Lolasana yoga (Pendant pose) Benefits, steps and precautions.


Lolasana is especially practised to create physical balance, but it has many other benefits for our body. Then let us know about some of the benefits of Lolasana and we will also discuss how we can do this asana easily.

What is the meaning of Lolasana?

Lolasana:- it is a Sanskrit word actually it is made up of two Sanskrit words Lol and Asana (Lol means fickle or vibrating and Asana means posture) and maybe that’s why we also call it pendant pose.

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How to do Lolasana (step for Pendant pose)?

So let us know how we can easily practice Lolasana. If you want to do this asana properly, then please read the steps given below carefully.

1. For the practice of this asana, we will come to our place in Padmasana.

2. And if for some reason you are not able to apply Padmasana, then you can come to Ardha Padmasana, Siddhasana, Sukhasana or any other asana and practice it.

3. But padmasana is its ideal position to do Lolasana but in the initial days you can use any other asana it is a choice

4. After coming into Padmasana, open both your palms and keep them next to the thighs.

5. And now keeping the elbows straight, making the pressure of the hands towards the ground, raise the body.

6. And will bring the whole weight of the body on both palms.

7. Lolasana can be practised normally for 2 to 3 minutes and can naturally stabilize the body every once in a while.

8. The movement of the breath will continue as normal during the exercise, you will feel the weight of the body on the palms, on the shoulders and the elbows.

Tips For Beginners.

If you are a beginner and want to practice this asana, then you should keep these things in mind.

  • If you are a beginner and find it difficult to practice this asana, you can change your starting posture. You can complete this asana with Ardha Padmasana.
  • If we listen to the yogis, according to them, if you want to practice any asana, then morning time is appropriate for that because our body remains fit and healthy at that time. So you should also practice lolasana in the morning only.
How to do lolasana benefits of lolasana
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Top Benefits of Lolasana (Pendant pose).

If you want to take full benefits of Lolasana and if you want that you do not have to face any problem while doing this asana then you can read the precautions given below

1. Mental and physical stability:- Now if we discuss the benefits of Lolasana, its practice provides physical and mental stability and also has a positive effect on the nervous system.

2. Increase muscles:-By its practice, the muscles of the fingers, arms and shoulders increase, due to which they become even stronger and better.

3. Good for stomach:- During the practice of this asana, all the pressure falls on the abdomen and the waist, due to which the circulation of blood can be done properly on these parts.

4. Improves digestion:- Its practice also positively affects our digestive system, due to which our digestion becomes better.

5. Works on faeces system:-
With the practice of this asana, the process of removal of faeces (human waste) can be done well.

6. Good for internal organs:- The practice of Lolasana has a positive effect on the internal organs of our stomach and they can do their work properly.

7. Stronger wrist and hands:- By doing this asana, our hands, as well as our wrists, become strong.

What are the precautions for Lolasana (pendant pose)?

If you want to take full benefits of Lolasana and if you want that you do not have to face any problem while doing this asana then you can read the precautions given below

1. Physically weak:-If you are physically weak, you should not do this asana because it can increase your problem.

2. Feeling headache:- Do not practice Lol Asana in case of headache or dizziness.

3. Extra body fat:- If you have more body weight then please practice this asana with little care if you have more fat in your abdominal part then you can reduce your body fat by practising yoga asanas like Kagasana and Ardha matsyendrasana.

4. Weak hands:- If the muscles of your hands are weak and if your wrist is thin and weak or if you have any kind of fracture in your hands, then you should not practice this asana.

5. Pregnant woman:- If you are going through a pregnancy stage then you should not do this asana because the practice of Lonasana puts pressure on your stomach which is not at all good for the health of a pregnant woman and her unborn child.

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What is the difference between Lolasana and Tolasana?

There is no difference between Lolasana and Tolasana, if there is any difference between these two asanas, it is the difference in their names. In Lolasana we have to keep the control of our body in our hands and in Tolasana we have to do the same.

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