Easy and simple Trikonasana steps in detail.

Trikonasana:- This is such an asana in which the shape of our body looks like a triangle and it is also a fact that in this posture, our body looks like a triangle. 

While doing Trikonasana, many parts of our body are affected and many parts of our body are used. 

Of course, we can get many physical benefits from the practice of this asana, but it is possible only if this asana is done properly. 

Doing this asana is easier than many other yoga asanas and any new practitioner can do this asana easily, the only condition is that you read the trikonasana steps carefully. 

Trikonasana steps
Trikonasana steps

What are Trikonasana steps?

Yes, it is a fact that doing this asana is a little easier than many other yoga asanas, but it does not mean that as a new practitioner, you should do this asana for a long time in enthusiasm and while doing this asana, don’t stretch your body parts a lot in the beginning. 

So that’s why I am telling you these things in advance so that you can do this asana with a little care, then here are the Trikonasana steps. 

Trikonasana steps:-

1. For the practice of this asana, we will stand straight in our place and keep also the back and neck straight. 

2. After standing straight, now we will stand between our legs with a distance of two times more than our shoulders. 

3. If you cannot open your legs much in the beginning, then you can also practice this asana by keeping a distance between your legs equal to or a little more than your shoulders. 

4. One thing you should keep in mind is that when you open your feet outwards, the toes of your feet should be in front, which means the side where your face is, your toes should also be on the same side. 

5. Now we will take a long breath and let it out and then take a long deep breath and tilt the body to the right. 

6. We have to turn our left hand to the right along with our body, turn the hand on the opposite side of the direction we turned. 

7. Now you remain in the triangle posture like this for some time and in the posture you allow the speed of your breathing to run normally. 

8. After remaining in this posture for some time, you stand back as normal as you were standing earlier. 

9. Now open your legs in the same way and keep a distance of twice the shoulders. 

10. This time also we will open our legs as much as we can normally, do not try to forcefully open the legs outside. 

11. Even at this time, keep the toes of your feet in front of your mouth, do not keep it on the right or left. 

12. Now take a long deep breath and release it out and now while inhaling, turn the body to the left and at this time we will turn our right hand to the left. 

13. Now after remaining in this posture for some time, we will come back to the starting position keeping the speed of breathing normal and thus one cycle of this posture is completed. 

So these were the Trikonasana steps in detail if you practice this posture as we told you will definitely get amazing benefits from it.

  • If you want to get the maximum benefits of Trikonasana, then you should undoubtedly practice this asana from both the sides so that the balance of the body is maintained. 

If you yourself face any kind of problem or difficulty in doing this asana in the beginning, then you can do a simple form of this asana which we also call Ardha Katichakrasana.

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