Kumbhakasana benefits, meaning, steps and precautions.


Kumbhakasana or also known as plank pose in English the method of doing Kumbhakasana is very simple, but staying in this posture for a long time becomes difficult for many people, especially those who stay away from exercise and yoga and this asana is a bit difficult for beginners and people, because many parts of our body are affected in this asana, but along with this, many parts of our body also get benefits.

So in this article, we will know what is the meaning of this asana, we will also discuss Kumbhakasana Steps about Kumbhakasana Benefits and its precautions.

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What is the meaning of Kumbhakasana?

Kumbhakasana:- It is a Sanskrit word that is made up of two words Kumbhaka and Asana, Kumbhaka means pause of breath or to hold the breath and Asana means posture. So this was the literal meaning of Kumbhak Asana, so let us now know about Kumbhakasana steps.

Kumbhakasana steps

How to do Kumbhakasana (steps)?

Kumbhakasana:- This asana may seem a little easy in appearance and even though it is a little easy to do, but it is a little difficult to maintain your body comfortably in this asana. So that’s why you should read and understand the methods given below carefully so that you can do this exercise properly.

1. To do this asana, lie down on your stomach on a flat surface.

2. Keep the chin on the ground and keep both your hands by the side of the chest.

3. You can also keep both your feet together or if you want, you can also do this exercise by keeping a distance of four to five inches between them.

4. Now slowly making the balance of your whole body on the fingers of the hands and feet, you will raise the body.

5. When we reach the final stage of Kumbhakasana, at that time keep your elbows absolutely straight, keeping your neck straight while looking in front.

Along with all this, you have to keep your spine and your legs in a straight line.

7. Similarly, we will remain in this posture for some time, you can keep your body stable for 40 to 50 seconds at a time.

8. Slowly we will keep the body on the ground by bending our elbows as if we were lying in the starting position.

9. While doing Kumbhakasana, the speed of our breath will continue as normal.

10. Kumbhakasana can be practised from 2 to 4 times and the body can be held still for 1:30 minutes to 2 minutes at a time.


  • Although there are many benefits of Kumbhakasana, if you practice Pranayama before doing it and after doing it, you practice Parvatasana or Chaturanga Dandasana, then doing it according to this sequence will give you more benefits.

Kumbhakasana benefits Kumbhakasana steps

Tips for Beginners.

If you are a new practitioner then you should follow all the things given below.

  • You should practice Kumbhakasana on an empty stomach.
  • Any seeker should do any yoga in the morning only because in the morning the temperature of our environment remains normal and at that time more energy remains in our body.

Top Amazing Kumbhakasana benefits.

So we have told you some aspects related to this asana such as its meaning Kumbhakasana steps, so let us know about Kumbhakasana benefits and which of our physical and mental problems will be solved by doing it.

1. Good for the spine:- The practice of Kumbhakasana especially has a positive effect on the back and spine, by doing this our back muscles become strong.

2. Improve body posture:- Regular practise of this asana improves the deformed shape of our body, especially the shape of our spine.

3. Strong hands and shoulders:- Although there are many benefits of Kumbhakasana, by doing this the muscles of our shoulders and hands also become strong.

4. Increases stability:- Now if we see its benefits mentally, then its practice increases stability in our body.

5. Good for the Nervous system:- Its practice is considered very beneficial for the nervous system.

6. Effect on abdominal:- By doing Kumbhakasana, straining is created on our abdominals and side abdominals, due to which the muscles of that part become healthy and better.

7. Stronger legs:- While doing this asana, our legs are also used, all the weight of our body is on our feet and our hands, due to which the muscles of our legs also become strong and strong.

8. Increase blood circulation:- The practice of Kumbhakasana increases the circulation of blood in many parts of our body like from our hands towards our feet towards our abdominal area and towards our back.

9. Reduce body weight:- By regular practise of this asana, a seeker can reduce the weight of his body, he can reduce the extra fat from many parts of his body like from the part of his hands especially he/she can reduce fat from the stomach area.

Kumbhakasana benefits

What are the Precautions for Kumbhakasana?

So you have come to know that what is the meaning of this asana, Kumbhakasana Steps, Kumbhakasana Benefits Now it is also necessary for you to know that what precautions you should take care of while doing this asana so that you can do this asana properly and that too without getting hurt.

1. If you have any kind of injury in your hands or wrists, then you should avoid this asana for a few days, instead you can practice pranayamas such as Anulom Vilom Pranayama, Chandra Bhedana Pranayama and many others.

2. If you are a pregnant woman then you should not do this asana as it creates stress on your abdomen which is not good for the health of you and your unborn baby.

3. If you feel pain in your shoulders or spine while doing this asana, then you should stop doing it.

4. If you have undergone any kind of treatment related to abdominals or if you have any kind of injury in your abdomen, then you should not do Kumbhakasana in these problems, it can increase your problem even more.

5. If you have any kind of injury in your back or if you have had an accident with your back, then you should not practice this asana.

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