Murcha Pranayama benefits, meaning, steps, precautions.


Murcha Pranayama is one such pranayama in which we feel slight faintness, but we also get many benefits from its practice, we can also go into the depths of meditation by doing this pranayama.

So in this article, we will tell you what is the meaning of Murcha pranayama, how it is done, Murcha pranayama benefits and what precautions you should take care of while doing it.

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What is Murcha Pranayama?

Murcha Pranayama This is a Sanskrit word made up of Murcha and Pranayama’s two words, “Murchha” means unconsciousness or feeling fainting. As its name is Murcha Pranayama, we start feeling faint as a result of its practice and perhaps that is why this pranayama is named Murchha Pranayama.

So this is the literal meaning of Murchha, now let us know that the meaning of Pranayama, Prana means Life and Yama means to control, we can also call it like this Control over Life. So this was the literal meaning of Murchha Pranayama.

How to do Murcha Pranayama its steps?

So given below are the ways to do Murcha Pranayama, you read these methods carefully, this pranayama is a bit difficult and in this, we have to apply two Mudras simultaneously. After this, we will know about the benefits of Murcha Pranayama.

1. For its practice, we will choose a comfortable posture such as Siddhasana, Sukhasana or Ardha Padmasana.

2. After coming into a comfortable posture, we have to keep our back and neck straight and leave our hands loose on the knees.

3. After that we will inhale some long deep breaths, slowly inhale the breath and exhale it outside the body.

4. After about 1 to 2 minutes, now from here we will start the practice of Murcha Pranayama.

5. In this pranayama, we have to apply two Mudras, first Khechari Mudra and second Shambhavi Mudra.

6. First we make Khechari Mudra, after that, you bend your neck backwards.

7. After bending the neck backward, we inhale Ujjayi breathe, in Ujjayi we inhale with the help of our throat, due to which a special sound is also produced.

8. After filling Ujjayi breath in the body, we have to make Shambhavi Mudra and keep the breath inside the body and look between the two eyes.

9. When you can not hold your breath, then slowly exhale, keep the eyes closed and bring the neck back to the starting position.

10. After doing this, you sit silently for some time with your eyes closed, enjoy whatever activities happen inside and outside the body.

Murcha pranayama benefits
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Special cares for Murcha pranayama.

1. During the practice, keep all the attention focused on the breath and between the two eyes.

2. Practice this in the last, after all the exercises of pranayama, and after that sit for some time in a comfortable posture (Ardha Padmasana).

3. Before practicing this, Ujjayi Pranayama, Khechari Mudra and Shambhavi Mudra should be practiced well.

Amazing benefits of Murcha Pranayama.

We have learned that what is the meaning of Murcha Pranayama and how we can do this Pranayama, so let us know about Murcha Pranayama benefits.

1. Depth of Meditation:- The practice of this pranayama is the best practice to get into the depths of meditation, especially its practice takes the seeker into the depths of meditation.

2. Sattva quality:- Sattva quality is also predominant in our body by the practice of this pranayama.

3. Cures eye problems:- If we see its benefits physically, then by the practice of this pranayama, we get a lot of benefits in problems related to eyes.

4. Good sleep:- Its practice is beneficial in problems like insomnia.

5. Reduces problems like:- The practice of this pranayama is the best beneficial practice in problems like anger, tension, headache, anxiety.

6. Peace and bliss:-
With the practice of this pranayama, we feel peace and bliss both mentally and physically.

7. Increases energy:- It helps us in increasing our mental and physical energy, due to which the productivity of our body also increases.

8. By doing this pranayama, helps in meditating by making the mind introvert.

9. By doing this, there is an effect of positive energy in our body.

Tips for Beginners.

  • You should keep in mind that your stomach should remain empty while doing this, you should do this pranayama at least 2 to 3 hours after having meal.
  • Before doing Murcha Pranayama, make sure that you are capable of applying Khechari Mudra, Ujjayi Pranayama and Shambhavi Mudra.
  • If you are a new seeker then you should practice this pranayama with the advice of an experienced yoga master or practice this pranayama under his supervision.
How to do Murchha Pranayama benefits
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What are the Precautions for Murcha pranayama?

Now, because we feel slight fainting while doing this breathing exercise, it is very important to do it correctly with some measures.
So that is why you must take care of some precautions while practicing Murcha Pranayama so that you can get the most out of this pranayama and can do this pranayama without any harm.

1. People who are suffering from high blood pressure and hypertension should not practice this pranayama.

2. Do not do this if you have an epileptic seizure.

3. Do not practice Murcha Pranayama if there is any serious disease related to the heart.

4. You do not practice this pranayama in problems like mental disorders, it can make your condition even more serious.

5. As we have told you that by practicing this, we feel slight fainting, so if you face problems like dizziness during its practice, then you should stop doing it.

Murcha pranayama

Common mistakes.

  • Most of the practitioners make this mistake while doing this pranayama that they breathe through their nose, whereas in this pranayama we have to breathe ujjayi, like we breathe in ujjayi pranayama.
  • The purpose of doing any pranayama is to control your life means to control your breath, so if you always do any pranayama, then definitely pay attention to your breath in it and keep them under control.

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