Kapalbhati pranayama effects on our body.



Kapalbhati Pranayama is considered to be the best in the category of breathing exercise. In this pranayama, we exhale our breath at a fast pace and pull our stomach inwards.

People think that Kapalbhati Pranayama steps are very easy but it is not like that at all. This pranayama seems easy to see but many people do not know how to do it correctly.

Although Kapalbhati Pranayama has many benefits, not at the physical level but also mentally and spiritually. And as much as any seeker must know the benefits of any practice, it is equally important to know its precautions.

But today we will only discuss Kapalbhati Pranayama Effects and know what the effects are on our body by its practice.

What are Kapalbhati Pranayama effects on our body?

As we just told you that Kapalbhati Pranayama effects are not only physical but also mentally and spiritually. So in this article, we will first discuss the physical effects and then discuss the mental effects and after that spiritual effects.


Kapalbhati Pranayama effects at the physical level.

There are many effects of Kapalbhati Pranayama physically, so read all its effects carefully so that you can understand it deeply.

1. Deep effect on abdomen:- This is probably such pranayama, by the practice of which our body muscles also develop. When any person or seeker practices this pranayama properly, then his abdominal muscles become very strong and healthy.

This is possible because, in this pranayama, we repeatedly move our abdominal muscles in and out, due to repeated movements, they become strong and healthy over time.

2. Effects on internal organs:- It is said that 85% of our body problems originate from our stomach and if we correct our stomach then we can remove or cure 85% of those problems.

In this breathing exercise, we move in and out of our abdomen rapidly, as a result of which the internal organs of our body are massaged and they can do their work properly after being healthy.

3. Good digestion:- Our digestion depends on our daily routine, diet, and small and large intestines. So as we discussed in the earlier point, its practice has a positive effect on the internal organs of our body.

And our internal organs also include our small and large intestine, so in this respect, they also have a positive effect and they can digest food and the process of excretion properly, due to which we get great relief from the problem of indigestion.

4. Reduce body weight:- In this pranayama, we do a heavy exercise of our stomach, as a result of which Kapalbhati Pranayama for weight loss is considered the best.

If more fat has accumulated in your abdomen and the waist part, then you must practice Kapalbhati along with the exercises and yoga asanas, this will greatly reduce your belly and stomach fat.

5. Effects on urinary disease:- In today’s time, people have many urinary problems in which they have yellow coloured urine or they feel pain during urination. In all these problems also you can get benefit by practicing Kapalbhati.

When we practice Kapalbhati, there is a positive effect on our kidneys and our kidneys play an important role in urinary problems. If our kidneys will be healthy then we will not have to face these problems and when you practice this pranayama regularly then, of course, your kidney will remain healthy.

6. Works on lungs:- When we do this breathing exercise, then we forcefully exhale our breath outwards, and the amount of breath our body requires, it inhales the body accordingly.

And when we include this action in our daily routine, then gradually the capacity of our lungs increases and they become even more healthy and it also has a positive effect on our respiratory system.

7. Control sugar level:-
 In today’s time, many people have started having problems with sugar or diabetes. In the problem of diabetes, the sugar level of the blood increases very much. And this disease is considered very fatal for humans, which affects their health a lot and their body becomes weak day by day.

So Kapalbhati can help you indirectly in this, when we practice Kapalbhati Pranayama, then due to the movement in our pancreas, it becomes healthy. And due to our pancreas being healthy, it produces a hormone called insulin in a quantity and that hormone is the best in controlling our sugar level.

8. It has a great effect on the overall body:- If we tell you all its physical effects one by one, then maybe we have to write many articles on it. So if we tell you in brief then by this you can cure almost every internal disease.

And if you think that it cannot cure your diseases, then please practice it daily, it will help you to avoid those diseases.

This pranayama indirectly cures many of our diseases, whether it is related to digestion, diabetes, metabolism and many other diseases.

Because in this pranayama, we move our abdomen rapidly inwards and outwards, due to which the internal organs are massaged and they become healthy and they can do their work easily and naturally.

And you will ever notice that the internal organs are responsible for the serious problems that people have. So if you made healthy your internal organs, then you can assure that you have cured your body of 80 to 90% of diseases.

Kapalbhati Pranayama effects at the mental level.

1. Increase focus:- It is said that if you want to meditate, the best way to do it is to focus on your breath. By meditating on the breath, our concentration and focus increase significantly.

In this pranayama, we just have to exhale rapidly. So if you focus on it (breath) along with exhaling your breath, it will increase your concentration a lot.

2. Reliefs from stress:- Nowadays in this hectic life people are taking too much stress. Due to which they have to face many problems and many people even become victims of depression.

So you can practice this pranayama to relieve stress and improve your mental health. And Pranayama is done especially so that a person can keep his stress, anxiety away, not only Kapalbhati Pranayama, if you practice any Pranayama, then you will feel stress-free from it.

3. Enhance memory power:- Many of you will be surprised to know that we can strengthen and increase our memory power with the practice of pranayama.

But it is true that if you do this breathing exercise daily, then undoubtedly you will get physical benefits as well as this mental benefit.

When you practice this pranayama regularly then you will experience that your memory power is improving.

4. Build great willpower, enthusiasm and confidence:- You must also know that if we are completely healthy both mentally and physically, then there is a shine on our face.

And with the practice of this pranayama, you feel good on both the level, whether it is mentally and physically. As a result of which we automatically feel a sense of enthusiasm, confidence and a strong will.


Kapalbhati Pranayama effects at a spiritual level.

Not only this pranayama but any yoga you do, whether it is asana and pranayama or meditation you are progressing in the field of spirituality, yes it is a matter of course that you do not know at that time but if you practice yoga regularly for one year then you will know the difference.

If you are practicing yoga then you must be feeling that a sense of stability has started coming into you. This happens because we do any yoga by staying still, if we are doing asanas, then we keep our body stable in that too.

And when slowly we start getting a sense of stability, compassion, peace and enthusiasm, then we start connecting with our inner soul. And when we start connecting with our inner soul, then our tendency starts to change, if we are of an angry nature then peace will start coming in us.

And if we say in simple language, we easily tolerate small things, instead of wasting time on them, we put our attention and our energy into some productive work like a “Hindu yogi”.

  • So these were Kapalbhati Pranayama effects physically, mentally and spiritually.

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