Top 6 Benefits of Uttanpadasana, steps and precautions.


There are many Benefits of Uttanpadasana and one of the best asanas for the stomach, which also provides the benefits of physical and mental stability, this posture looks a bit like Ardha Halasana in appearance, but these two asanas have an effect on different parts of our body.

In Ardha Halasana aa our thighs are mainly stretched and have less effect in our abdomen area than in Uttanapadasana but in Uttanapadaasana our feet as well as our stomach are affected.So in a way we can also say that this asana is an evolved form of Ardha Halasana.

Let us know about some of the benefits of Uttanpadasana and how we can do this asana.

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What is the meaning of Uttanpadasana?

Uttanpadasana:- This is a Sanskrit word which is made up of three Sanskrit words “Uttan” “Pad” “Asana” Uttan means Pulling upwards Pad means foot and Asana means Posture (pose).

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How to do Uttanpadasana (steps of Uttanpadasana)?

So let us know how we can do this asana and after that we will know what are the benefits of Uttanpadasana.

1. To practice this asana, lie down on your back on a flat surface in the ‘Shavasana’.

2. When you are lying down in Shavasana, your legs should be connected equally and your knuckles should remain straight on the ground.

3. Then we will take two to three long breaths and pull the toes outward.

4. In this posture, while moving your feet up, the breath can be filled and the breath can also be stopped.

5. But for so long we will stay in this posture, for that time the speed of our breath will continue normally.

6. So the hands will be pressed down on the ground, while breathing slowly, keeping both legs straight and knees together, lift them at around 40 to 45 degrees.

7. And then slowly releasing the breath, we will put our feet on the ground.

8. This asana can be practiced two to three times and normally the body can be kept in this asana for 40 to 60 seconds.

9. You can increase or decrease the time limit of this asana according to your ability.

Top Health Benefits of Uttanpadasana.

Now, if we discuss the benefits of Uttanpadasana, then this asana has many benefits for our body, especially this asana works in the region of our stomach and part of our feet.

1. Strengthens stomach muscles:- By the practice of this asana, there is a force in the area of ​​our stomach, due to which the muscles of our stomach become stronger and our core becomes more powerful.

2. Mental and physical stability:- The practice of uttapadasana develops mental and physical stability in our body.

3.Reduce extra fat:- By doing this asana, our body’s excess fat is reduced mainly it helps to reduce our stomach fat belly fat and thigh fat.

4. Effects lower back:- The practice of this asana greatly affects our lower back, due to which our lower back becomes even stronger.

5. Effects on our legs:- If you want to make your feet even stronger and beautiful, then do this asana regularly, this will make your feet even thicker and healthier. With the practice of this asana, the muscles of our legs and our thighs look even more beautiful and shapely.

6. Proper digetion:- Many people are troubled by their digestion problem, if you are also among them, then you can do this asana, this asana creates pressure on our stomach, due to which our internal organs are able to perform their functions properly and helps to improve our digestion.

benefits of Uttanpadasana how to Uttanpadasana
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What are the Precautions for Uttanpadasana.

We told you how to do this asana easily and we will also discuss the benefits of Uttanpadasana, but it is also very important for you to know what precautions we should take while doing this asana so that we can do more than this asana to get the benefit without any loss.

1. While doing this asana, if you feel back pain, then you can do Ardha Uttanpadasana.

2. Blood circulation can be beneficial for many people, but it can also become a curse for those who are related to heart diseases, so if you are suffering from heart disease, do not do this asana.

3. If you are a pregnant woman, do not do this asana, but if you are very keen to do this asana, then you can do this asana by taking advice from your doctor.

4. If you have any type of injury in your stomach or have treated any abdomen problem, you should avoid this asana for a few days.

5. Do not try to force your body to remain firmly in this posture, this will have more effect on your navel and you may face many other problems.

Tips for beginners.

If you are a beginner and want to get more benefits of Uttanpadasana then follow the steps given below.

  • If you are a beginner, you should practice Ardha Halasana, Ardha Uttanapadasana well a few days before doing this asana, this will make it easier to do this asana.
  • If you have difficulty in raising both legs in this posture, then you raise one leg and keep one foot on the ground, by doing this you will be able to do it with both feet.
  • When you have attained the state of this posture, then try to pull the toes of your feet as far forward as you can.
Benefits of Uttanpadasana how to do Uttanppadasana and what are the precautions for Uttanpadasana

What is the core difference between Uttanpadasana and Ardha Halasana?

There is a big difference between Uttanapadaasana and Ardha Halasana. In Uttanapadaasana our stomach has more force than Ardha Halasana and our feet are in the air at 45 degrees in Uttanapadaasana due to which the muscles of our legs become stronger but in Ardha Halasana our stomach has no more impact than Uttanapadasana and stretches on our thighs in Ardha Halasana.

If you want to practice either of these two asanas, then you first practice Ardha Halasana, then after that, you can practice Uttanapadasana. But there are many different benefits of Uttanpadasana and Ardha Halasana at their own level.

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