Pawanmuktasana steps (how to do Pawanmuktasana)?

What is the meaning of Pawanmuktasana?

Pawan means air, Mukta means exhalation this asana works in our body just as its name, this practice balances the contaminated air accumulated in the stomach or the increased air in other parts of the body.


Pawanmuktasana steps how to do?

First, we will tell you in-depth how you can do this asana, after that we will discuss the benefits of Pawanmuktasana.

1. For the practice of Pawanmuktasana, you will lie down in ‘Shavasana’ on the ground.

2. While our legs should be aligned in a straight line while doing this asana, our elbows should be straight and our knees should be equally connected.

3. Will bend your right knee, take the right knee near the chest, will hold it close to the thoracic arm with your finger stuck in your hands.

4. We will hold our leg from above and pull the knee completely towards your chest, keeping the toes of both feet stretched, and keep the knee of the other leg straight.

5. To get the full Benefits of Pawanmuktasana we have to hold our feet below our knees so that the pressure can be properly formed.

6. Will take a long breath, breath out, stomach in, head upwards, then we will touch our nose with knee, the second knee should remain absolutely straight, as long as we stay in this posture, the speed of breath will continue normally, leaving the breath out, place the head on the ground and straighten the feet.

7. Now we will do the same with our other leg, then we will bend our left knee and try to pull the knee near the chest near the place of our thoracic area.

8. During this time we have to keep our right leg absolutely straight and we have to try as much as possible to stretch our toes.

9. Now we will do exactly as we did before, we have to take a long breath, after that, we have to touch our nose with our knee, during this time the speed of breath should be moving normally.

10. Now we will bend both our knees together, take the knees near the chest, then we will hold our knees with our hands and pull them towards our chest.

11. Then we will take a long breath, and release, keep the head up, and move our nose between our two knees, the breath should be moving normally.

12. Now leaving the breath out, you will keep the head down, remove the hands from your knees and keep them on the ground and make the legs straight.

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