Shashankasana (rabbit pose) contraindications, precautions and side effects.


Shashankasana: This is counted in the category of simple asanas in yoga. While doing this asana, we should keep a sense of humility, peace and enthusiasm in our mind.

Although Shashankasana steps are very easy, but we get many benefits from it, by doing this pose, a person can get rid of many of his problems, whether it is mental or any physical problem.

The special thing about this asana is that there is no age restriction for doing this asana. Almost every person can practice this asana easily, whether it is a child, a young person or an old person, all people can do this posture.

As we have just told you that almost every person can do this exercise but if you want to get the maximum benefits from this, without causing any damage or injury, then you must take care of some precautions and contraindications while doing it.

So that’s why in today’s article we will discuss in detail about Shashankasana Contraindications and Precautions and you should read all those points carefully so that you can do this exercise without any damage.

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Shashankasana contraindications, precautions and side effects.

The success of any person in yoga asanas is determined by his steps and precautions to be taken while doing that exercise, so if you are a new seeker then read all its contraindications carefully.

1. Do it after the practice of Virasana/vajrasana well:- As you can see in the picture above, we are sitting in the position of Virasana while doing this pose.

Yes, if you want, you can also do it sitting in the position of Vajrasana, but if you do it sitting in Virasana then you will get even more benefits from it.

Whenever you practice Shashankasana, practice Virasana well for a few days or a few weeks before that so that you do not have any problem in sitting in Virasana and you can do it well.

2. Don’t do after having meal:- In this asana, we tilt our body forward, as a result of which deep pressure is generated on our stomach and when we tilt our body forward, during that time we focus our eyes completely forward.

If you do this exercise after eating food, it may cause you vomiting or indigestion problem due to pressure on your stomach and because we keep our eyes focused in one place then many people may get dizzy after eating food.

3. Pregnant women should stay away from it:- The cost of two lives is always more than the one life we are telling you this because a pregnant woman carries another life in her womb along with her life.

And as we told you earlier that we tilt our body forward in this and if a pregnant woman will bend her body forward in that state then it will create pressure on her womb due to which the health of her as well as her child will be affected and in many cases it also proves to be fatal.

So that is why a pregnant woman should practice it only under the supervision of a special yoga teacher. And if you want to know our opinion, then we would suggest that you do not practice Shashankasana in this state, instead you can practice Anulom Vilom Pranayama.

4. If any deep back problem:- Because in this we tilt the back forward, due to which there is a deep stretch on our entire back and especially on the lower back which can prove beneficial for many normal (healthy) people, but if you have any kind of deep problem in your back like sciatica or you have slipped disc, then you should not practice Shashankasana in all these situations.

5. Avoid by high (BP) patients:- Although this asana has many benefits and one of those benefits is that by doing it, the circulation of blood increases in many parts of our body and especially around our heart, but this advantage can prove to be a curse or fatal for some people.

It can prove to be harmful for those people who are suffering from high blood pressure as it increases the circulation of our blood.

6. If any abdomen injury:- Our legs and our torso play a major role while doing this exercise and our stomach is an important part of our torso.

We discussed many times that its practice creates pressure on our abdomen, so if you have any kind of injury in your stomach or you have recently got treatment for that injury, then you shouldn’t practice Shashankasana for a few days.

And at the same time, if you have any kind of injury in your back, then also do not practice it.

7. If there is any problem in your legs:- We do this asana on the strength of our feet, that means we practice this asana sitting in the position of Virasana or Vajrasana, in which our feet play the main role.

And in this way, there is a lot of pressure on our feet, the weight of our whole body is on our ankles and on the lower part of the knees.

So if you have any kind of knee problem or any kind of injury in your feet or the bones of your feet are weak or you have less flexibility in your feet then you should practice this asana with little care.

And in the beginning, as a protection, you can use a soft pillow or a soft mattress under your feet, which will cause less pricking in your legs.

8. Keep some emotions:- Don’t look this point as Shashankasana contraindications and precautions, you can see this point in the form of how to do this asana properly.

Like we had discussed in the beginning that while doing this asana, feelings of peace, enthusiasm and humility arise in our mind.

And if this feeling does not arise in your mind, then you have to try to keep your mind calm, you keep your attention on your breath, if you do this then you will be even more affected by Shashankasana

  • So these were Shashankasana contraindications and precautions If you are suffering from these problems or if you have any kind of injury/wound then you should not practice this asana.

And all other people who are not suffering from these problems can practice it easily and if you still feel that you need a little more care then you should practice it under the supervision of a special yoga teacher.

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