Markatasana steps (how to do Markatasana)?

What is the meaning of Markatasana?

Markatasana:- This is a Sanskrit word in which according to Sanskrit, Markat” means monkey and Asana” means posture (pose) so this was the literal meaning of this asana. now let us know about Markatasana steps and after that, we will know about its benefits

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Markatasana steps (How o do Markatasana)?

There are many ways to do this asana, but mainly we can do it in three ways and in this article, we will tell you only one variation of this asana, so let us know how we can practice this posture. 

Marktasana steps:-

1. To practice this, we will lie on our back on a flat surface. 

2. After lying on the back, both hands will be taken out to the side in line with the shoulders. 

3. Will pull both the hands outwards and the palms of both the hands can also be kept upwards and can also be kept downwards, this totally depends on you. 

4. Will bend both the knees and keep the ankles close to the body. 

5. Now take a long deep breath and while exhaling, take both the knees to the right and the neck to the left. 

6. Now as long as you stay in the posture, the speed of breathing will continue as normal. 

7. After staying in the posture for some time, now we will come straight while inhaling and exhaling in the same way, now this time we will bend our knee to the left and bend the neck to the right. 

8. Whenever you make the last pose of this asana, the second knee should remain above your knee and the other toes should remain equally above the toes. 

9. Then while inhaling will come straight, straighten the hands and straighten the knees and come back to the starting position.

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