Kati Shakti Vikasaka benefits, steps, precautions and meaning.


Kati Shakti Vikasak Kriya: We do this exercise especially to increase the capacity of our back, but at the same time we get many more benefits from it, in this, we first bend our back backwards and then bend forward, Due to which we see its effect on our back as well as stomach and when we turn back, there is a strain on many parts of our body, which gives us even more benefits.

So in this article, we will know how it can be practiced, what it means, at what time it should be done, and the benefits of Kati Shakti Vikasak kriya.

What is Kati Shakti Vikasaka Kriya its meaning?

Kati Shakti Vikasak: This is a Sanskrit word which is made up of three words, Kati Shakti Vikasak, according to Sanskrit and Hindi dictionary, Kati means waist Shakti means power and Vikasak means increase or development in this way this means it is a waist strength-enhancing exercise.

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Kati shakti vikasak kriya

How to do Kati Shakti Vikasaka Kriya (steps)?

We do this exercise standing, this exercise will be easy for any person to see, but when someone does it himself then it becomes a bit difficult for any seeker to do it or say, it is a little difficult to do it in the right way. If so, then read all the methods given below carefully so that you can easily naturally do this exercise.

1. To do Kati Shakti Vikasak, we will stand at one place and keep a distance of about 4 to 5 inches on both feet.

2. After standing, you will hold the wrist of the left hand with the right hand or the wrist of the right hand with the left hand and stabilize the hands on the lower back.

3. While inhaling, you will bend backwards and while exhaling the breath will bend forward.

4. We only have to tilt our torso forward and backwards, you should not move your legs at all.

5. While leaning back, we have to keep all the weight of our torso on our hands.

6. While bending the body forward, we will try that the distance between the forehead and the knee should be as low as possible, we have to take our forehead near the knees and draw our stomach inwards.

7. While bending the body forward or backwards, we will definitely keep control of the breath, which means we will inhale while bending the body back and exhale while bending the body forward.


  • If you are able to get up early in the morning, then try to do Kati Shakti Vikas Kriya only in the morning.
  • It can be practiced normally from 8:00 to 10 times.
  • And after some time according to your physical capacity, you can increase or decrease this time.
  • We will practice Kati Shakti Vikasak before the practice of asanas so that energy can increase in the body.

Affected body parts.

  • While moving backwards.

During the exercise, you will feel the whole stretch when you tilt your body backwards, above the stomach, thighs, chest, shoulders and above the throat.

  • While moving forwards.

When you forward you will feel the whole stretch on the calves, on the muscles behind the thighs, on the buttocks, on the back, on the shoulders and the back of the neck.

Benefits of Kati Shakti Vikasaka Kriya.

We have come to know that how we can do this action easily and what is the time to do it and which parts of us are affected by it. Now let us know what are the benefits of Kati Shakti Vikasak kriya.

1. Relief back:- When we bend forward while doing this, our back gets a lot of benefit at that time, our back gets relief from problems like stiffness.

2. Strengthens thighs:- When we bend our back backwards while doing the Kati shakti Vikasak, at that time there is a stretch on our thighs, due to which the muscles of our thighs become flexible, its effect on our thighs not only from the front but also on the back muscles.

3. Reduce fat:- When we do this exercise and when we bend forward, there is an effect on our stomach, due to which our enlarged stomach starts decreasing.

4. Stomach related problems:- Air disorders, gas formation, indigestion, in all these problems, its practice is beneficial.

5. Beneficial for the heart:- When we bend backwards while doing this exercise, the stretch is produced around our chest, due to which the blood circulates well to our heart and it also has a positive effect on the respiratory system.

6. Increase Stability:- To increase physical and mental stability and its practice has a positive effect on the nervous system as well.

7. Reliefs in shoulder and neck pain:- Due to sitting for a long time, there is a pain in our neck or shoulders or general neck pain or shoulder pain, doing Kati Shakti Vikasak is also beneficial.

8. Increase energy:- With the practice of this exercise, the whole body becomes energetic, healthy and strong.

Precautions for Kati Shakti Vikasaka.

If we get benefits from something or exercise, then there is also a possibility of its loss, so you should also know the precautions of the Kati Shakti Vikasak kriya so that you can do this exercise without harm.

1. Because by doing this exercise the circulation of blood around our chest increases, so if you are suffering from high blood pressure then you should not practice this exercise.

2. If you have any serious back problems like slip disc cervical spondylosis sciatica if you are suffering from these problems then you should not practice it because we bend our back backwards while doing this exercise which could harmful for you.

3. If you have any kind of injury in your stomach or you have done any kind of surgery then you should not do Kati Shakti Vikasak for a few days.

If you are a pregnant woman then you should not practice this exercise instead you can practice Pranayama.

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