easy guide of Padahastasana steps for beginners.

Padahastasana:- This is such an asana that may seem easy to see but it becomes difficult for many seekers to remain in this posture and to do this asana properly, in this asana, on the back muscles of our thighs, on the buttocks and back, good and deep stretch is generated, which eliminates many problems of our body. 

By the way, any new practitioner can practice this asana very easily and naturally, in this posture, we stand straight and bend our upper body forward and try to touch the ground with our hands. Let’s know the Padahastasana Steps. 

Padhastasana steps

What are the Padahastasana steps?

These are the Padahastasana steps in detail. 

1. For the practice of this asana, we will stand straight in our place and a distance of four to five fingers can also be kept in the feet and if you want, you can also stand with legs joined. 

2. Will keep the neck and back straight, the arms will be straight down and stand up. 

3. Then while inhaling, take both the hands from the side to the top. 

4. Now while exhaling, we will pull the stomach inwards and keeping the arms straight, we will tilt our body forward. 

In the beginning, do not immediately bend the body forward so that you can easily bend the body as far forward as you can. 

6. If you practice yoga exercise regularly and you can tilt your body forward then you try to touch your hands to the ground. 

7. You can place the palms of your hands on the ground on the right and left sides of your feet. 

8. The meaning of this posture is that we have to touch our hands with our feet, then you can also touch your hands with your feet or you can keep the palms of your hands next to them. 

9. While doing the Padhastasana, we have to touch our forehead with our knees and our hands have to touch the ground with our feet. When these two parts of you start touching each other properly, then it means that you are doing this posture absolutely right. 

10. When you are touching your forehead with your knees and your hands with your feet, keep in mind that your legs should be absolutely straight. 

11. Stay in the same posture for some time and after about 1 or 2 minutes you can come back to the starting position while raising your body and keeping the hands down from the side. 

So these were the Padahastasana steps, if you read all the above steps carefully and try to practice in the same way then you will undoubtedly get benefit from this asana. 

  • Yes, one thing should be kept in mind that if you are a new practitioner and you do not practice yoga or exercise regularly, then you should not do this asana for a long time and Do not try to touch the ground forcibly, this can also cause problems due to excessive strain in your back and thighs.

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