sirsasana steps and benefits.

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Benefits of Janu Shirshasana

How to do Janu Sirsasana steps?

You may find it easy to see this posture from the pictures, but it is not that when you will do this asana, at that time you will have difficulty in doing this exercise easily and naturally, so you should read the Janu Sirsasana steps carefully.

1. For the practice of this asana, we will sit on the ground and after sitting, join our legs and move forward. 

2. Then we will touch the sole of our left foot with the place of the right thighs or you can place the sole of your left foot near the right thigh. 

3. Keeping the back neck straight, take a long breath and while raising both the hands from the side, try to catch the toes of the right foot. 

4. After holding the toe of the right foot, we will try our best to touch our forehead with our right knee. 

5. Will remain in this posture for some time and the speed of breathing will continue as normal.

6. Now we will do this posture with the other leg, meaning now we will bend our right knee and try to touch our head with the left knee. If you want to avail more Janu Sirsasana benefits then it is necessary to practice from both legs.

7. In the same way, you will sit with your feet forward and keep the sole of your right foot near the left thigh or touch it. 

8. Then we will grab the toes of our left foot while bringing our hands from the side and try to pull it towards us. 

9. After catching the toes, try to touch your head with the left leg’s knee. 

10. Remain in this posture for some time and allow the movement of the breath to continue normally. 

* If you practice this exercise in this way then you can get more Janu Sirsasana benefits.

Special cares.

  • At first, you may not be able to hold any of your toes with your hands or not touch the knees of your feet with your head, but you should practice regularly. 
  • To get more Janu Sirsasana benefits, one thing you must keep in mind is that in the beginning, do not try to forcefully touch your head with the knee of any of your feet, this can cause problems in your back. 


  •  If you are a normal person and want to get the Janu Sirsasana benefits then you should do this exercise for two to three times at once and you can keep your body stable for 20 seconds to 50 seconds at a time.
  • If you want to get more benefits of Janu Shirshasana, then you should do this asana only in the morning, not only this asana but also any yoga or exercise is considered appropriate to do in the morning. 

janu Sirsasana steps

What are Janu Sirsasana benefits?

Let us now know in detail about Janu Sirsasana benefits and which of our physical problems can be solved by the practice of this asana. 

1. Stretches our legs:- As we have already told you that when you practice this asana, a deep and good stretch is generated on the lower muscles of your calves and thighs, due to which the flexibility and strength in those muscles increases and they become healthy. 

2. Reduce body fat:- While doing Janu Shirshasan, we bend our back forward, due to which the excess fat stored on our stomach and waist starts reducing and we get away from obesity. 

3. Cure back problems:- Problems arising in the back due to sitting all day, such as increased stiffness in the back or any other stomach related problems, these problems can be cured by the practice of this asana. 

4. Strengthens our hands:- As we can understand by looking at the picture that our hands are also being used in this asana, then when we hold the toes of our feet with our hands in this posture, there is a pain in our hands due to which our hands Strengthen and increases flexibility in the muscles of our hands, especially in the wrists. 

5. Increase flexibility in the spine:- If you have a feeling that there is less flexibility in your spine or there is no flexibility or your backbone is hard, then you must practice this Janu Shirshasana. 

6. Cure aches:- Many people have problems of many physical pains due to sitting and working for a long time, such as shoulder pain, back pain or neck pain, Janu Shirshasan is an effective asana for all these problems. 

7. Well blood circulation:- By the practice of this asana, the circulation of blood in many parts of our body and many muscles increases and it does well because we put pressure and strain on those muscles. 

8. Improves body posture:-
There are many benefits of Janu Shirshasana but along with these benefits it also has an advantage that if the shape of your shoulders has deteriorated or your shoulders have become rounded or the shape of your spine has deteriorated, then there are problems like these. This asana can also be practised and benefits can also be obtained. 

9. Increase height:- However, there are many Janu Sirsasana benefits, but as a result of stretching the muscles of most parts of the body get stretched and they get even developed, so that’s why this asana is considered the best exercise to increase the height.

10. Good for digestion:- By bending the back forward, there is a pull on our stomach, due to which the internal organs of our stomach get activated properly and do their work and we especially get benefit in our digestion and our digestion process improves. 

Janu Sirsasana benefits

Janu Sirsasana contraindications?

It is not only necessary for any seeker or practitioner to know that what are the benefits of the work he is doing, but it is also necessary to know that what can be the harm of that practice or object and he should do that practice by taking precautions. After knowing the benefits of Janu Shirshasana, let us know what special precautions we should take while doing this posture. 

1. During any back problem:- Although there are so many Janu Sirsasana benefits, The first precaution we should take is that we should not do this asana in case of any serious back-related disease or case of cervical spondylosis.

2. Avoid by high (BP) patients:- If you remember, we had told in its benefits that this exercise increases the circulation of blood in our body but it can be harmful to a person suffering from high blood pressure, although it is a benefit of Janu Shirshasan suffering from this problem It can be fatal for the person. 

3. Pregnant women should avoid:- We practice this asana by bending our back, which puts pressure on our stomach, so if you are a pregnant woman and your pregnancy has been more than 4 or 5 months, after that time you should not practice this asana. 

4. Do not practice forcefully:- As a precaution, you should keep one thing in particular that whenever you are practising this asana, please do not try to forcefully touch your head with your knees, it may cause problems in your back. 

5. Appoint a yoga teacher:- If you want to get the benefits of Janu Shirshasana properly and if you can appoint a yoga teacher, then definitely do it, it will reduce the chances of harm to you and you will feel safe.

Affected body parts.

  • When you practice this asana, you will realize that while doing this posture, a very good and deep stretch is generated on our feet, especially on the back muscles of our calves and thighs. 
  • In this, we also tilt our back forward, due to which there is pressure and strain on our lower back and those parts of the body are also affected by it as we earlier told you in Janu Sirsasana benefits.

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