9 best Kukkutasana benefits, steps all information.


Kukkutasana yoga:- This is a very effective and best asana placed in the category of balance asanas. In this posture, the shape of our body looks like a chicken, while doing this asana, we make all the balance on both our hands, today we will know about this posture, like what is the meaning of this asana, how is this exercise is done and the Kukkutasana benefits and in the end, we will discuss its precautions.

What is Kukkutasana yoga?

If I tell you the literal meaning of this asana, then first you need to know which language or script this word belongs to. Kukkutasana is a Sanskrit word in which according to Sanskrit,Kukkut means cock and Asanameans posture. In this asana, the shape of our body looks like a chicken, so let us know how we can do this pose easily and after that, we will know Kukkutasana benefits.

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Kukkutasana benefits

How to do Kukkutasana (Kukkutasana steps)?

In the beginning, it may be difficult for many new practitioners to do this posture because, in this asana, we make all the balance of our body on both our hands, so that’s why you should read all the methods given below carefully so that you be able to do this asana easily and get more Kukkutasana benefits.

1. Perhaps we must have told you earlier that if we do this asana sitting, then for the practice of this asana, you should sit in Padmasana in your place.

2. Padmasana is the ideal posture to do this asana, so for this posture, sit only in Padmasana.

3. After sitting in Padmasana, we will take our right hand down between the right thigh and shin.

4. Now, in the same way, we will take our right hand down between our right thigh and shin.

5. After taking both the hands down between the thighs and the calves, we will open the palms of both hands and spread the fingers of the hands on the ground.

6. Now after placing the palms of the hands on the ground, we will raise our whole body with the help of our hands (palms).

After raising the body, take special care of one thing that both your knees should not touch the ground and you look towards the front.

After doing the asana for some time, we will slowly keep our body down and take out both our hands and come to the same starting position (Padmasana).


  • There is no fixed time limit for this exercise, you can practice Kukkutasana according to your ability and ability and you can increase the time limit gradually with regular practice.
  • If you want to get more benefits of Kukkutasana or want to get more advantage from any yoga or practice, then you should practice this asana only in the morning because at that time our body is more productive and active, due to which we are able to do the work well and at the same time the temperature of our environment is also normal and there is peace in our environment.

Special cares.

  • When you are doing yhis asana, you should keep in mind that the speed of your breathing continues normally.
  • If you want to get mmoree Kukkutasana benefits and want to do this asana easili and naturally, then yoou have to practice Lolasana (pendant pose) and Padmasana a few days before the practice of this asana.

What are Kukkutasana benefits?

So after knowing how we can do this asana, let us now know the benefits of Poultry Asana and will also know which parts of our body it affects and which of our problems can be solved by practicing it. can be from 

1. Healthy and strong hands:- The main effect of this asana is on our hands and the palms of the hands, as a result of which the muscles of our hands increase, they become more flexible and their strength also increases and our hands become healthy and strong. 

2. Increase stability:- While doing this asana, we keep our body stable, due to which we become mentally and physically stable. 

3. Stronger core:- When you practice this posture, at that time pressure will also arise on your stomach, which is beneficial in strengthening your stomach and core. 

4. Strengthens shoulders:- As we must have told you earlier that we do this asana on the strength of the palms and shoulders of our hands, which increases the strength and flexibility in the muscles of our shoulders and they also become healthy. 

5. Increase blood circulation:- Although there are many Kukkutasana benefits, we also get an indirect benefit from it that by its practice, the circulation of blood in many parts of our body increases and the muscles of those parts of our body get blood properly. 

6. Nervous system:- Doing this asana has a positive effect on our nervous system as we keep our body stable in it. 

7. Increase focus:- If we see the benefits of Kukkutasana mentally, then this asana is the best asana to increase concentration and focus. 

8. Effects on internal organs:- If you remember, we had told that by doing this asana, there is pressure on our stomach, which results in the internal organs of our stomach such as the small intestine liver, pancreas, large intestine, all these organs are well activated and do their work properly. 

9. Reduce shoulder pain:- Along with these benefits, one of the main benefits of Kukkutasana is that it cures the pain around our shoulders and strengthens the bones of our hands. 

Kukkutasana steps

Affected body parts.

  • When we do this asana, at that time all the pressure of our body is on our shoulders and palms because while doing this asana, we keep all the balance of our body on these parts.

Precations for Kukkutasana?

It is a natural thing that if any practice or object has benefits, then there are also chances of it being harmed, so we should be careful while doing any exercise so that we can get more from that practice without any harm, so after knowing Kukkutasana benefits let us know about Kukkutasana precautions. 

1. As you can see in the pictures that we do this asana on the strength of our hands, so if you have any kind of injury in your hands or you have got treatment for that injury, then in that case you should not do poultry asana. 

2. Do not practice this asana in case of physical weakness, dizziness or headache. 

3. We have already told you that this asana is a part of balance poses, if by looking at the pictures we can understand that this asana will not be suitable for a pregnant woman because we have to balance our body in it which is a difficult task, no woman will be able to maintain this balance in that state, so please pregnant women should not do this asana. 

4. Because while doing this asana, our stomach is also affected, so even if you have any kind of injury in your stomach or you have got treatment for that injury, then you should not practice this asana, it can harm you even more. 

If you have any kind of fracture in your hands or if the bones of your hands are weak then you should avoid this asana. If you practice this posture in this situation, then you will suffer loss instead of Kukkutasana benefits.

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