Precautions, Limitations and side effects of “Sirsasana” (Headstand)

Precautions for Sirsasana (Headstand)

As we all know that this asana has many benefits for us physically and mentally, but as you can see in the above picture that this asana is not so easy, so we have to take some precautions while doing this asana.

Now many of you must be thinking that what are the ‘Benefits’ of our body will get by doing this asana and after all ‘How can we do this asana easily, then Don’t take care of it, we have already written an article on those two subjects. But never mind, I will tell you some benefits of this asana within this article.

Benefits of Sirsasana

  1. Reduces hair fall:- By doing this posture daily, our hair loss problem is reduced because the reason behind it is that when we are in this posture, our head is downwards, due to which most of the blood of our body comes towards our head. And that blood gives a new life to our weak hair follicles by giving them the right amount of nutrition and oxygen.

2. Reduces wrinkles:-By doing this asana, there is a glow and also reduces wrinkles from our face. And all this happen because this posture speeds up the circulation of blood to our head and face.

3. Increases memory power:- Students must do this asana daily for at least 5-10 minutes, this asana could help to boost their memory power because when we perform this asana it increases the blood circulation near the head and that blood provides oxygen to every single nerve in the brain.

4. It could release stress:- This asana directly affect the region of our brain and head this asana increases the blood flow near the brain or head and that blood carries oxygen, nutrients which nourishes the dead tissues of the brain and even make them more efficient and that all things help to releases stress.

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Precautions and Limitations for Sirsasana.

  • Neck Injury:-If there has been an accident with your neck in the past, then please do not try to do this posture because doing this posture can increase your neck problem, the reason behind this is that in this posture, all your weight will be on your head and arms.
  • Blood Pressure Sufferer:-Those people who are suffering from high blood pressure and hypertension should stay away from this asana because when we do this asana, then most of our blood starts coming towards the top part of our body and in the area of ​​our heart. Blood circulation becomes faster and sometimes a person also has to face big problems like a cardiac attack.

So I would recommend those people first they should cure their problem of high Blood Pressure by doing some ‘Pranayam’ and after that, they should try to do this asana.

  • Practice some asana (warm-up):-Please try some asanas before you do this asana because this asana is a bit difficult for which you will need to be agitated, so if you try some asanas before doing this asana, then your body and mind will Will be agile and energetic and you will able to do Sirsasana easily.
  • Feeling Headache:-If you feel dizzy or headache while doing this asana, you should stop doing the asana immediately because it can spoil your balance, which can cause you to fall down and you may get hurt.
  • Obesity:-People who are suffering with obesity, do not try to do this asana, due to being overweight, they will be unable to balance and they could fall down.
  • Pregnant woman should avoid:-If you are pregnant, you should abstain from this asana because you will not be able to maintain balance in that condition and if you fall down it will also affect your child’s health.
  • Weight distribution:-When you put yourself in the position of Sirsasana, then you take special care of your weight distribution. We mean to say that you keep that state and you don’t try to move your body in that position. And at least you keep yourself 25-30 seconds in that position.
  • Under guidance:-beginners should always do this asana under the guidance of people and with the support of the wall and they should always use a soft mat or pad under their head.
  • Back Injury:-Do not do this asana if you have had an accident with your back in the past, or if you feel occasional pain in your back, do not do this asana
  • Psychology problem:-If I say that this is one of the main problems among all then it’s not going to be wrong many people think that they will be able to do this asana in a single day, but this is not true, it may take a few weeks or months to complete this asana.

My Tips

  1. Beginners should always use a soft mat while performing ‘Sirsasana’.
  2. If you are really want to do this asana then always try to do it with an empty stomach or try to do it in the evening or in the morning.
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