Precautions and contraindications of Trikonasana.


This is an asana in which the shape of our body looks like a triangle and that’s why in English we also call this asana Triangle Pose.

Doing this asana mainly affects our armpits, hands, feet and many other parts of the body. In the beginning, many people may have trouble doing Trikonasana steps, but it does not mean that you cannot do this asana.

There are many ways to do this asana and if it is said in the easy language then there are many Trikonasana variations.

Although there are many ways to do this asana, the practice that we can do in many different ways puts us at a higher risk of injury or harm. So that is why, we should follow some precautions and contraindications of Trikonasana while practicing.


What are the Precautions and contraindications of Trikonasana?

So if you want to get the maximum benefits of Trikonasana without any harm or damage, then you should practice this asana keeping all these contraindications and precautions in mind.

1. Do not practice if feeling headache and dizziness:- If you go through all its variants carefully and try to practice then you will realize that all its variations are a bit difficult for a newbie.

So if you are a new practitioner and are practicing this asana for the first time and if you feel any problem like dizziness or headache then you should stop doing this asana for some time.

2. Pregnant women should not do:- You must have heard that the cost of two lives is more than one life and a pregnant woman carries two lives with her.

And there are some such variations of this asana (like fifth and sixth variation), by which the womb of any pregnant woman is affected.

So if you are going through a pregnancy and your pregnancy stage is too long. So in that case, do not practice this asana, it will affect your health as well as the health of your unborn child.

3. Any kind of back problem:- When we do this asana, at that time we tilt our torso (up, down, left and right). As a result of which a lot of strain and pressure is generated on our back.

This would be appropriate for a normal (healthy) person but it will be very dangerous for those people who are suffering from any back problem like sciatica.

One in this situation, you should not practice it, and the other is if you have any kind of injury in your back or you have recently treated that injury, then also you should not do Trikonasana.

4. Do not practice it immediately:- 
We have told you many times that it comes under the category of difficult postures in yoga. And to do difficult asanas, we need to have subtlety (a skill).

And to develop the ability we already have to practice many more yoga asanas which is a little easier and which increases the flexibility in our body like Ardha matsyendrasana, Ardha Halasana and Santolanasana.

So when you have practiced these asanas well for a few days, after that you start doing Trikonasana.

5. Avoid after having a meal:- This is one of those asanas, due to which pressure is generated on our stomach because in some of its ways we turn our stomach forward.

So if you have eaten food and doing it after the meal, then it can also worsen your digestion process and you may also have problems like vomiting.

6. Any kind of abdomen problem:- In today’s time, people are prone to stomach infections, due to which they have many problems related to the abdomen and which affects their whole body.

And as you have already known that while doing this asana, a lot of pressure is generated on our stomachs.

If you have any kind of injury in your stomach or you have any infection, in these situations, you should practice Trikonasana under the supervision of a special yoga teacher or on the advice of your doctor.

7. If feeling physical weakness:- To do any exercise, it is necessary to have enough energy and strength in our body only then can we complete that task properly.

And this is a difficult posture in which we have to keep our body stable So that’s why we need enough energy and strength to do this asana.

If you feel physical weakness, then do not practice this pose in that case.

8. Do not hold your body forcefully:- It is said that doing anything forcefully is not beneficial for our body, on the contrary, we only get hurt (injury) by that practice.

And in this difficult posture, you must keep in mind that you do not keep your body stable with force If you still do this, then it can harm you, the muscles of your body can also teared. So keep your body stable in this posture for as long as you can easily.

9. If any knee injury:- While doing this asana, all the weight of our body is on our feet and in this way, we do this asana only on the strength of our feet.

So if you have pain in your feet while doing this pose, then do not practice it for a few days. And if your feet or knees are injured, even in that case you should not do Trikonasana, if you still do it, then it can make your injury even deeper.

10. Practice under a specialist yoga teacher:- If you are practicing any yoga for the first time and you feel that the asana is a bit difficult then you should practice that asana only under the supervision of a special yoga teacher who can guide you from time to time. You can also refer to this point as Precautions and Contraindications of Trikonasana.


  • So these were the Precautions and Contradictions of Trikonasana, whenever you do triangle pose, then you should practice keeping all these precautions in mind.

With this, you will be able to get the maximum benefits of this pose without causing any damage and at the same time, you will be able to complete this posture properly.

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