Kagasana yoga benefits How to do Crow pose.


Kagasana, which we also call Crow Pose, this asana is mainly done to strengthen our legs and to stretch our back, the method of doing this asana is very easy but it becomes a little difficult to stay in this posture.

There are many physical benefits to our body by doing this asana, so let us know how we can do this asana and what are the benefits of Kagasana yoga for our body.

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What is the meaning of Kagasana (crow pose)?

Kagasana:- This is a Sanskrit word, actually, it is made up of two Sanskrit words, Kag and Asana, Kag means crow and Asana means posture (pose), so that is why we also call it Crow Pose, in fact, our figure is sitting in this posture looks like a crow hence its name is Crow Pose. So let’s know about Kagasana yoga benefits and how can we do it.

How to do Kagasana (crow pose)?

1. For the practice of Kagasana, we will stand in our place and keep both the feet together or else a distance of three to four fingers can be kept between the two feet.

2. While inhaling, take both your hands forward, in line with the shoulders.

3. Then while exhaling, bend both the knees and sit down on your feet.

4. Keep the soles of both hands above your knees, elbows and wrists should be next to the chest.

5. In this posture, you keep your back and neck straight, then for some time you keep your body stable in this posture.

6. In this posture, you keep your back and neck straight, then for some time you keep your body stable in this posture.

7. While doing this asana and when you have attained the state of this asana, during that time your breathing should go on normally.

8. This can be practised two to three times and keeping your body still for 3 to 5 minutes at a time.

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  • While practicing Kagasana, keep the weight of your body equally on both your feet.
  • If you are overweight and in the beginning you are finding it difficult to do this asana, then you can practice this asana with the help of something.
Kagasana yoga benefits

Top Amazing Benefits Kagasana Yoga.

1. Reliefs stomach problem:- Its practice puts pressure on the stomach, due to which there is relief in stomach related problems, this asana is very beneficial for the enlarged stomach also.

2. Improves digestion:- With its practice, if the digestion of food is not getting right in your body and if the juices are not being formed in your body and those conditions like gastric fire, the practice of this asana is very beneficial.

3. Improves internal organs:- All the organs do their work properly due to all the stretch falling on the internal organs of the abdomen.

4. Strengthens leg muscles:- With the practice of this asana, all the weight of our body is on our feet, due to which our leg muscles become very strong.

5. Reliefs our back:- As we told you in the beginning that Kagasana mainly affects our back and our legs, so the practice of this asana stretches our back, due to which it becomes strong and our back gets reliefs.

6. Increases energy in the body:-
Daily practice of Kagasana increases enthusiasm and energy in our body.

7. Reduce body weight:- If you are a fat person and you are overweight then you should practise this asana, it will reduce your body fat and especially this asana reduces our belly fat and our abdominal fat.

What are precautions for Kagasana?

We told you about the benefits of Kagasana and we have also discussed how you can do this asana, now it is also important for you to know what precautions you should take while doing this asana.

1. Pain in your knees:- If you have any kind of injury in your knees or if you have pain in your knees, then you should not do this asana and do not do it until your pain gets better.

2. Problems related to the back:- If you have any serious disease related to your back or if you have pain in your back then you should not do this asana, if you still want to do this asana then you can practice it after consulting a doctor.

3. A pregnant woman should avoid:- If you are a pregnant woman, then you should not practice doing Kagasana, you can practice it in the beginning month, but you do not need to practice it after the third month of your pregnancy it will affect the health of your child.

benefits of Crow pose

Which organs and body parts are affected in Kagasana?

The practice of this asana affects many parts of our body and many organs, such as the internal organ of our body for example liver, kidney, small intestine, large intestine. Now if we talk about the external organs, then on our thighs, knees and back.

What is the difference between Kagasana and Bakasana?

Many people understand that Kagasana and Bakasana are almost similar to each other but it is not so in Kagasana we have to sit on our feet only but in Bakasana we have to balance our body on both our hands, which is slightly a tough job.

Many people also call Kagasan as Kakasana and this is also true, in fact Kak and Kag are synonyms of each other and both words mean the same thing.

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