Triyak Bhujangasana (twisted cobra pose) benefits, steps and precautions.


Tiryak Bhujangasana:- This is a variation of Bhujangasana in which we bend our neck backwards, now because while doing this we use another part, then by doing this its benefits also increase towards our body. So let us know how we can do this asana, what is the meaning of this asana and what are the benefits of Triyak Bhujangasana.

What is the meaning of Triyak Bhujangasana?

Triyak Bhujangasana:- If I explain to you the literal meaning of this word, then basically this word is a Sanskrit word which is made up of three words “Triyak” “Bhujang” and “Asana” Triyak means oblique Bhujang means snake and asana means posture (pose).

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Triyak bhujangasana benefits

How to do Triyak Bhujangasana its steps?

Triyak Bhujangasana:- As it seems to us from the name that it is a variation of Bhujangasana, so that’s why you should read all its steps carefully so that you can understand the difference between Bhujangasana and Triyak Bhujangasana and get more benefits of Triyak Bhujangasana.

1. For the practice of this asana, we will lie down on our stomach.

2. After lying on your stomach, you will give an equal distance of shoulder between your two legs.

3. Keep the toes of both feet on the ground and keep the hands next to the chest and come into Bhujangasana.

4. After coming to Bhujangasana, breathing continues normally.

5. Bend your neck to the right and try to look at your left leg with your chin over your right shoulder.

6. Keep your shoulders and arms straight and try to bend your neck back as much as you can.

7. Straighten the neck and now move it to the left, keeping the chin above the left shoulder, try to look at the right leg.

8. Will straighten the neck, take a long deep breath and while exhaling will come back to the normal position.

Triyak Bhujangasana.

  • Triyak Bhujangasana can be done normally for 3 to 5 times and the body can be kept stable for 40 seconds to 1 minute at a time.
  • If possible, practice this asana only in the morning.

Special note.

  • During the exercise, you will feel the entire stretch, the abdomen over the thighs, the chest and the throat, and the entire weight of the body over your arms and shoulders.
  • Immediately after the practice of this asana, do the practice of Shashank asana or wind Pawanmuktasana.
  • We will feel all the pressure of the body on the lower back.

How to do Triyak bhujangasana

What are the benefits of Triyak Bhujangasana?

We have discussed that how Triyak Bhujangasana can be done easily and naturally and at what time and how often it should be done. Let us now also discuss the benefits of Triyak Bhujangasana.

1. For back pain:-
This asana is beneficial for problems like back pain or back pain after doing minor chores.

2. Strengthens shoulders and hand muscles:- With the practice of Triyak Bhujangasana, a seeker can make the muscles of his hands and shoulders strong.

3. Reliefs sciatica:- In problems like sciatica and slip disc, doing this asana is beneficial.

4. Effects on the nervous system:- The practice of Triyak Bhujangasana also has a positive effect on the nervous system.

5. Improves body posture:- If the shape of your spine is Bad, then once you practice this asana regularly, you will definitely get relief from this problem.

6. Increase height:-
By doing Triyak Bhujangasana, there is a stretch on our stomach which helps in increasing our height indirectly.

7. For lungs and heart:- Triyak Bhujangasana is a beneficial exercise for the lungs and the heart.

8. Increase flexibility:- By the practice of this asana, a stretch is generated on our abdomen, on our thighs at the chest, due to which the muscles of these parts become strong and flexible.

9. Stability:- Its practice proves to be a beneficial practice to increase physical and mental stability as well as in any neck problems.

10. Improves our digestion:- Although there are many benefits of Tiryak Bhujangasana, we can also say that the practice of this asana improves our digestion.

What are the precautions of Triyak Bhujangasana?

The direct effect of this asana falls on our back, on our chest and many parts of our body, due to which the chances of harm to us increase, so you should take care of some precautions while doing Triyak Bhujangasana.

1. You should not practice this asana if you are suffering from problems like a hernia or ulcer.

2. If you have any kind of injury in your stomach or you have done any kind of abdominal surgery, then you should avoid the practice of Triyak Bhujangasana for a few days.

3. If there has been an accident with your back in the past or if you are again suffering from a serious disease, then you should not do this asana.

4. If you are pregnant then you can practice pranayama instead of practicing this asana, if your pregnancy is more than 4 months then you should not practice this asana.

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