Top 11 Amazing Benefits of Ardha Chakrasana, steps, precautions.


Ardha Chakrasana is a very effective posture and there are lots of benefits of Ardha Chakrasana for our body, and you will be happy to know that doing Ardha Chakrasana is easier than doing Chakrasana.

So we will tell you how you can do this posture and the benefits of Ardha Chakrasana. We will also answer some questions related to this asana so that you can get complete information about Ardha Chakrasana .

What is the meaning of Ardha Chakrasana?

This is a very effective yoga asana and there are many benefits of Ardha Chakrasana for our body. Ardha Chakrasana is a Sanskrit word and is actually made up of three Sanskrit words ‘Ardha’ ‘Chakra’ and ‘Asana’ Ardha means half, Chakra means wheel and Asana means posture. So this is a brief definition of Ardha Chakrasana.


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How to do Ardha Chakrasana what are its steps?

We will tell you in detail how you can do Ardha chakrasana so that you can get the most out of this pose.

  • First you have to stand by laying mat on a flat surface because in Ardha Chakrasana we have to balance with our feet so we have to stand on the flat surface.
  • Then you stand on your feet, and keep a gap of about 30 cm between your legs, so that balance is easily created.
  • Then you slowly tilt your torso backwards.
  • After that, move both your hands backwards with your torso.
  • And if you find it difficult to make this posture, then you keep your hands on your waist.
  • But if you want to reap more of the benefits of Ardha Chakrasana, then keep your hands behind in the air.
  • There is another way to do this asana, you stand on your knees, after that you place your hands on top of your hip, and bend your torso slowly backwards. As shown in the image below

  • Then you inhale and exhale by staying in this position.
  • You should remain at least 25 to 30 second in this asana, which will give you amazing benefits of Ardha Chakrasana.

Amazing benefits of Ardha Chakrasana.

Here are some Ardha Chakrasana benefits which you can read and can get the benefit for your body.

  1. Lower back pain: – When we do Ardha chakrasana during that it greatly affects our lower back, then if we do this asana daily then we can end our lower back pain.

2. Spinal health: – While doing this asana, we tilt our spine backwards and doing this daily keeps our spine active, and it is able to work well. Due to which the health of our spine becomes even better.

3. Improves posture: – Many people have leaned back, which looks very ugly. So those people who must get rid of this problem must do this asana.

4. Strengthens thighs: – When you do this asana, then you will know that while doing this asana, your thighs are greatly affected, due to which the muscles of our thighs increase and our thighs become even stronger.

5. Strengthens our hand: – While doing this asana, you will feel that your hands are in pain, and especially you will notice that there is a pain in the top and bottom of your elbow. So this is a good sign for the health of your hands, it makes your hands even stronger.

6. Lungs get proper oxygen: –This is also one of the benefits of Ardha Chakrasana If you breathe properly while doing this asana, then it gets oxygen in our lungs properly and due to which our overall health becomes good.

7. Neck pain: – If you are troubled by the problem of neck pain, you can almost get rid of your neck pain by doing this asana. And if you do Ardh Matsyendrasana along with this asana, you will get more benefit from it.

8. Increase blood circulation: – Although there are many benefits of Ardha Chakrasana, one of them has the advantage that it increases blood circulation in our chest area, which makes our heart health even better.

9. Reduces abdominal fat: – If you are troubled by your abdominal and belly fat, then you can reduce your fat by doing Ardha Chakrasana daily.

10. lncrease flexibility: – The posture we create in this posture helps a lot in increasing the flexibility of our lower back.

11. Relief shoulder pain: – If you do this asana, you can reduce your shoulder pain significantly and along with reducing shoulder pain, we can make our shoulder even stronger.

What-is-the meaning-of-Ardha-Chakrasana-Benefits-of-Ardha-Chakrasana

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Precautions and limitations of Ardha Chakrasana.

Recently we told you the amazing benefits of Ardha Chakrasana but always keep its precautions in your mind while performing this asana, so here are some precautions for Ardha Chakrasana.

  1. Pregnant woman: – If you are a pregnant woman, do not do this asana, because in this posture you have to balance, and in this stage, it will be difficult for you to balance, which increases your chances of falling. [asanas for pregnancy]

2. Weak joints: – If your knees are often painful, or if your knees are very weak, then do this asana with little care.

3. Any accident: – If there has been an accident with your spine in the past, in which your spine has caused much damage, then you should not do Ardha Chakrasana, it will cause even more pain in your back.

4. High blood pressure patient: – We told you in ArdhaChakrasana that it increases blood circulation in our body, so if you are a high (BP) patient, then do this asana with some caution.

5. Abdominal injury, surgery: – If you have undergone any type of surgery in the abdominal area, or if you have any type of injury in your abdominal area, then you should abstain from Ardha Chakrasana for a few days.

6. Overload: – If you are performing this asana, then, in the beginning, do not load too much on your waist in the posture of Ardha Chakrasana, it may increase the pain in your lower back.

7. Headache and dizziness: – If you feel dizzy or headache while doing this asana, then you should stop doing Ardha chakrasana.


My Tips.

  • You always keep a distance of about 25-30 cm between your both legs, it will make it easy to balance for you.
  • Don’t try to do Ardha chakrasana for a long time it will cause pain in your lower back.
  • Although there are many benefits of Ardha Chakrasana, try to do some asanas and pranayama before performing Ardha Chakrasana because it will make your body active.

What is the main function of Ardha Chakrasana?


There are many benefits of Ardha Chakrasana which we told you above; But Ardha chakrasana mainly affects our torso and its tops, such as our lower back, our shoulders and our chest.

Does Ardha chakrasana really reduces body fat?

Yes, Ardha chakrasana helps losing body weight because in Ardha Chakrasana we stretch our body due to which the metabolism in our body is increased, and due to the increase in that metabolism, the extra fat of our body also decreases.

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