Nail rubbing benefits (Balayam) How does rubbing nails help in hair growth.

In this article we will tell you about Nail rubbing benefits and How does rubbing nails help in hair growth so let’s get started.


Nail rubbing exercise or I may say, Balayam, yes, its yogic name is Balayam, which is composed of two Sanskrit words bal and vyayam, bal means hairs and vyayam means exercise.

As it is clear from its name that this exercise is specially made for taking care of our hair, as our hair becomes prematurely white, Loss of hair shine and in the end the most important and serious problem is our premature loss of hair.

And to solve this problem, our yoga gurus must have created this exercise. Many of you must be thinking about how can we get rid of this problem by just rubbing your nails for a few minutes.

Yes, you can get relief from many problems related to your hair by doing this exercise for only 15-20 minutes daily.

But for this, we need to know how it works and how we should do this exercise that benefits us.

So first we will know how we can do Balayam (Nail Rubbinng).

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How to do Balayam (Nail rubbing).

  •  First, you sit comfortably in one place, then you do 2-3 minutes pranayams such as Kapalbhanti, Anulom vilom and many others. After that, you have to start rubbing the nails of your both hands with each other.
  • But while rubbing your nails, you have to keep in mind that you rub them from their starting point. Many people make the same mistake, they only rub their nails, but this method is wrong. You should always keep in mind that while balayam, you will always rub your nails from their starting point. As shown below in the image.

  •  And you must keep in mind that you always do this exercise on an empty stomach or after 2-3 hours of eating food, the scientific reason behind it is that when we eat food, after that our body is engaged in the process of digesting food. If you do this exercise immediately after eating, it will not work as well.

We have already talked about how we can do this exercise, now lets know how this exercise works for our hairs.

How does rubbing nails help in hair growth? (How Nail rubbing works)

  • When we rub our nails with their starting point it creates a tingle and that tingling proves to be a blessing for our hair. And to understand this we have to go a little deeper.

The roots of the finger nails are directly connected to our scalp and with our hair follicles. So when we rub our nails, it creates a movement in our scalp and hair follicles which increases the blood circulation of our head.

  1. And that blood gives new life to our weak and dead tissues by giving them required nutrition and oxygen and this blood circulation works like a (DHT) blocker.
  2. But all this will work only if you eat a balanced and good diet and keep protein, biotin and green vegetables in your diet as much as you can.
  3. You should at least include the amount of protein in your diet according to your weight. For example, if you weigh 70 kg, then you should include at least 70 grams of protein in your food.
  • I am repeatedly asking you to increase the amount of protein in your food because one of the main reasons behind this is that our hair is made up of about 95% keratin, and protein is most important for making keratin.

Make your core strong with this asana.

Do people face Problems after doing Nail rubbing (Balayam)?

Yes, many people have to face problems, in the beginning, When they perform Balayam (Nail rubbing), then let us tell you what is the main reason behind this and how you can get relief from it.

Why people get Headaches after Nail rubbing (Balayam).

When we do Balayam, we get headaches, it is usually because when we do Balayam, the veins of our head attached to our fingernail start doing their work, due to which there is a movement in our scalp and hair follicles, and that movement increases the blood circulation in our head, and due to increase of blood circulation we get headaches.

Now the question is how can we cure this headache?

So you don’t worry, you will have this headache only for a few days, after that your body (head) starts to bear that pain.


Why do people lose their hair at the beginning?

Many people also have hair loss problem in the beginning, then this problem is completely dependent on our hair cycle. Let me explain to you in detail, depending on the hair cycle, it means that the hair which is in our resting phase (telogen phase) turns into the growth phase (anagen phase) so that’s why our hair falls increases after doing Nail rubbing (balayam).

How can we stop our initial hair fall?

If your hair loss is too high in the beginning, then there is nothing to worry about, but it is a good message for your hair, that Balayam is working for you.

And if your hair is falling even after a month, then the main reason may be the lack of nutrients in your food so as we told you earlier that you improve your food, your hair will stop falling.

So will your hair fall stop now?

So the answer is yes if you follow all the methods mentioned above, then you will definitely get the benefit, but if you want to improve your hair further, you can do many asanas along with Balayam such as Sirsasana, Kapalbhati and Sarvangasana.

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