Mandukasana yoga precautions and contraindications (frog pose).


Mandukasana is a very simple and easy asana, any new yoga practitioner can practice this pose in the initial days.

And if you are practicing yoga for the first time or want to get into yoga, you should include Mandukasana in your practice in the initial days.

Mandukasana mainly affects our stomach but at the same time, it indirectly affects many other parts of our body such as our legs, back, neck and other parts.

Mandukasana steps are very easy to do, it can be easily done by any person of any age. But as much as any seeker must know the benefits of any practice, it is equally important that we must take some precautions while doing that exercise.

So that’s why we will discuss in detail Mandukasan Precautions and Contradictions in this article, read them all carefully and try to understand them well.


Mandukasana yoga precautions and contraindications

1. Never do it after a meal:- We will put this point in the first place in the Mandukasan Precautions, We can practice Mandukasana in two ways, both methods generate deep pressure on our abdomen.

And while doing this posture, we have to make pressure on our stomach with the help of our hands and this is our main task while doing this pose.

When you practice this after eating food, it may cause more pain in your stomach than usual due to pressure on your abdomen.

So that’s why you should not practice it at all after eating food, if you do this, then it can cause you vomiting, stomach pain or indigestion.

2. Always start with the second variation:- 
We discussed in the earlier point that we can practice Mandukasana with two methods.

In the first method, we make fists of our hands by placing them next to our navel, tilt the body forward and with the help of our fists we create pressure on our stomach.

And in the Mandukasana second variation, we simply place the palms of our hands-on our stomach and bend forward and apply pressure on our abdomen with our palms.

So as a new practitioner, you must keep in mind that in the beginning, you should practice with the second method as there is less pressure on your stomach, which will make it easier for you to do this pose.

3. Do not do in pregnancy:- The main aim of any seeker of doing this asana is to apply pressure on his stomach and to activate his internal organs by massaging them and also to improve his digestion.

But this can happen only when we create pressure on our stomach with the help of our hands. And far from creating pressure for a pregnant woman, she cannot even bend her body forward in this posture.

And even if she tilts her body, it will put her health at risk as well as her unborn child. So it is our suggestion to you that you should not practice Mandukasana in this state.

4. If any kind of back problem:- We can do this asana only when we bend our back forward and bending back forward would be easier for a normal (healthy) person.

But the person who is suffering from any serious back problem or those who have back problems like sciatica or slip disc or many people often have back pain or if pain arises in your back while performing this exercise.

In all these problems, you should not do Mandukasana and if you still want to do this, then practice only on the advice of a specialist doctor.

5. Practice Vajrasana well before doing this:- To do this asana, we first need to do Vajrasana properly, because Vajrasana is the base of doing this pose.

And many people are not even able to do Vajrasana and when they do, they start getting pain in the lower part of their knees in a short time.

Therefore, before the practice of this posture, it becomes most important for you that you should first practice the Vajrasana well for a few days and after you practice it well, then start doing it.

6. If any stomach related problem:- We told you earlier and discussed that while doing this asana, we put pressure on our stomach, which also massages the internal organs of our stomach.

So because we are putting pressure on our stomach in this exercise with our own hands.

if you have any kind of problem in your stomach like if you have any infection in your abdomen or any other problem in all these conditions you should not do Mandukasana.

7. Do not put more pressure in the beginning:- If you have ever practiced yoga and have ever do Vajrasana in yoga and tilted your body forward in it then you must have felt that pressure is being generated naturally on your abdomen.

Now because we do the Mandukasana sitting in the position of Vajrasana, we generate pressure on our stomach with our hands.

Then maybe many people feel pain, so if you feel pain, just bend your body normally in Vajrasana and do not put pressure on your stomach with the help of your hands.

8. During any kind of knee problem:- Now we can see in the picture that we are doing this asana on the strength of our feet and if we say in the easy language then our feet play a major role in doing this pose.

And in that case, you cannot do this exercise at all when you have any kind of problem with your foot, if your leg muscles are torn or there is any kind of problem in your leg bone, then in these situations you shouldn’t do this exercise for few days.

9. If any kind of serious injury:- We can do any work well only when we are completely healthy, if you have any kind of injury in your shoulders, stomach, legs, around the neck or waist or in your hands, then you should not practice this asana for a few days.

  • If you are suffering from all these problems, you should not practice this asana and you must practice this pose by following all these precautions so that you can do it without any harm or injury. 

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