8 wonder Sarpasana benefits (snake pose) steps, meaning and cautions.


Sarpasana or what we also call snake pose in English, this asana is mainly done to enhance our physical abilities, the main effect of this asana is on our shoulders, on the chest and on many other parts of the body. So let us know how we can easily do this posture, what this asana means and about Sarpasana benefits.

What is the meaning of Sarpasana (snake pose)?

This word is a Sanskrit word that is made up of two words, ‘Sarpa’ and ‘Asana’. Sarpa means snake and Asana means posture (pose). In this posture, the shape of our body looks like a snake maybe that’s why this asana is also called snake pose. So let us know how to do this posture and Sarpasana benefits.

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How to do Sarpasana (snake pose) steps?

Many people are unable to differentiate between Sarpasana and Bhujangasana, they think that both these asanas are the same but it is not so, both are different asanas. So that is why you should read the methods of Sarpasana carefully so that you can differentiate between Sarpa Asana and Bhujangasana.

1. To do the snake pose, we will lie down on our stomach on a flat surface.

2. After lying on the stomach, join both the legs and keep both the heels in the same position and both the heels should be pulled outwards.

3. Keep the chin on the ground and take both hands backwards and hold with each other.

4. Keep the hands on the buttocks and keep the elbows straight.

5. Now while inhaling, raise both the hands above the buttocks.

6. And while filling the breath, we have to raise our hands as well as our chin above the ground.

7. Along with all this, we have to keep our shoulders and our chest above the ground.

8. When you make this posture completely, then you pull your hands backwards and try to keep your neck up as much as you can, by doing this you will get more benefits of Sarpasana.

9. As long as you have stayed in the posture, keep breathing normally.

10. Slowly come back to the starting position, keeping your hands above the buttocks, and keeping your chin on the ground.

Special note.

  • Because in this asana, we bend our back backwards, so after this posture, you must practice Ardha Kurmasansana so that there is no damage to the back.


  • Sarpasana can be practiced 3 to 5 times and can be held normally for 30 seconds to 1 minute at a time.
  • You can increase or decrease this time limit according to your ability and capability.

Tips for beginners.

If you are doing Sarpasana for the first time, then you should take special care of these things so that you can get more benefits of Sarpasana.

  • Many new practitioners do yoga after eating food, but you should not do this, do only one asana after eating food and that is Vajrasana.
  • In the beginning, lift your neck as comfortably as possible for you and pull the hands back, do not try to pull your body forcefully.

What are the benefits of Sarpasana (snake pose)?

So this was the way to do this asana and the meaning of this asana, let us now know what are the benefits of Sarpasan.

1. beneficial for the back and spine:- Its practice is a particularly beneficial exercise for the back and spine.

2. Improves lungs and heart:- This is a much better posture for the lungs and heart.

3. Beneficial for the throat:- The practice of this asana is beneficial in respiratory diseases or any diseases related to the throat.

4. Improves body posture:- In today’s time, many people struggle with this problem that the shape of their spine is disturbed and which looks very ugly to see, if you are also suffering from this problem, then you can improve your Body posture by practicing this asana.

5. Effect on lower back:- While doing Sarpasana, there is a direct effect on our lower back, due to which the muscles of that part get stronger and they get healthy.

6. Strengthens shoulders and hands:- Although there are many benefits of Sarpasana, by doing this asana, our hands are also affected, our hands remain in the air behind in this posture, due to which there is a force on them and the muscles of our shoulders and hands become strong and healthy.

7. Stability:- To increase mental and physical stability and to have a positive effect on the nervous system.

Affected body parts.

  1. While doing this asana, we will feel all the pressure on the lower back and all the stretch on the abdomen and chest.

2. Sarpasana benefits:- While doing the snake posture, our hands are behind in the air, due to which their muscles get stronger.

Precautions for Sarpasana (snake pose)?

Although there are many benefits of Sarpasana, many people may have difficulty in doing this asana and this asana is not for everyone, we should take some precautions while doing this posture and those who should not practice this asana also need to know.

1. Because in this posture, our stomach is facing down, so any pregnant woman should not practice Sarpasana, they can practice pranayam instead of that.

2. However there so many benefits of Sarpasana but this posture should not be done if there is any serious back-related disease such as sciatica problem, cervical spondylosis etc.

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